The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 9

Drew Cam

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1999 on ABC
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Drew Cam
Winfred-Louder recruits Drew to promote products from his home live on the store's website. After receiving numerous E-mail complaints about Drew's boring life, the store decides that he should have a girlfriend on his "show." Kate eagerly accepts the job. After site visitors complain that the couple has no chemistry, Mr. Wick fires Kate and replaces her with a beautiful latina woman. Drew and Isabel draw a wildly favorable audience response, and get along well off camera. A jealous Kate storms off after Drew reveals plans to ask Isabel on a date. Drew and Oswald realize that Lewis knows why Kate has been acting strangely. They try to get him drunk to pry the truth from him. Kate goes to Drew's house to apologize, but again becomes territorial around Isabel. Isabel gets the idea and leaves Kate to talk with a still-clueless Drew. After he refuses to talk privately, Kate tells Drew that she loves him during the webcast. He is stunned, but ecstatically happy.moreless

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  • Drew puts his life on a webcam in an attempt to sell more things at the store.

    At Winfred-Louder, Mimi is testing a web cam for the new Winfred-Louder website. Mr. Wick tells Drew that Mimi came up with the idea of putting a camera in her home, and have Internet surfers watch her interact with the new appliances, all in an attempt to sell more of them through the store. Mr. Wick proceeds to tell Mimi that because of some concerns from the board, they've decided to have Drew do this, as he won't overshadow the appliances like she would.

    Drew walks down from upstairs, and he welcomes the web cam viewers to his home. He shows all of the furniture and the big screen TV, all of which have price tags on them. Lewis and Oswald come in, and they seem to like being on camera. Lewis tries to pick up a date, and Oswald tries to sell himself for work. When Drew leaves to use the bathroom, Lewis talks to the camera while Oswald strips his shirt off. Lewis walks into the kitchen to grab a beer when he notices Kate through the window. She calls him outside. He knows she wants to talk about herself, so he's not too thrilled to go out and talk to her. Lewis joins her out by the pool table, and she shows him a love letter she wrote for Drew. Lewis warns her about the things his therapist told him, to stop dating and to focus on himself for a while.

    The next day, Drew joins Lewis and Kate in the Warsaw. Lewis tells Drew about how he loved the competition of a humidifier versus a dehumidifier Drew had on the web cam last night. Mr. Wick comes in and tells Drew the viewers don't like his boring, single life, so he's going to get him a girlfriend. Lewis suggests Kate, and Mr. Wick goes along with it since she's pretty and he... isn't.

    At Drew's, Kate is cooking a steak when Drew comes home. They play it up for the camera and Mr. Wick comes in and tells them he has to break them up and replace Kate with another woman, Isabel, who looks like a model. Kate tells them she doesn't think it's going to work, no one will believe Drew's going out with her. Drew pulls Kate inside so they can break up on camera. He tells her she has to be the one who's cheating, since he's the star of the show.

    Mimi stops by Drew's cubicle and comments on how great he and his new girlfriend look on camera. She hands him a coffee cup, so Drew tests it for saliva and urine, but it seems fine. Mimi admits she wants to be on Drew's show so she can show off her talents, but Drew's not interested, so Mimi walks out. Isabel, Drew's new Internet girlfriend, comes in and is excited about being an Internet star. Kate walks in, shortly followed by Mr. Wick, who announces the change in girlfriends has worked out, and the sales are up 2%, so he's going to extend the web cam promotion for another two weeks. When Isabel leaves, Drew tells Kate he's thinking about asking Isabella out, which of course upsets Kate.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis and Oswald are busy drinking when Drew makes his way inside and sits down. He tells Lewis and Oswald about how Kate reacted to Drew's comment about asking Isabella out. Lewis admits he knows what's going on, but he's not willing to share the information.

    A few hours later, after a lot of beer, Drew is still trying to get Lewis to share the information about Kate, but Lewis falls asleep before he reveals what he knows.

    Back at Drew's, he and Isabella are bouncing around on $15 bouncy balls. Kate comes in and notices Isabella is wearing Drew's shirt, and confronts her about it. Kate tells Drew she wants to talk to him, but he insists he's got a job to do, selling the appliances and furniture. In an odd little way, Kate confesses to Drew that she's in love with him. Drew finds it surprising and is happy and confused at the same time. Kate walks out, and we see Drew literally walking on air, as he leaves the kitchen.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald coming into Drew's kitchen and stripping down. They plan on using Drew's new washer and dryer. Lewis covers the web cam with a shirt, but when it falls off, we see Oswald bathing Lewis in a small tub in the kitchen.

