The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 3

Drew and the Gang Law

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 1999 on ABC
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Drew and the Gang Law
Lewis and Oswald start a web site for Buzz Beer, The site helps the business tremendously. Lewis and Oswald hand beer over to minors and are arrested in a sting operation. Drew and Kate are infuriated by their stupidity, as they all get hauled into court. The judge agrees that their gaffe was a simple mistake, and decides to let them go because they are first-time offenders. Unfortunately, Drew backs his car into a police car outside the courthouse. The trunk pops open to reveal all of the Y2K supplies--including a loaded gun. The judge rules that the foursome causes too much trouble together, and uses the provisions of a new anti-gang law to order them to stay apart forever. Oswald has to move back in with his mother, and gets his head stuck in the banister. Everyone becomes extremely bored and lonely. Drew decides to go ahead with plans to hold Kate's birthday party at the Warsaw. All the guests are supposed to be in costume (so that the gang can remain incognito), but Oswald forgets to tell anyone. Drew, Kate, Lewis and Oswald show up as characters from "The Wizard of Oz." They are quickly arrested for hanging out together. They appear before a different judge, who rules that her colleague went against the spirit of the gang law. She feels that the world is better off with just "four stupid people" together, as they otherwise might find new friends and spread their mayhem. Meanwhile, Drew reluctantly agrees to let Steve and Mimi have their wedding at his house. Mimi threatens to withhold sex unless Steve begins dressing as a man, denying him his dream of walking down the aisle in his mother's wedding dress.moreless

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  • Drew and the "gang" are ordered to separate.

    Mimi comes in to Winfred-Louder to show Drew the engagement ring Steve got her. Steve then comes in and kisses Mimi. He then asks Drew if he and Mimi can be married at his house, so Drew agrees. Lewis and Oswald come in to show Drew the new Buzz Beer website they had built. Drew get excited when he notices the website has gotten over two hundred hits already. Mimi runs through the office, chasing Mrs. Louder. Mimi is trying to get her to see her new engagement ring. Mrs. Louder is shocked to hear the Bobecks and Careys are going to be "interbreeding".

    In Drew's car, Lewis and Oswald are driving around, delivering beer they sold on the Internet.

    Lewis and Oswald arrive at a house, but the father is in the shower, so Oswald and Lewis decide to sell the beer to the father's kids. As they're leaving, Oswald and Lewis are arrested by the police in a sting operation.

    In the court room, Drew and Kate are defending Lewis and Oswald. Since they have no previous record, Judge Crawford lets them off with a warning.

    Outside the courtroom, Drew backs the car up and he hits a police car. When they try to separate the bumpers, Drew's trunk lid pops open, and the police officer sees part of Drew's Y2K preparedness kit, a gun and a pile of cash, so he arrests them.

    Back in front of Judge Crawford, Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate try to defend themselves, but Judge Crawford decides to make them separate, thanks to a new gang law. Since they won't be around to celebrate Kate's birthday, they sing "Happy Birthday" to her in the court room.

    Drew arrives home and sees one of his fish has died, so he throws it down the garbage disposal. He then walks into the living room, and notices Mimi is fixing things up, in preparation for the wedding. Mimi and Drew get into an argument, so they call for Steve. He comes down, and Drew asks him about why he's not going to be wearing a dress to the wedding. Mimi has told Steve that they won't get married if he's dressed as a woman. Drew tries to get Mimi and Steve to fight over it, but Steve seems whipped, and leaves to get the tuxedo.

    Drew walks into a room where people who were affected by the new gang law are gathered. After seeing what the guys there look like, and after a guy in a Klan outfit walks in, Drew says that maybe the law is a good one, and then leaves.

    We then join Lewis, who is dancing in front of the window in his apartment. Drew calls him, and he's been doing the same thing. They talk about how much they miss one another, and they wonder about how Kate and Oswald are doing. We cut to Kate, who is sticking Oreo cookies to the wall, and Oswald has his head in between the rails of a staircase. Drew and Lewis decide to have a costume party at the Warsaw so they don't get caught by the police.

    At the Warsaw, Drew arrives, dressed as a Lion. Oswald is already there, and he's the Scarecrow. Lewis comes in as the Tin Man, and Kate is Dorothy. Their plan is foiled when no one else at the Warsaw is dressed up, and a policy officer comes in and arrests them for violating the Judge Crawford's ruling.

    Before Judge Holloway, Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate are defending themselves. Seeing how they're dressed, Judge Holloway decides to reverse the ruling because she doesn't agree with Judge Crawford made the right call, but punish them to a five hour seminar because of the fact that Drew's gun was loaded when the police officer found it.

    We cut to Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate, surrounded by several others, being yelled at by a man who sounds like a military drill instructor.

    The show ends with Drew, acting like a drill instructor, to a young child at Winfred-Louder. He's trying to explain just how little money he's paid for working forty hours a week. When Drew shows his check to the kid, the kid runs out, screaming.

    The ending of this episode was ridiculous. I thought the drill instructor thing was a bit stupid, even though it was a little funny.moreless
Paul Gleason

Paul Gleason

Judge #1

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Patricia Belcher

Judge #2

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Jordan Marder


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John Carroll Lynch

Steve Carey

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Nan Martin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the episode "Drew and the Gang Law", Lewis and Oswald set up a website for Buzz Beer.The site's address was If you go to the address it will redirect you to a search for Drew Carey on

    • Drew's attitude toward firearms in this episode is odd when compared to that shown elsewhere (as well as certain statements by Carey in real life). In "A Very Special Drew," his frivolity and carelessness with a pistol and the "over-the-top" gun rights speech might suggest a disdain for private arms. In "Revenge of the Doormat," Drew's two-finger "distasteful" handling of Nicki's pistol likewise suggests disdain. Yet in this episode, he shows no qualms about keeping a much more powerful weapon, a shotgun, in his vehicle--and loaded as well. Perhaps Drew's issue is only with "handguns" as opposed to "longguns," but the comparison is interesting nonetheless.

    • Kate's birthday was much earlier in the year in the first season episode "Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom."

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Judge: (looking at Drew, Oswald, Lewis, and Kate in their costumes) Let me get this straight. You four are supposed to be a gang?

    • (Trying to get along without the gang, Drew has fish as replacements for his pals)
      Drew: Hey Lewis, Oswald. Boy did I have a hard day.
      (Drew walks over to the fish tank)
      Drew: Oh crap, Kate's dead.

    • Drew (to Mimi and Steve, who are kissing): Hey you two, get a stable!

    • Lewis: You can't judge people by what they keep in their trunks! My dad had a trunk FULL of cash and booze and guns...and he was just a dirty cop!

    • Mimi: Mrs. Louder, look at my engagement ring! I'm marrying Drew's brother, Steve.
      Mrs. Louder: Is this true, Carey?
      Drew: Yeah. She's gonna be my Beast-in-Law.
      Mrs. Louder: The Careys and the Bobecks are interbreeding. I don't know what the children will look like, but I'm sure one day they'll menace Tokyo.

    • Drew (suffering his life without Lewis, Oswald or Kate): It's like I'm the last man on Earth... (Looks at Mimi) ...on a planet full of apes.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Lewis: At least if we DO go to prison, I got a big metal plate covering my ass!

      Lewis and the others are dressed up as characters from "The Wizard of Oz." Each costume reflects on the wearer's personality:

      Oswald - Scarecrow - No Brain
      Lewis -Tin Man - No Heart
      Drew - Lion - No Courage