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The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 13

Drew and the Unstable Element

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 1996 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Kate is annoyed by the behavior of Earl, a very weird man who works at the tie counter. She thinks that he is crazy. Drew insists that Kate is exaggerating, but finds that Earl is extremely volatile and delusional. He believes that he is the store manager. Drew looks over Earl's psychological profile and discovers that he has been in numerous mental institutions. (He had written this information on the back of the page, and Drew failed to see it.) Drew fires Earl after he refuses to see the company psychiatrist. Earl threatens Drew and reveals that he knows his address. Lewis, Oswald, Kate and Jay keep Drew company and try to protect him. Kate asks Chuck, the store's security guard, to come over to check things out. Drew refuses Chuck's recommendations and says that he will not live his life in fear. After everyone leaves, Earl comes over and claims that he wants to seek counseling. He actually plans to shoot Drew, but Chuck returns and apprehends him.moreless

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  • Drew gets a stalker...

    On his ride to work in the carpool, Drew is with Kate and a few others. Kate gets creeped out by Earl, who is trying to lick her fruit roll-up. This was a bit creepy, well acted.

    At home, Jay and Oswald are playing pool, but it's freezing cold, so one of the balls shattered, all over the pool table. Everyone else is sitting in the kitchen talking about employee evaluations when Kate brings up Earl, who is still creeping her out. She says he's always staring at her, so Drew tells her that he'll talk to him.

    At work, Drew notices Mimi buying a tie for someone special, Antonio Banderas. Drew laughs about it and goes to talk to Earl. He seems a little weird and when he notices Kate looking at him, so he complains to Drew about it.

    At home, Drew, Kate, Oswald, and Lewis are looking through the records on Earl. It turns out that he's spent a lot of time in institutions, so they try to come up with ideas with how to fire him.

    At work, Mimi talks to Drew. She doesn't want him to fire Earl because she likes the way he looks at her. Earl stops by, and Drew tells him that he's fired. When he acts a little crazy, he calls for the security guard, Chuck to escort him out of the building. Earl says he'll be stopping by Drew's house sometime.

    At the Warsaw, Kate and Jay are talking about their relationship. They decide that they're officially together and exclusive to one another. Drew and Oswald stop by, and it turns out Drew's a little scared about Earl. Drew had Oswald dress up as him and sent him to get his mail. They end up playing some tricks on Drew, when Lewis comes by. It turns out Earl is sitting at at the bar. He leaves because there are too many people... too many witnesses.

    Home, Drew asks his buddies to search the house, and they aren't able to find Earl. Chuck, the security guard from work stops by and orders people around. Drew asks everyone to leave, he doesn't want to live in fear of Earl. Drew goes to take out the trash when Earl comes by. Earl tells him that he's willing to go see the company shrink if he can get his job back. As Drew goes to get the phone number of the shrink, Earl pulls out a gun and waits for Drew to come back. Chuck comes by, looking for his pager, when he sees Earl. He grabs the cue stick and puts the point of it in Earl's back, so it would feel like a gun. Chuck is able to get him to drop the gun, and when Drew comes back, Chuck has him call the police.

    The show ends Mimi stabbing Drew in the back with a rubber knife, and they exchange goodbyes for the night. Drew is left finishing his fake letter to Mimi, from Antonio Banderas.

    Much like "Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics," I didn't find this to be all that of a hilarious episode. There were a few somewhat funny moments with Earl, but other than that, the writing was somewhat average.moreless

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