The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 18

Drew Goes to Hell

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 2000 on ABC
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Drew Goes to Hell
Mr. Soulard and the board ask Drew to help them hire a regional store manager for Winfred-Louder. Drew inquires about getting a promotion to director of personnel, which has been vacant for years. Mr. Wick asks Drew to recommend him for regional manager (even though he is not qualified), and promises to return the favor by helping him get Wick's old job. Drew is adamantly opposed to the idea, but Kate and Lewis suggest that he show some initiative for a change. Soulard lays off Drew's incredibly efficient new assistant, Malcolm; and tells Drew that he cannot be promoted because they have completely eliminated the position of director of personnel. Drew decides to go along with Wick's plan. Wick plays a dirty trick to take care of Johnson, Drew's main competition for store manager. Drew and the gang celebrate at Wick's hangout, a bar called Hell. After Johnson shows up and makes a scene, an indignant Kate, Lewis and Oswald criticize Drew's actions and storm out. Drew goes to work the next day to learn that the store ignored his recommendation of Wick. However, they have promoted Drew to store manager and are sending Wick to Toledo for further training. Wick believes that Drew set him up, and vows to get revenge.moreless

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  • The title of the episode says it all.

    At home, Drew's joined by Lewis and Oswald. They talk about Bob, an alcoholic they know. It seems Bob wife made him get into AA. Kate then comes in with a small typewriter. She announces she's in training for being a courtroom transcriber. To help train, she plans on making notes from the Buzz Beer meeting. Drew asks the guys why they think the Valentine's Day promotion failed. It seems they put pieces of chocolate in the bottles of beer. Lewis opens a bottle and takes a drink, and then starts choking on the piece of chocolate. Oswald helps him get the chocolate out, saving Lewis. After reading what she typed, Kate realizes that she's made a bad choice, and it's really is a terrible way to make money. She decides to become a closet organizer, which the guys think is a bad idea, but that's not what they tell Kate.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew compliments his new assistant, Malcolm for the great job he's doing. Malcolm walks over to file something for Drew when he sets off a booby trap Mimi set off, which covers him with food. Mr. Soulard comes in and tells Drew he's got a very important task for him, pick a regional manager. When Mr. Soulard walks away, Mr. Wick, who's been listening to the conversation walks over and asks Drew to pick him as the regional manager. In turn, Mr. Wick will pick Drew to be the store manager. With morality in mind, Drew refuses to make the deal.

    At home, Drew's joined by Kate and Lewis. Drew tells them about the offer Mr. Wick made, and Lewis thinks Drew made the wrong decision. Lewis tells him this is the only way he's going get any further up the company ladder Kate agrees with Lewis as she knows Drew could use the extra money. Drew answers the door when Mr. Wick comes over. He shows Drew the difference in the salaries they have, all as an attempt to get Drew to change his mind. Mr. Wick leaves and Oswald comes in. Oswald finds out about the deal, and he doesn't think Drew should make the deal. When Lewis gets a call, he leaves to clean a toilet out, as he's got his eyes on getting another promotion at DrugCo.

    Drew walks into the store and he realizes his assistant, Malcolm is being fired. Drew asks Mr. Soulard about it when he comes in. Drew then asks about getting promoted to head of personnel, but Mr. Soulard tells him they're phasing out that position. The whole thing makes Drew upset so he decides to join Mr. Wick in his office to discuss the deal he offered earlier. Mr. Wick is expecting him, of course.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew finishes his interview with Todd for the regional manager position. Mr. Wick comes in and asks about why he's not gotten the job. Drew tells him he's interviewing a lot of other people so no one gets suspicious. Mr. Wick pulls out a pen and demands that Drew sign the papers, so Drew does so. Mr. Wick asks Johnson to come over and read something from a paper. He ends up saying he'll kill the President, so Mr. Wick asks security to haul him out. With Johnson out, Drew's a sure-hire for the store manager position. Mimi comes over and notices Mr. Wick and Drew have been pretty close recently and she wants in, so Mr. Wick gives her a raise and an expense account.

    At the Hell Hole, Drew and Mr. Wick come in to talk about things. They order some drinks and Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come in to join them. Johnson comes in and yells at Mr. Wick and Drew for getting him fired. Johnson is quickly taken away by security for the threat. When Drew admits to what he did, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate leave. Drew then feels bad about it and leaves.

    The next day, Drew comes into work to speak to Mr. Soulard. Drew admits to him what he and Mr. Wick planned on doing, but Drew ends up getting the promotion as store manager, while Mr. Wick doesn't get to be the regional manager. Instead, he is being reassigned to the Toledo store where he'll be re-trained. Mr. Wick comes out of his old office, which is now Drew's office and promises to get Drew back for this.

    The show ends with Mimi coming into work and being surprised by Drew becoming the new store manager. Drew tells her that if she doesn't give him his messages and memos, she'll be fired. When a memo comes in, Mimi wraps it around a brick and throws it through the window in Drew's door. Drew pokes his head out and thanks her for the memo.

    I loved some of the things in the episode, such as the title, the name of the bar, etc. It was all very well done. With Drew as store manager, it takes something away from the show, so you know this won't last long.moreless
J. P. Manoux

J. P. Manoux


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Sean Smith

Sean Smith


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Vylette Fagerholm

Vylette Fagerholm


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Mark Curry

Mark Curry

Robert Soulard

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Kate asks a waitress at The Hell Hole to wrap up their sandwiches as they walk out, but they hadn't been there long enough to order anything!

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Mr. Wick: I'm like those streamers on the back of a little girl's bicycle. I don't really do anything but I'm pretty and shiny.

    • Kate: That's what I can be! A closet organizer. I'm going to need a table-saw.
      (Kate leaves)
      Lewis: I say she loses three fingers.
      Oswald: You know, I can't explain this, but I think she loses a foot.
      Drew: All I know is, either way I'm getting a table-saw for Christmas!

    • Mimi: I want a pony.
      Drew: To ride or to feed on?

    • (Wick vows revenge.)
      Drew: I'll see you in Hell! Tonight at Happy Hour...I'll buy you a drink.

    • Mr. Wick: Oh my. You are a clever girl.

    • Drew: So, you took away my hope. I don't have any more carrot, but I sure know where the stick is!

    • (Drew tells Lewis and Kate that he declined Mr. Wick's unethical offer for promotion)
      Lewis: Wow! You're like some superhero capable of warding off success at every turn. (starts to speak like an announcer for a superhero show) They call him Rutman! More stuck in his ways than ten grandpas!
      Drew: And what would the mighty Jani-Tor do in my shoes?
      Lewis: Hey, you're talking to the head Jani-Tor and I'm not ashamed to admit I got there by stepping on a few people. And those I didn't step on, I wined and dined. You'd be surprised at what looking at dirty magazines with the right people would do for your career.
      Kate: You know Drew, after all your hard work, it would be nice to earn some extra money.
      Drew: Hey! I'm not going to do anything that's not going to let me sleep at night.
      Lewis: (he resumes his announcing) And so ends another adventure of Rutman. Tune in next week...hell, skip a month. He's not going anywhere.

  • NOTES (0)


    • All the food and drinks served in Hell are named after famous figures of evil:

      Stalin's Ass: Mass murderer and dictator Joseph Stalin
      Son of Samwitches: Serial killer known as the Son of Sam.
      SirhanSirhan Wrap: Assassin Sirhan Sirhan.