The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 2

Drew and the Singles Union

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 1997 on ABC
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Drew and the Singles Union
A major storm approaches Cleveland. Winfred-Louder employees with families are allowed to leave work early to spend time with their children, but Wick forces the single workers to stay. Drew, Kate, Mimi and other single employees complain about their fate. Drew proposes that they start a union for singles. Mimi agrees, but feels that she should be named president. A tornado approaches, and the group seeks refuge in the store's basement. Wick gets caught in the store when the twister hits. Mimi finds him curled up in a ball on the floor the next day, and takes him to her house. Drew's friends accuse him of starting a singles' union as an excuse to meet women. Larry shows up at Drew's house and warns that the married employees will hurt him if the new union affects their benefits package. Drew appears to be on the verge of winning the union presidency when Mimi suddenly claims that she can get Wick to sign off on new benefits. With their demands now met, the other singles decide they don't need a union. Mimi tricks the confused Wick into signing a bunch of forms. As they hang out at Drew's house after the meeting, Kate and Oswald start making out for some reason.moreless

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  • This was a silly episode, through and through.

    At work, Drew goes to pick up a cup of water, and returns to his desk. When he notices Larry behaving oddly, a person walking on the ceiling, and odd behavior by Mr. Wick, he realizes aliens have taken over the store, so he runs through the store shooting all of the aliens. When Drew's gun malfunctions, Lewis and Oswald come in with a couple of guns, but they don't work either. Kate then drops in with some weapons. When an alien takes Mimi hostage, Mimi grabs the gun, and aims it at Drew, but Drew shoots her first. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald then turn into aliens. Drew screams and wakes up, as an alien.

    At work, Lewis and Oswald come in to see Drew. They have the truck out there, waiting for him. Drew says that Mr. Wick is making him and all of the single people stay. When they leave, Larry comes by and asks Drew to take care of some of his paperwork, since Larry's leaving. Mr. Wick comes out and tells all of the married people that they can leave, but single people have to leave. When the lights go out, Drew suggests that they gather everyone together.

    Still at Winfred Louder, Drew, Mimi and all of the employees are gathered, talking about a union. Mimi wants to be named President, but that's the position Drew wants since he started the idea. Mr. Wick comes around and notices the illegal union rally, and tries to break it up. When a tornado alarm sounds, everyone runs away, and into the basement.

    Arriving home, Drew and Lewis find Oswald reading a paper, which says the store is damaged. Oswald then brings up the idea of them going to singles group. Oswald pokes a little fun of Drew. When Drew hears a knock, he answers the door, and finds Larry. Larry threatens Drew that if the singles union screws up any of the benefits for the married people. A minute later, a doll with a rock tied to it comes through Drew's front window. Upset, Drew decides to fight back.

    At work, Mimi comes in to see all of the damage from the storm. She starts going through all of the makeup and takes a bunch of it. Mimi comes across Mr. Wick, crawled up in a ball, hiding. He wants her to take him home with her.

    At the Warsaw, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are sitting down and chatting about the singles meeting. When Drew comes in, he talks about the union, and he doesn't think he'll ever be President. When Mimi comes in, it's time for a vote. When they vote, it's a tie. Mimi calls Mr. Wick and gets some concessions, so they vote for Mimi. Since they got the concessions, they realize they don't need a union, which upsets Mimi, as she would have been the President.

    In Drew's living room, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate are watching TV. When Lewis leaves, Kate and Oswald start talking and end up making out. Outside, Lewis is talking to Drew, out on the pool table about relationships, and Lewis opens up about his fear of hitting his head, thinking the hair is going back inside his head.

    The show ends with Mimi getting a sick Mr. Wick to sign a bunch of papers.

    The way the union fell apart was very silly, making it seem pointless. The alien scenes were pretty silly as well.moreless
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Paul Cassell


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Regarding Drew staying at the store during the huge storm)
      Lewis: Ok, well, if you're gonna stay, let's decide right now how you're gonna communicate with us from the beyond.
      Drew: Alright, how's this. I'll reject you in the form of a beautiful woman.
      Oswald: Oh my God! The dead have been trying to reach us for years!!

    • Lewis: Special delivery for Mr. Alien.
      Oswald: Yeah, package of death!
      (They both whip out futuristic looking guns and proceed to struggle with them while Drew looks on disgustedly.)
      Oswald: Sorry, Drew.
      Lewis: Guess we gotta get probed now.

    • Mr. Wick: Why does it say authorization?
      Mimi: That's the name of the movie, dunce.
      Mr. Wick: London bridges falling...
      Mimi: Sorry, sorry. Keep signing! The faster you sign the faster we get to tubby time.
      Mr. Wick: I'm going to be the cleanest man in the world.

    • Kate: (Reading the note on the Dilbert doll thrown through Drew's window) Next time, it's life size!

    • Lewis: (To Drew) You look like you're gonna cry.
      Drew: Shut up! It'll pass.

    • Drew (to Mimi): I can't believe this could be the last hour of my life and I have to spent it looking at you.
      (The power goes out.)
      Drew (happily): Thank you, God.

    • Mimi: I know what I'm doing. I come from a long line of truckers.
      Drew: No one cares what you did on your break, Mimi.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The episode opens with a fantasy sequence in which Drew fights aliens a la "Men in Black." Bruce Helford has said that this was meant to be symbolic, as NBC had just moved 3rd Rock From the Sun to the time slot directly opposite the show.


    • Larry: That's it! We're going back to Chuck E. Cheese and I swear to God I'm going to kill that rat!!! Chuck E. Cheese is a kids' restaurant whose mascot is a giant anthropomorphic rat.

    • The doll thrown through Drew's window is a "Dilbert" doll, from the comic strip of the same name.