The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 12

Drew Dates a Senior

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1998 on ABC



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    • Mimi: Anybody can dress like a Christmas tree, but how many people can light it up?! (she turns on the lights on her dress)
      Drew: You know, it would look more realistic if you were standing in a bucket of water.
      Mr. Wick Yeah, but she'd be electrocuted... oh, good one!

    • (after Celia tells Drew she doesn't want to see him anymore)
      Dave (to Drew): Hey, if you're not seeing anybody, my Grandma's a widow.

    • (after Larry finds out Drew's dating an older woman)
      Larry (to Drew): What has she got on ya?

    • (Mimi comes in dressed as Mary)
      Wick: Mother of God! she is, the Mother of God.

    • Celia: What is the difference between a median and a mode?
      Drew: Well, if this were traffic school, the median would be what I would drive over to end my life. Mode is that "a la" stuff they put on ice cream.

    • Oswald: Drew, did you see giant underpants?

    • Larry: When I was courting Fran, I recited Ode to a Grecian Urn, naked on her front lawn, with a rose delicately nestled in nature's vase.
      Drew: Hope you jammed some asprin in there. It makes 'em last longer.

    • Drew: You've been dating Mrs. Louder for a year now, right?
      Larry: Or, as I like to think of it, one percent of her life.

    • Drew: Who cares how old she is?
      Lewis: Buses, movie theaters, Denny's.

    • Dave (to Drew): Hang it up four-eyes, you're not getting into Grandma's candy dish.

    • Oswald: Did you rob the cradle?
      Drew: She's 62.
      Lewis: My God, he robbed the Craftsmatic Adjustable Bed.

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