The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 9

Drew Can't Carey a Tune

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2000 on ABC
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Drew Can't Carey a Tune
Drew immediately gets off on the wrong foot with Mr. Nichols, his demanding new boss. He tries to suck up to get himself off of Nichols' "crap list." Nichols receives a call asking him to head up fund raising for a new roof for his church. Drew contributes $100 and offers to begin attending services. He volunteers to sing at a church benefit. Although Nichols and the minister are skeptical, Drew insists that he is talented. Oswald, Lewis and Kate lie and vouch for his singing abilities. Drew's performance (with an accordion and knee cymbals) is so embarrassing that Oswald has to pull the fire alarm to save him from being booed off the stage. Drew is hurt when he receives a scathing review in the church newsletter, but thinks that the crowd would have liked him if he had gotten to finish his song. His friends still do not tell him the truth about his singing. Drew goes to the church to confront the reviewer, only to find that it is Nichols' teenage son. Nichols and his son tell Drew that he is awful. Drew's friends show up to console him.moreless

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  • Can Drew sing, or will he end up on the "crap list?"

    As Kate and Drew walk into church, Lewis and Oswald wake up. They slept there all night. Drew pulls out a bible with a TV built into it. He wants to watch the Browns game. He eventually pulls out a little radio to listen to the game.

    After the minister claims someone died, Drew yells "Yes!" (apparently they scored or something) and that he won a lot of money on that. He has no idea why people were so upset. The way this started off was great.

    At work, Drew walks in, and Mimi is wearing an outfit that has a stereo and speakers built into it. She was told that if they make a baby listen to classical music, it'll make the baby smarter.

    After asking Mimi for the $500 she owes him, she stuffs the money down the front of her shirt.

    Drew asks Mr. Wick if he's heard anything about a raise. There's a new boss coming in today, and he's a little scary.

    After Drew asks his new boss about a raise, he puts Drew's name on his "Crap List." Drew sucks up to him to get him from punishing him.

    Drew's boss receives a call from the Reverund at his church. They need money to fix the roof. Drew offers him $100 to help with the roof.

    Lewis and Oswald are at church for two weeks in a row. Drew and Kate then walk in to talk to Drew's boss. When they find out that the singer is out sick, Drew offers to sing at the fundraiser. He agrees to allow him to sing, and if he does well, he might get that raise.

    At the church, Lewis and Oswald are crying in the audience, as a woman sings onstage.

    Lewis, Oswald, and Kate decide to try and stop Drew from singing, because they don't think he's talented.

    Drew decides to go on with the singing afterall. It doesn't go so well, so they decide to pull the fire alarm to end the horror.

    At work, Mimi and Mr. Wick are laughing because the church choir review came in and the editor slammed Drew.

    Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come into the office to take him to lunch.

    Drew decides to go down and talk to the editor about the review, and it turns out that the editor is Drew's boss' son. Drew is a little embarassed when he find out about it.

    Drew is back on his "Crap List".

    Drew asks his friends whether or not he's a bad singer; they all decide to lie and tell him he was great. The parts with the food, beer, and pitty sex were hilarious.

    The show ended with a little thing about how after the show ended, they wanted their paychecks. It was a cute little ending.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Drew seems to come down with "Barney Fife Syndrome" in this episode. Just as Barney sang well on many episodes, only to have an episode center around his bad singing voice, here we have the same phenomenon with Drew. Drew has sung several times on the show, in a passable, on-key voice. He also sang the "Moon Over Parma" theme during the first season.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Mimi:(Reading Drew's review) Drew Carey has defied the laws of physics by proving that it's possible to suck and blow at the same time!

    • Drew (reading his review): African-Americans haven't suffered this much for something that happened in the theatre since Lincoln was shot.

    • Mr. Wick (reading Drew's review): If Drew Carey was Jesus Christ's opening act, Christianity would have closed two thousand years ago.

    • Kate: My mom always said if the Protestants catch a Catholic in their church, they feed him to the Jews.

    • (Mimi owes Drew money)
      Mimi: Tell you what: take the hundred dollars I have here, and if you want the rest, you'll have to break into Fort Knockers!
      (She puts the money in her dress.)
      Drew: Now there's a bank with no interest.

    • (Drew donates money to Mr. Nichols' church.)
      Drew: I would've given $400 more, but I'd have to rummage around in an ugly woman's breasts.
      Mr. Nichols: You have a grandma who lives at home, too?

    • Drew: Hey, Mr. Wick. Did you talk to the new owner?
      Mr. Wick: Yes.
      Drew: Did you talk to him about my raise?
      Mr. Wick: Yes, Carey. You see, he's the kind of man whose first order of business is to pick the most insignificant drone in the company and to shower him with money.
      Drew: Really?
      Mr. Wick: Yes. And he also told me that he's naming you King of Cleveland and that your sole task is to masturbate.
      Drew: I so want to believe you...

    • Lewis: I swear that Drew Carey is an excellent singer, and may I burn in hell if he isn't.
      Kate: How could you do that? You know Drew sucks!
      Oswald: You lied with your hand on the Bible!
      Lewis: I'm a 41-year-old single janitor. What's God gonna do, take THAT away?

    • Lewis: Okay, Drew is really going to mope about this. So, we need beer, junk food, and pity sex.
      Kate: I'll get the food.
      Lewis: I'll get the beer.
      Oswald: Every damn time!

    • Mr. Nichols (looking at Kate, Oswald and Lewis): Jesus even befriended the whores and the feeble-minded.

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