    Much like the live episode, this one was a bit odd as well, with the web cams and all. I liked the way things seemed to go, and liked the plot. It all adds to the drama with Kate trying to get Drew to go out with her.moreless

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    • (Oswald and Lewis come over to Drew's house to wash their clothes and the camera is still on. Lewis puts a towel over the camera, but it falls, revealing Oswald giving Lewis a bath)
      Lewis: (speaking to the camera) Why don't you download it? It'll last longer.

    • Drew: Did you know that these exercise balls from Winfred-Louder only cost $15?
      Isabel: Really? I'm having at least $20 worth of fun.

    • (Drew, Oswald, and Lewis are drinking at the Warsaw)
      Drew: First one to hurl is a girl.

    • (Mimi gives Drew a cup of coffee, and Drew pulls out a chemical test kit to check the coffee)
      Drew: No saliva, no urine, what gives?
      Mimi: I want to be on your show. I want to have an outlet for my creative juices.
      Drew: Hold on, while I catch up with my skin.

    • Drew: Shhhhhh! Nobody move. A model just stumbled into my backyard.

    • Drew: Is there anybody anywhere that doesn't like Winfred-Louder?
      Kate: Yes, there is. It's called hell.

    • (Kate knocks on Drew's kitchen window and beckons Lewis to come outside)
      Lewis: (mutters to himself) What are the odds she wants to talk about herself?

    • Kate: Lewis, I want to show you something, but you have to promise not to tell anybody.
      Lewis: Oh. After 30 years, I finally get to see it. Well maybe I don't want to see it anymore. Maybe I got tired of waiting. I'm kidding, let me see it.
      Kate: It's a letter. What are you talking about?
      Lewis: Well, this is awkward. Let me see the letter.

    • Lewis: You can reach me at I have enormous hands as well.

    • Mr. Wick: We need somebody so bland, so dull, that they have less charisma then a toaster.
      (Mimi and Mr. Wick both look at Drew, who doesn't react)
      Mr. Wick: Someone so-
      Drew: Alright! I know you're talking about me!

    • (Lewis and the gang are drunk and he is fighting the urge to the tell the truth about Kate to the guys)
      Lewis: Kate loves, Kate loves...
      (Slams his hand down on the table)
      Lewis: Kate loves, Kate loves rock and roll!
      (All three start banging their hands onto the table in the tune of "I Love Rock & Roll")
      Lewis, Drew, Oswald: Kate loves Rock and Roll!

    • Lewis: Give it up, boys... (Points at his head) ...because when something goes in here, it dies.

    • Lewis: The longer you hold something in, the better it feels when you finally release it.
      Kate: Are you talking about emotions?
      Lewis: Let's just say that I am.

    • Kate: You don't understand. I can't imagine a day going by when I don't see your fridge at work or down at the Warsaw or just hang out with it in your kitchen. And I've wanted to tell it I'm attracted to it, but I was afraid of ruining the friendship.
      Drew: This this the model of refrigerator that's right in front of you? The one that's waving?
      (Drew waves)
      Kate: Yes.

    • Drew: Anything you have to say had better be about this refrigerator.
      Kate: Fine. Let's talk about your refrigerator. I'm in love with it. I'm in love with your fridge.
      Drew: Who wouldn't be? Look how many eggs it can hold!

    • Drew (referring to Oswald and Lewis): Hey, check it out. The only two boobs people don't want to see on the Internet.

    • Kate: Go ahead and marry your little spitfire for all I care. But remember, once the fire goes out, all you're left with is spit!

    • Drew: Wait a minute. I forget. Who loves rock and roll?
      Oswald: Probably my son. Anything to chap the old man's ass!

    • Isabel (when Kate complains about her wearing Drew's shirt): Do you want me to take it off?
      Kate: Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Standing there in your bra full of breasts!

    • Isabel: You have no idea how sweet he is.
      Kate: Oh, I think I have some idea. I've known him since before you were born! And before I was born.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The guys sing a drunken variation of "I Love Rock & Roll" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

    • Oddly, the syndicated version of this episode includes lines not in the original version. Originally, Wick's line about getting a woman to live with Drew (in a scene at the Warsaw) is followed by Drew asking who the woman would be. In syndication, Kate responds to Wick's line with "You mean like a girlfriend?" and Lewis says, "Wouldn't that ruin that show, like when Rhoda got married?"

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