The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 1

Drew and the Conspiracy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1998 on ABC
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Drew and the Conspiracy
Drew suffers a constant series of mishaps at work, from dumpsters blocking his parking space to broken chairs and a seemingly endless supply of faulty pencil points. He begins to suspect that someone is out to get him, but his friends feel that he is just paranoid. However, Chuck shows Drew a videotape in which three men sit around discussing how much they hate Drew, and all the things they have done to make him miserable for the last decade. The men indicate that they will pull their ultimate prank the next day. When they cannot be found at work, Drew evacuates the store. The men then show up, and Drew demands to know why they dislike him. One of them says that Drew caused him to lose his fiancée by getting jelly on his collar; she mistook it for lipstick and dumped him. Drew got the second man in trouble by repeating his insults about the boss when he was in earshot, and the third guy didn't like being reported for drinking at work. The guys decide that they are tired of harassing Drew and apologize. Lewis gets Mimi a supply of mood make-up being tested by DrugCo, which changes color as her moods change. A man applying for a Winfred-Louder position in Singapore instantly falls for her. He turns down the job to stay in the country for her, but reveals that he is married. She wants nothing to do with him, but changes her mind after he refuses to leave the store during the bomb scare because he is so upset about losing her.moreless

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  • Drew tries to figure out why three guys are playing pranks on him.

    At Winfred Louder, Lewis comes in with a small box for Mimi. It's makeup which changes colors along with her moods. Mimi says she has to test it before she pays him. Mimi walks away to test it, so Lewis sits down in Mimi's chair. Drew comes in and meets Ron, who is interviewing for a job. Mr. Wick comes in to meet Ron, but Mr. Wick seems rather un-interested in him. Drew gets frustrated when all of his pencils break, and even more so when his pants tear open. Drew walks away, and we focus on Ron, Lewis, and Mimi. Mimi doesn't think the makeup works, but when Ron comes over, Mimi finds herself attracted to him, so her face turns purple, which means the makeup is working. She pays Lewis off, so he leaves. When Drew comes back in, after fixing his pants, he gets pop sprayed all over his face, which makes Mimi laugh, and her face turn yellow, thanks to the mood makeup.

    In the backyard, Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate are eating cooking burgers on the grill. Oswald is still upset about Kate leaving him at the alter. Drew is upset about the way he's being treated at work. His checks never have his right name on them. In hopes of finding out some good news, he reads a letter from Xena The Warrior Princess, but it seems it's a restraining order, telling him to stay away.

    At Winfred Louder, Drew's greeted by Mimi at the coffee pot. She seems to be in a very good mood since she had sex last night with Ron. Her face turns yellow when he compliments her. Chuck, from security comes down and asks Drew to come with him to the security office. Ron tells Mimi that he's married, which makes Mimi's face turn red. In the security office, Drew and Chuck walk in to watch a security camera which has three guys talking about the ways they play pranks on Drew, which would explain the problems with the pop, his chair, and his phone.

    At Drew's home, Drew is showing Kate, Lewis, and Oswald a video tape from the security cameras. The guys say that tomorrow is the big day. Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and Drew all go into the kitchen and discuss the video. Lewis offers his twisted take on the whole thing. Kate tries to figure it out, but she can't.

    At Winfred Louder, Lewis and Oswald come in to help Drew out. Mimi calls Lewis over, and tells him to take the mood makeup back. Drew hears back over the phone that the three guys he's expecting are missing. Drew thinks there's a possible security problem, so he warns people to leave. The three guys come wandering by Drew's office, so he asks them what's going on. They all give him their stories, which all have Drew hurting them in one way or another. Drew's able to get them to stop playing pranks on Drew. Drew walks past a guy, who's working on Mr. Wick's door. The man is talking to his wife on the phone, and he promises to be home soon. When Drew comes out of Mr. Wick's office, he accidentally breaks the glass in the door, upsetting the man who worked on it for such a long time.

    The show ends with Drew walking through his cubicle, finding things not working as they should.

    This episode was pretty silly, although the mood makeup was hilarious.moreless

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