The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 7

Drew and the Trail Scouts

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2000 on ABC
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Drew and the Trail Scouts
Drew agrees to marry Wick and help him get his green card if Wick lets him have his old job. They head for Vermont to get married, and Oswald and Lewis come along to cheer the depressed Drew. During the ceremony, Drew nearly backs out because he realizes that the whole thing is really, really stupid and that he should still be with Kate. He finally agrees to go through with it. While moping in a nearby park, he encounters a scout troop. They prompt him to recall his old scouting days, and encourage him to volunteer to help with a troop. Drew is soon named a scoutmaster, and learns that his predecessor was forced out because the scouts do not allow gays. Drew tries to hide the truth about his marriage to Wick. An INS agent shows up to investigate Drew and Wick while the scout troop is at Drew's house. Drew must either tell the agent the truth and get Wick deported, or give up his scoutmaster duties. He protects Wick, who responds by promoting him to head of personnel.moreless

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  • Drew gets married... to Mr. Wick.

    Mr Wick and Drew are in the kitchen. There are suitcases packed, and Mr Wick is making something to eat. Lewis and Oswald want to know what's going on. They tickle the info out of Mr. Wick, and he reveals the fact that Kate and Drew have broken up, and that Drew has agreed to marry Mr. Wick. They're both a little surprised obviously.

    After Mr. Wick opposes to the idea, Drew insists that Oswald and Lewis go with them to Vermont. The two then think of what they can buy them for a wedding gift, champaigne flutes.

    In the courthouse in Vermont, another couple is getting married. Drew and Mr. Wick are sitting down waiting their turn. Mr. Wick shows Drew the rings they'll be giving one another. Lewis and Oswald are excited to see two lesbians kissing.

    Drew walks around in the park and comes across a bunch of scouts cleaning up trash. The scouts learn that Drew used to be in the scouts, and Drew shows him how to make the birdhouse a little better. Drew decides to become a scout master. Lewis and Oswald run to Drew and tell that they found the bed and breakfast that the lesbians are staying in. Drew decides to go with them.

    At the office, Drew walks in wearing a scout outfit. Mimi makes a little fun of him. Mr. Wick comes by to give information to Drew. They need to know more about one another so that they can fool the INS. Kate then stops by to congratulate him on getting his job back. Mr. Wick comes back in and thanks Kate for the breakup of Kate and Drew. Drew then tells Kate that he married Mr. Wick.

    The scouts then walk in, and they all do a little scout song. They then do a song about Mimi, but stop and lets Drew finish the song on his own.

    The scout master came in and told Drew that he's been approved and that another scout master was let go because of his being gay. Drew then covers up the faked photo of he and Mr. Wick that he had lying on the desk.

    In the backyard, Drew and the scouts are talking about a camp out. Lewis and Oswald play a little trick on Drew and get soaked by a hose. Mr. Wick stops by to "girly" up the house for the INS inspection. Drew goes back outside and teaches the scouts a lesson on droppings, and how to find out which droppings belong to which animal.

    Inside, the INS agent stops by for an inspection. The other scout leader finds out about Drew's relationship. While Drew's obviously not gay, he has to say he is so Mr. Wick can stay in the country, but this causes the scout leader to kick Drew out. They end up passing the INS inspection. Mr. Wick decides to give Drew a promotion.

    The show ends with a look at a photo album of Drew and Mr. Wick's relationship. They're all doctored of course.moreless
Robert Clotworthy

Robert Clotworthy

INS Inspector

Guest Star

Francis Guinan

Francis Guinan

Scoutmaster Bob

Guest Star

Jeremy Lawrence

Jeremy Lawrence

Justice of the Peace

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • How much time has passed from the end of the previous episode to the beginning of this one? Apparently enough time for Drew to follow Kate around but not enough for Lewis and Oswald to know that Drew and Kate are no longer together.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Oswald: Well how about that. Drew, it looks like you're the first one of us to get married.
      Lewis: Hey, looks like you won the bottle of scotch buddy. I'd use it to wash down a bottle of pills.

    • (Mr. Wick hands Oswald a suit for Drew)
      Oswald: I don't think he wants to get married in this.
      Mr. Wick: Well I'll tell you what. When you get a man, you can dress him.

    • Lewis: What do you get a guy who's lost the woman of his dreams and is having a gay green-card wedding just to get his crappy job back?
      Oswald: (pause) Champagne flues?
      Lewis: You read my mind!

    • Mr. Wick: I'm finally an American! I can't wait to get fat and buy guns!!!
      Drew: Great. I've been married less than a minute and already my wife wants to get fat and buy a gun.

    • (Drew and Mr. Wick are about to get married in Vermont.)
      Mr. Wick: Penny for your thoughts?
      Drew: I wish I would have died on the toilet last night.

    • Mr. Wick: If you hit me, it's a hate crime.
      Drew: No, it's spousal abuse and the cops will look the other way. Welcome to America.

    • (Drew and his scouts are singing a "special" song.)
      Drew: Who's that in the office, stinking up the place? Mimi! Mimi! Your butt looks like your face! (Drew realizes that he's the only singing.) What the hell are you?
      Timmy: A good scout never insults people.
      Drew: Yeah, but that's the thing, Timmy. (Gestures toward Mimi) That's not people.
      Mimi: You know kids, Drew's head is just like a piñata. If you hit his head enough times when he's sleeping, candy comes out. (The kids gasp.) Well, first blood, then candy. Keep hitting.

    • Lewis: Drew, we found the bed and breakfast where the lesbians are staying!
      Oswald: Yeah, we rented the room next door and the walls are paper thin!
      Drew: I want to be a scoutmaster. (pause) Tomorrow.

    • Drew: How is a breadmaker gay?
      Mr. Wick: Oh how is it not?

  • NOTES (1)