The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 13

Drew and the Racial Tension Play

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2000 on ABC
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Drew and the Racial Tension Play
Winfred-Louder celebrates its centennial. Drew selects Arthur Crawford, a board member who has worked at the store since 1936, to speak at the festivities. He puts aside the speech Drew had written and begins making stereotypical remarks about other races and religions, as well as gays. All of the employees are outraged; they threaten to go on strike and sue the store. They soon turn on each other and begin making offensive comments about one another. Drew promises that he will either get Crawford to apologize or resign. Crawford refuses to cooperate, and the board just tells Drew to look through the store's handbook for a solution. The tension between employees results in a race riot in the cafeteria. Drew tries to calm everyone by following the handbook and putting on a play about stereotypes with Kate, Mimi, Chuck, Doreen and another woman. The play is really awful, and doesn't have any effect on anyone. When Drew returns to the board to explain, he discovers that the Dutch have sold the store to Mr. Soulard, an African American. All of the board members--including Crawford--have been replaced. Meanwhile, Lewis and Doreen develop a mutual attraction. He wants to begin dating, but she feels that their extreme height difference makes this impossible.moreless

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  • Drew tries to smooth things over when one of the board members makes racist remarks in a speech.

    At Winfred-Louder, Mimi walks in dressed for the store's big Centennial. Drew pokes a little fun at her as she's dressed as someone from 1900. Lewis comes in and mentions to Drew he's got a date tonight, and Drew can't help but question Lewis about whether or not the girl actually exists. Lewis insists she's real and met her at a "Star Trek" convention. Mr. Wick comes out of his office and asks Mimi for some copies and then walks over to Drew and asks about who he's chosen to speak at the Centennial. Drew goes to introduce the man he's selected, but the man, Mr. Crawford is old and slow, so it takes him a while to get to Drew's cubicle. Drew and Mr. Wick talk to one another to pass some time. After Mr. Wick meets Mr. Crawford, he realizes he's a terrible choice for the speaking position, and tells Drew to find someone else. Drew goes into Mr. Wick's office to speak to him about something when Doreen comes in to see Lewis. They talk about their date, which according to Doreen isn't an actual date, just a lunch. Drew comes out and sees Lewis talking to someone, but since Doreen is so short and there's a cubicle wall between Drew and Doreen, Drew thinks Lewis is speaking to himself, or his invisible girlfriend, and he walks out.

    Later that day, at the Centennial, Mr. Wick introduces Kate and Mimi, who are dressed up as certain decades, and then introduces the speaker, Mr. Crawford. When he begins speaking, he insults several races of people, and claims Drew wrote the speech. The whole thing causes most of the people leave the Centennial.

    The next day, a few people are waiting for Drew at his desk. Mimi tells them it's obvious that Drew's trying to avoid the mob. Drew then walks in and is told to get Mr. Crawford to resign. He gets on the phone and calls the board, but ends up getting transferred back to his own phone. They threaten to sue, but Mr. Wick comes in and tells them to all get back to work. When the employees leave Drew's cubicle, Mr. Wick tells Drew that he had better fix this problem.

    Later that day, Drew walks into the board room and asks Mr. Crawford to resign since people are ready to picket and riot. One of the board members tells Drew to use the company book to settle the problem. Drew takes the book and leaves.

    At his apartment, Lewis is playing video games with Doreen. They run and hide when they hear Oswald coming home. Oswald notices a pair of tiny shoes on the floor and runs out with them in his hand. Downstairs at the Warsaw, Drew and Kate are looking through the book he was given by the board members. The book suggests putting on a play, and language in the book isn't exactly politically correct. Oswald comes down and shows Drew the little shoes he found in the apartment above. Lewis and Doreen come down and Doreen takes her shoes back. She then tells Lewis that they shouldn't go out anymore, as their height difference is just too much. When Doreen leaves, Mimi comes in with a chunk of hair. She tells Drew that there are race riots at the store and the chunk of hair belongs to one of the employees.

    The next day, Drew introduces a play at Winfred-Louder. After a minute or two passes, the audience, which consists of store employees, criticize the play, so Drew stops it. He tells the employees that he's going to go tell the board to fix things or fire him.

    When Drew walks into the board, he notices the old board room members aren't there, but instead a whole new group of people are there. It turns out the Dutch have sold the store, and the new owner, Mr. Soulard is interested in hearing about the complaints. Drew walks over to meet him, and it seems Mr. Wick told him all about Drew's behavior.

    The show ends with Lewis on a date in his apartment. He's with his invisible girlfriend. The date seems to go badly and Oswald comes in, and he asks if he can date Lewis' girlfriend, since they're not going out. The both get a laugh out of it.

    This was a pretty silly episode, and we finally get rid of the Dutch owners.moreless
Debbie Lee Carrington

Debbie Lee Carrington


Guest Star

Ken Lerner

Ken Lerner


Guest Star

Hansford Rowe

Hansford Rowe

Arthur Crawford

Guest Star

Kelly Perine

Kelly Perine


Recurring Role

Mark Curry

Mark Curry

Robert Soulard

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • This is the first time that the store is sold after the Dutch had owned it. Throughout the show's history, the store would be sold and bought multiple times by different groups.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Mimi is dressed up as a women from the future and is encased in a plastic bubble)
      Drew: (whispers to another employee) I say we roll her into traffic. You with me?

    • (the store is celebrating its cenntenial)
      Mr. Wick: Mimi, go and make me some copies of these papers.
      Mimi: I'm sorry, the copy machine hasn't been invented yet, it's 1900.
      Mr. Wick: Ah, neither have salaries for women.

    • Drew: You can't sue this place; they have the best lawyers in the world! Remember that janitor that tried to sue because he had asbestos in his lungs? They countersued him for stealing asbestos!

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