The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 8

Drew Live

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 10, 1999 on ABC
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Drew Live
Steve objects to Mimi's plans for a wild bachelorette party at a strip club. They decide to hold their bachelor and bachelorette parties simultaneously at Drew's house. After Drew mentions that he might start dating again, Kate tells Lewis that she is going to make her move. Drew overhears her say that she is going to tell someone she loves him during the party, but doesn't know that she is talking about him. Drew plots to keep Kate away from the guy. He ignores her obvious attempts to talk to him (as well as Lewis's hints) and makes a complete fool of himself. They both decide not to confess their feelings yet.moreless

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  • This was the best episode I ever saw of The Drew Carey Show

    The Drew Carey Show has always wanted to shine new ground. In 1999 they did such that with their first ever live episode. The best thing about this was their improvising most of the material. I never saw this in a half hour sitcom. It was so great though. They probably practiced to make sure everyone would be ready. They couldn't have been ready for this. The music in that episode was really great too. I really liked hearing Wayne and Mimi's new theme song. I never liked Samba music until I heard that theme honestly. This episode shows that sitcoms can be different and you can take risks if practice and always give your A-Gamemoreless
  • Drew and the gang put on a Live show.

    The show begins with Drew introducing Brad Sherwood, who will to the majority of the hosting of the show. Brad introduces the show as being the first live episode of the series.

    Eugene sets some flowers on Drew's desk at Winfred-Louder. Drew comes in and Eugene pins one of the flowers to Drew's jacket. Brad comes in with a bell and tells us that each time he rings the bell, the actor needs to change his line. Steve comes in and asks Mimi about her bachlorette party and leaves when he doesn't like her plans. Oswald comes in with a package for Mr. Wick, who comes out of his office, along with Brad. Brad tells us that there's an odd object in the box which the actors need to give an explanation for. They do so, and Drew turns his attention to a young man, who's applying for a job. The man manages to use several different costumes to impress Drew, but he's not interested, so he walks into Mr. Wick's office. Brad introduces Wayne and Laura Hall, and asks them to make up a new song. Since Mimi comes over, she is asked to help out as well. They make up a song to go with the opening credits, which uses the 5 O'Clock World video.

    Steve comes into the Warsaw to talk to Mimi. She's sad about the two of them being apart, so she suggests they have their bachelor and bachelorette party together, and Steve loves the idea. Lewis comes in and talks to Wayne, who's working on the heating/ventilation ducts. Brad pops up and gives them new instructions on how to act. Kate comes in and tells Lewis that she heard Drew talking about starting a relationship. They sit down and Brad gives them instructions on how to act. After acting according to Brad's request, they run upstairs, and Drew and Oswald come in to see Wayne working on the ducts. Drew and Oswald overhear Kate telling Lewis about being interested in a guy, and they don't know she's talking about Drew. Brad pops in and asks Laura Hall, Wayne, and Oswald to make up a song to convince Drew to ask Kate out, and they do that. Eugene then comes in to see what's going on, but he's too late for the song.

    At Drew's, Mr. Wick comes in with some food for Drew, but he tosses it out. Drew asks Eugene and Steve if they've seen Kate, but they haven't. Steve's busy working on the frosting on a cake. Drew walks out of the kitchen, and Mr. Wick's talking to him about being married soon. Lewis lights up a cigar and talks about watching porn, but Steve doesn't want to do anything which will make the ladies feel uncomfortable. In the living room, the ladies are excited when a man, dressed as a postal carrier tears off his clothing and dances for them. Drew pulls Lewis into the kitchen and asks him if he knows who Kate's interested in. Resistant at first, Lewis gives Drew some hints, but he doesn't quite pick up on them.

    Still at the party, Oswald eats some of the food Mr. Wick tossed out. Brad comes in and has Wayne, Drew, Lewis, Mr. Wick, Steve, Oswald, and Eugene play the "Story" game from The Improv All-Stars. Kate comes in and they quickly end the game. Drew talks to Wayne about how business is going, and acts him to wrestle, which Wayne finds to be an odd thing to do. Steve brings out the karaoke machine, which Eugene takes over and sings "You Are So Beautiful", which makes Drew think Eugene is the man Kate likes. They somehow manage to kiss one another. Brad comes in and asks them to re-enact it as Siegfried and Roy, but Drew and Eugene refuse. Drew tells Oswald about how happy he is that Eugene isn't the guy Kate's interested in. Oswald suggests to Drew that he talk to Kate since she's all alone in the kitchen, but Drew tells him he probably shouldn't, judging by how childish and insecure he acted today.

