The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 21

Drew Gets Motivated

Aired Daily 9:00 PM May 01, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

While Drew and Lisa are walking into work, she asks him if he's told his family about the two of them. When she figures out that he hasn't, she asks him to call them. So Drew calls his mother and tells her about Lisa, but when Lisa talks to her, she thinks it's Drew speaking in a woman's voice and hangs up.

At work, Drew's listening to music, singing along to it and eating ribs, when all of his cubicle walls are taken down, and all of the employees gather around and laugh when they see him singing. The board has brought in a motivational speaker, Tom, to motivate the people because of the recent sales slump. After he talks to the group, Drew talks to Tom about how to get promoted. He says to come up with ideas to impress the board of directors, since he's not able to get anywhere with his boss.

Drew comes home to see Lewis, Jay and Oswald playing in the backyard. Drew pitches them an idea for the store, but it's not a very good one. They all walk into the house to discuss it a little more. Drew doesn't seem to be able to come up with any other ideas. Oswald suggests a name change, since "Winfred Louder" sounds too uptight and expensive, unlike "Chucky Cheese."

The board of directors is meeting when Drew walks in and suggests that they get a mascot for commercials. He ends up doing some funny impressions of what the animals would be like, and the board likes the idea, and they tell Drew to get with the advertising department and come up with some storyboards of the commercial.

Drew shows a commercial they came up with to a bunch of the employees, and they all love it. With Drew's idea impressing the board, there's now a line of people with ideas for the board. Kate comes by with idea, but Drew doesn't think it's a very good one. Nora stops by and asks Drew for more overtime so she can buy a lumberjack. Mrs. Louder stops by and tells Drew he's going to be promoted to Head of Promotions, but Drew wants to be Head of Personnel. Mrs. Louder then tells Drew he has to come up with three new ideas every week, something that doesn't really make him happy.

Drew walks into the board room and Kate is in there, sitting down. He shows Kate some of his ideas, but still isn't thrilled about the job. Mrs. Louder and the rest of the board of directors come in and Drew suggests that they bring in the camel and the bull from the commercial for a personal appearance, an idea the board loves.

Jay, Lewis and Oswald stop by Drew's cubicle and chat about the animals coming in for the personal appearance. Chuck comes over complaining about the bull and camel getting loose. They're in the room with the board of directors now. Drew and Chuck run into the board of directors room. They're soon followed by Jay, Lewis and Oswald. They are able to get the bull out of the room by luring Mimi up there, as she is wearing all red. Drew is also able to get the camel out of there himself.

The show ends with a scene with the camel and bull standing near the elevators, as Lewis and Oswald are doing the voiceovers.