The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 4

Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 14, 1998 on ABC
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Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place
Mrs. Louder asks Drew to fill in as store manager while Mr. Wick is in rehab. He refuses, as he is having a great time with his band and doesn't want to deal with all the hassles of the job. Mrs. Louder reluctantly gives the job to Larry. A man approaches Drew and offers the Horndogs the chance to go on a tour of all the Ramadas in Ohio. He decides to accept the offer and quit his job. Kate doesn't think this is a good idea, as she ended up working as a "booze wench" at the Ramada after quitting Winfred-Louder. A plastered Wick shows up at Drew's show and says that he was kicked out of rehab because of a change in his health insurance. Drew discovers that Larry changed the employee coverage to an HMO so that he could spend $100,000 on a Jacobs Field skybox for Mrs. Louder. Drew is upset because he had fought hard to get good coverage for everyone. The employees plead with him to go through the budget and find some way to make up the lost money and get their health plan back. Drew succeeds, and realizes that he has a talent for examining boring minutiae and cutting through red tape. He leaves the band and stays at Winfred-Louder.moreless

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  • Drew is caught between playing in his band, and helping people out at work.

    At the rehab clinic, Drew, Lewis, Kate, and Oswald come in to see how Mr. Wick is doing. He seems to be doing well until Lewis finds a beer can in his coat. Drew asks Kate, Lewis, and Oswald to leave, so he can talk to Mr. Wick. Drew tells him that he needs to get through the program so Mrs. Louder doesn't fire him. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come running back in saying it's time to go to. We then see Drew playing music with the rest of the Horndogs, while Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and several others are in the audience.

    Drew comes in, late for work, so Mimi brings that up. Drew tells her that he had a hard time getting out of bed. Larry and Mrs. Louder come in and talk to Drew. Larry wants the new job that opened, but she's not willing to give it to Larry. She wants Drew to get the job, as long as he loses the silly look (the new hair color). Drew tells her that he's not interested, which causes Mrs. Louder to give the job to Larry. Larry wants to know why he turned down the job, and Mimi comes in and hears about Larry getting the job.

    At the Ramada Inn, Drew and the Horndogs are playing music, and after a minute, they take a break. Drew wanders over to Darcy, who's sitting at the bar. Drew notices Kate is working there, as a waitress. A woman walks up to Drew with a note from some sort of fan, so he goes over to see what he wants. It turns out he's interested in signing Drew to do a circuit of Ramada Inns in Ohio, which excites Drew and the rest of the band. Drew goes over and tells Kate that he's going to quit Winfred Louder. Drew then notices Mr. Wick is out, since Larry has changed the health insurance, so he's no longer covered there. Drew says he's got to go back and fix it.

    At Drew's Lewis is on the phone, reporting Mr. Wick is loose. Kate and Oswald bring him inside. He was at the high school, looking for drugs. Mr. Wick tells Lewis and Oswald that his cravings have stopped, but it's just a way to escape, but they catch him. Kate answers the phone, when Hector calls. He seems to be Mr. Wick's drug dealer.

    At Winfred Louder, Drew asks Mimi where Larry is, so he can talk to him. Drew tells Mimi that today is his last day. Several employees come up to Drew and ask them what's going on with the insurance, so Drew confronts Larry about it. Mimi and all of the employees ask Drew to stay and figure out a way to figure out a way to save the store money so they can get the insurance back. At his desk, Drew is seen looking through stacks and stacks of papers, looking for ways to save money. After spending the entire day there, he's able to find $100,000 in cuts to bring back the good health insurance. The employees try to pick him up in celebration, but cannot since he's too heavy.

    At the Ramada Inn, Drew announces that the Horndogs will be going on a tour of all the Ramada Inns in Ohio, and Drew won't be joining them, since he's needed elsewhere. He asks them to play him out, and when he leaves, the new lead singer, Weird Al, comes in with an accordion. Outside, Drew's putting his accordion away, and thinks the applause from inside is for him.

    The show ends with Drew introducing The James Gang, who play out the remainder of the show.

    Although I'm not a fan of the whole Horndogs plot, this was a pretty enjoyable episode.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Weird Al had recently gotten Lasik surgery and shaved before this episode aired. The producers thought that people wouldn't recognize him without his trademark mustache and glasses, so they made him wear fake glasses and a mustache.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Larry: I want that job!
      Mrs. Louder: I can't give it to you!
      Larry: What if I said that in the hot tub last night.
      Mrs. Louder: You're acting like a child.
      Larry: Compared to you everyone's a child.

    • Drew: Bands that are fronted by an accordion really don't do a lot of drugs.

    • Mr. Wick: You can't imagine what hell this is! Not the least of which is having people that once respected me looking at me with downcast eyes.
      Drew: That's because your robe is open sir.

    • (Lyrics to "Cleveland, Ohio")
      Drew: Look at me, I'm fifty-three
      A factory has got the best of me
      In Cleveland, Ohio
      Got a mortgage to pay, I got a lawn to mow
      In Cleveland, Ohio
      Jeans of blue, waist forty-two
      My baseball cap has Chief Wahoo
      In Cleveland, Ohio
      Humidity is up around 90 or so
      In Cleveland, Ohio
      And when my workday's through I barbecue
      Put the kids to bed and make love to you
      In Cleveland Ohio
      I was born there, I'll probably die there
      Hope it doesn't snow
      In Cleveland, Ohio

    • (After Larry screws up the benefits)
      Larry: I needed to butter up Old Lady Louder with a gift so I could keep Wick's job, and the hundred g's had to come out of somewhere.
      Drew: $100,000? With that kind of money, you could have run off with somebody who could still run!

    • Larry: Hey, did you hear? I'm taking over for Wick. Whatever I say, you gotta do.
      Mimi: Yes, sir. You say, "Jump," I say, "How high...would I have to be to take orders from you?"

    • Kate (after Mr. Wick makes a pass at her): I'm almost grossed out enough to use Drew's shower.

    • Drew (after leaving Ramada Inn, and hearing applause, which was really for Weird Al): Better to go out on top.

    • Kate: At least hookers get to lie down and take off their shoes.

  • NOTES (1)