The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 4

Drew and the Life-Size Jim Thome Cut-Out

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2002 on ABC

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  • Kellie tries to fit in with the guys.

    Drew walks into a room at a hotel to meet with a man there, Jeremy. Drew tells him he'd like to plan a wedding at his hotel one day. He tries to explain how he's planning a wedding in the future but just doesn't have a bride in mind just yet. After a while, Jeremy asks Drew for his personal information and a $3,000 deposit, so Drew hands it over. When Jeremy's attractive daughter walks in, Drew takes notice and compliments her on her looks. Jeremy immediately tells Drew that she's not the woman for him.

    At the store, Mimi comes in plays a little prank on Traylor. They trade insults with one another and Mimi makes her way over to Drew and laughs when she finds out Drew's planning on getting married. Mr. Wick comes in and tells him his plans aren't so crazy afterall. Mr. Wick goes on to tell Drew that he's working on getting a group of dogs to play poker, and he'll make millions from it. Kellie comes in and supports Drew in his decision to plan a wedding. She then takes him out to lunch.

    At the Warsaw, Kellie asks Oswald about why the mirror upstairs is broken. Oswald tells her he and Lewis got into a fight with the mirror one night when they were drunk. This somehow manages to turns into an insult-fest among Lewis, Oswald, and Drew. Kellie asks them about the insults, so Lewis insults her, so she can be part of their group. Kellie ends up running away when Oswald insults her. Drew, Lewis, and Oswald then get into a discussion about Kellie's place in the group. Lewis and Oswald aren't so sure about having here there, but Drew wants to give her a chance.

    Later that night, Drew, Kellie, Lewis, and Oswald are in the car, talking about karaoke. When Lewis insults Kellie, she tries to insult him back, but her joke isn't very funny. They decide to pull in to a gas station to pick up some beer. While Lewis and Oswald go inside, Kellie tells Drew that she doesn't think Lewis and Oswald like her, but Drew tries to convince her of otherwise. They then go inside and Lewis and Kellie trade insults, but Kellie's insult seems to hurt Lewis. As Kellie is about to leave, she steals the Jim Thome cardboard promotional cut-out. She stuffs it in the car and gets into the car herself. When a police officer tells her to roll down the window and that the owner would like the Jim Thome cut-out back, Kellie speeds off, freaking everyone out, as the police chase after them.

    After a while, they pull in somewhere and turn the car off, after out-running the cops. They talk about their night out and how Kellie's not so sure she should hang out with them anymore. The police pull in and ask them to get out of the car. One of them demands that Jim Thome drop his bat. When he doesn't, the cop shoots the head off of the cardboard cut-off. When the police come over to arrest them all, Drew tries to admit he was the one who was driving. The police know he's not telling the truth, so Drew tells them to let him take the rap for this and he won't tell anyone they shot the head off of a cardboard cut-out. They quickly agree to charge him instead of Kellie.

    A few days later, Lewis and Oswald join Drew, who's picking up trash along a highway as part of his community service. They tell Drew that they're okay with having Kellie in the group. Kellie then stops by with some food for Drew. Lewis and Oswald walk over to Kellie and apologize for the way they treated her, and she forgives him. Kellie sets up a table with the food she brought over and it gets knocked over when someone driving by throws something heavy out at them. Drew admits he finally sees how littering is wrong, now that he has to pick it all up.

    The show ends with an extended cut of a scene from the "Cleveland Rocks" opening.

    While not my favorite episode, I enjoyed some of this episode. My favorite scenes were the first scene and the one where Drew bargained with the cops to let him take the rap for evading a police pursuit. The rest of the episode was fairly average.