    The show ends with brad asking Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Mr. Wick to play a game called "Helping Hands", which involved Lewis and Oswald trying to apply toothpaste to one another.

    Being a live episode, this was pretty exciting. The title of the episode didn't exactly give you any clues with what the story was going to be about. I liked a lot of the episode as so much of it didn't follow the show's typical format.moreless
  • Nothing like live tv!

    It was quite interesting to see them dothe show live, and adding in some improve made it all the more fun. There are some impove veterns that were on the show, like Drew, Colin, Wayne, and Ryan, and some that are not use to doing it, and seeing them stumble to make something up was quite fun!

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Drew referenced Colin kissing him on an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? when Karen Maruyama kissed Colin in a game of Weird Newscasters. Drew said that Colin's kiss was better and Ryan Stiles said, 'It was a hell of a lot better to watch, I'll tell you that.'

    • When Kate and Lewis are talking in his apartment, she says that she could see herself making the sacrifice of no beer for nine months, because afterwards she'd have a little drinking buddy. Christa Miller's daughter, Charlotte, was born about eight months after the airing of this episode.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Kate [Through a vent]: I'm serious. You can't talk me out of this, Lewis. I'm in love with him. I'm going to go for it.
      Oswald: Oh my God, Drew. Come here, come here!
      Drew: What? What?
      Oswald: It's Kate and Lewis. You can hear everything their saying up in the apartment through this duct. I think she's in love with somebody.

    • Kate: I can't hear you. Can I go up to your apartment?
      Lewis: Damn it! First time a woman says "Let's go up to your apartment" and no one can hear it.

    • Kate [As an ex-cheerleader who can only talk in cheers]: Lewis, Lewis! Let me date him! I'm the one. I really laid him.
      Lewis [As a wrestler]: Date him on Thursday! You be there on Thursday when she dates him!
      Kate: Rah rah! Cis boom bah! If you don't let me have him, I'm really going to be mad!
      Lewis: Date him once! Date him twice! Date him three times!

    • Kate: Guess what? Drew's been talking about dating again, which means I can finally tell him I'm in love with him.
      Lewis: Woah, woah, woah. Hold on there, missy. Let me give you a little test to make sure you're ready for this. Picture Drew naked.
      Kate: Alright.
      Lewis: French fry?
      Kate: Sure.
      Lewis: Okay, you pass.

    • Mimi: Ya bunch of wimpy giggle girls!

    • Drew: Well, I better tell Eugene it's all over between us.
      (Lewis walks up.)
      Lewis: Eugene just told me I've got a butt like a cupcake.
      Drew: That bitch!

    • Steve: Maybe I'll just go find some woman and eat a burrito off her breasts!
      Oswald: I thought the Board of Health shut that place down. (bell rings) Uh...where do they serve the Jell-O?

    • (Lewis lights up a cigar.)
      Steve: Hey Lewis, what are you doing?
      Lewis: Well, I'm lighting up an eight-inch Cuban. (Picks up a video tape) Which I believe is also the title of our first feature this evening.

    • (Ding! represents that the actor has to come up with a new line)
      Drew: Listen, I know Kate's in love with someone, I just don't know who it is. You gotta tell me.
      Lewis: No, I promised I wouldn't tell.
      Drew: Just give me a hint.
      Lewis: Sorry, Drew. No hints, Drew. Understand, Drew? (Ding!) You hear me, Drew? (Ding!) What's the haps, brother?

  • NOTES (6)

    • Instead of the typical "Cleveland Rocks" introduction and credits, the old "5 O'Clock World" introduction and credits were shown, with the music and lyrics added by Laura Hall, Wayne and Mimi.

    • Elements from Whose Line Is It Anyway? were woven into this episode. Among the games played were "Quick Change," "Props," "Title Sequence," "Change of Cast," "Duet," "Story" (which was not played on Whose Line Is It Anyway? but became a hit for the Improv All-Stars) and "Helping Hands."

    • At the party, Eugene sings "You Are So Beautiful" by Joe Cocker.

    • This episode was performed live three times for different time zones. Brad Sherwood stopped the episode at various times to introduce improvising games into the plot. Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, Brad Sherwood and Laura Hall all appear with Drew in Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    • The episode of Norm that followed featured guest appearances by Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, and Diedrich Bader.

    • Plot mistake: Kate says "Steve and Mimi's party," and Drew mentions it being at his house, before they could have realistically been told about the change in plans by the couple (Steve and Mimi had originally planned separate parties).