The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 2

Drew Goes to the Browns' Game

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1999 on ABC
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Drew Goes to the Browns' Game
Drew is disappointed when Sharon cannot spend much time with him because of her busy work schedule. Drew's screw-up prevents the gang from getting tickets to the first game by the new Cleveland Browns. Steve wins tickets from a radio station, but elects to take Mimi instead of Drew. Sharon tries to cheer him up by getting him a big screen TV for the game. However, she says that she cannot watch with him because she has to go out of town. Mimi feels that Sharon's gift smacks of guilt, and suggests that she is cheating on Drew. Sharon has left her purse behind, and Drew uncovers evidence that seems to prove Mimi right. Drew confronts Sharon, who seems to have a logical explanation. Lewis convinces the gang to hide out in portable restrooms and sneak into the stadium. They end up spending the night in porta-potties that are left outside the gates. Kate distracts the VIP gate guard, an old classmate who has the hots for her, so that everyone can sneak in. Drew is having a good time until he sees Sharon kissing another guy on the stadium's big screen. He goes nuts and starts running around on the field. Sharon comes to see him in the holding cell, and says that she had a boyfriend all along; Drew was actually the "other guy." Drew is devastated. Sharon springs him from the cell as an apology. Kate, Lewis and Oswald leave with Drew. They try to distract him as a message on the blimp flashes a marriage proposal to Mimi from Steve.moreless

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  • Drew has trouble getting into the Browns game and has problems with his relationship with Sharon.

    We join Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate in line for tickets to the Browns game. They've been in line for two days, and Kate's tired of waiting. Sharon comes over with a few sandwiches and she tells Drew she can't stay because she's busy with work. When Drew sees a man ordering only one ticket for the big game, he convinces him to buy several more, and he ends up buying the last of the available tickets, leaving Drew upset with himself.

    Drew comes into work, and everyone seems pumped about the Browns game. Mr. Wick comes out and announces he's got two tickets to give away. Drew and Mimi try to get the tickets, but Mr. Wick isn't willing to give them the tickets. Instead, he calls in Johnson, and uses the tickets as a trick to get him fired. Mr. Wick then announces he's going to keep the tickets for himself. Steve runs in, and is happy because he's got tickets to the game. He won them by dressing as a woman for a radio station contest. Drew is happy because he thinks Steve will take him, but Steve tells him he's going to take Mimi instead. Sharon comes in and tells Drew that she's rented a big screen TV so he can watch the game, but she can't be with him because of her work schedule, and then leaves. Mimi comes over and tells him she thinks Sharon is cheating on him. She dumps out Sharon's purse, which she mistakenly forgot to take with her, and it seems Mimi was right, but Mimi says she was just joking, she's surprised she was right afterall.

    At the Warsaw, Oswald's trying to pick up a woman, but he ends up getting slapped when the woman finds his pick-up line offensive. Drew comes in and tells Oswald and Kate about how Sharon's cheating on him. Sharon comes in and Drew wants to talk to her. He confronts her about the matchbook, the hotel key, and the condom he found in her purse, but Sharon provides a logical answer for the things, and she walks away, angry about how he went through her purse. Drew catches up to her, and they make up. Oswald, who is on the phone, sees what happened, and apologizes to Sharon, through her answering machine, after he seems to have told her off about cheating on Drew. Lewis comes in and announces they're going to the Browns game, because he's got a great idea. We cut to Lewis and everyone catching a ride, inside portable toilets on a semi truck.

    The next morning, everyone wakes up, still in the portable toilets. They all decide to get out of the portable toilets, and it seems they were placed outside of the stadium. Kate wants to go home, but Drew insists they go inside. In order to get in, Kate has to flirt with a guy guarding the VIP entrance. While she's talking to him, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald to sneak in, and Kate wanders in while still talking to him. They walk into the stadium and run into Mimi and Steve. During the game, Drew gets upset about how he accused Sharon of cheating on him, and then notices Sharon kissing a guy on the jumbo screen, so he jumps onto the field, and runs around. After he gets tackled, Drew is carried off to the stadium jail.

    In the stadium jail, Drew notices Mr. Wick is in there for soliciting an undercover police officer for sex. Sharon stops by and tells Drew that she didn't cheat on him, she actually cheated on a guy with Drew. Sharon unlocks the door, and lets everyone out, but Drew doesn't leave immediately.

    Later in the day, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald, walk Drew out of the stadium. Up in the air, behind them, there's a blimp which has a message from Steve, asking Mimi to marry him. Drew never turns around to see it.

    The show ends with Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate lining up for tickets to the second game at the stadium, but as the camera goes down the ticket line, it seems longer than the first game's ticket line.

    I enjoyed this episode. So far, season five has gone well, and it looks like Sharon and Drew are over. I kind of liked the two of them together, and I wish they would have went a bit longer than they did.moreless
Gregory Sporleder

Gregory Sporleder


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Monty Hoffman

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David Hansen

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John Carroll Lynch

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • As stated in the previous episode goofs, Sharon's revelation that she has a boyfriend is very sudden and seems very contrived. I've always wondered if Jenica Bergere had to be written out of the show quickly?

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (After Drew jumped the fence and got clotheslined by a football player)
      Oswald: Did you see that?
      Lewis: Yeah. He never dropped his hot dog.

    • (Oswald is in Cleveland Browns' makeup)
      Oswald (to a woman): Excuse me. Would you like to help me bury a bone?? (She hits him and walks out) Man...if that line doesn't work in Cleveland NOW, I don't know WHERE it's gonna work!

    • Mimi: Come on, pig. It's football season. Let's not hurt each other with words... Let's do it with paperweights!
      Mr. Wick: Mimi, STOP! It could bounce off his gut and kill us all.

    • Sharon: What is the next best thing to being at the first Browns game?
      Drew: That's easy: throwing the first shovel full of dirt on Mimi's coffin while she screams from the inside.

    • Drew: Who's gonna win the game?
      Crowd: US!
      Drew: What's the greatest city in the world?
      Crowd: CLEVELAND!
      Drew: What's your favorite color?
      Crowd: (shouts various responses)
      Drew: NO! Not your personal favorite. The color of the team!
      Crowd: BROWN!

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