The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 5

Drew Live II

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2000 on ABC
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Drew Live II
Mr. Wick refuses to let Drew collect unemployment, and keeps saying that he quit even though he was actually fired. An employee objects to Wick's treatment of Drew and gets fired. Drew promises to help him land a new job, and the man offers to give him ten percent of his first month's salary. Drew decides to run an employment agency out of his house, and it proves very successful. Oswald and Lewis express dissatisfaction with their jobs and ask Drew to help them. He believes that he can get both of them work at a new restaurant, only to discover that there is only one opening. Oswald and Lewis are furious, as they have already quit their jobs. They keep pushing Drew to choose between them. Kate suggests that they just go to the restaurant for a tryout. They both fail miserably. Fortunately, Oswald realizes that he never really quit at Global (he went into the wrong office and mooned a blind lady instead of his boss). Lewis returns to DrugCo to beg for his job back.moreless

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  • The guys put on another live show.

    The show begins with Drew standing in the audience, announcing the fact that the show is live and improvised. Drew goes on to ask for a few volunteers from the audience, and they are all friends of Drew's who appear on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

    Brad enters the scene to transition the next scene, which features Drew at Winfred-Louder to ask Mr. Wick why he's denying Drew's unemployment status, which is causing him difficulty in collecting unemployment benefits. Mr. Wick insists Drew quit and wasn't fired. Eugene comes in and gets fired. Drew tells him he'll help him find a job. When Drew walks out, Brad comes in and asks Wayne and Laura work on a song for the opening credits.

    At Drew's, Drew's helping people get new jobs with other companies. He calls Eugene in for a test interview. Brad asks enters the scene and asks Lewis, Oswald, Greg, and Kathryn to provide dialogue for a TV show. In the kitchen, Drew helps Eugene with a practice interview. They're concentrating on how to spin something... turning something which sounds bad, into something much more positive. Eugene leaves when Drew gets a call from someone who's looking for more great employees. Lewis and Oswald come in and are told about the job, a food critic. They both seem interested in the job as it sounds pretty easy to do.

    At the Warsaw, Mimi and Mr. Wick are at one of the tables. Mimi mentions Steve is out of town for the week and the waitress comes over with the bill. Mr. Wick is unable to pay so he asks Mimi to pay. She reluctantly agrees. Drew walks in and tells Lewis and Oswald that there is only one job opening. This becomes a problem since they both quit their jobs. Brad comes in and tells the three of them to play a game with props. Depending on which prop you have in your hand, you have to act with a certain emotion. Afterwards, Drew delivers the news about who won the 2000 presidential election, taking a shot at the network and cable news folks with it.

    Back home, Drew's talking with Kate about who he should hire for the job. Lewis and Oswald come in and Lewis tries to bribe him for the job. Brad comes in and gives them a prop which they all have to give an explanation for. Drew, Kate, and Oswald all try, but when it comes to Lewis, he just tosses it and moves the scene along, making Oswald laugh out loud.

    At the Shenanigans pub, Brad asks Wayne, Chip, Mimi, and Mr. Wick to sing an Irish Drinking Song about Martha Stewart. Drew, Lewis, and Oswald come in to talk to one of the owners. Since he isn't there, Drew goes to sit down while Lewis and Oswald try to get free beer from two employees. After Lewis and Oswald act like an ass, Drew tells them there is no way he'll get them the job. They decide to leave and get Lewis his job back. Brad asks Mr. Wick, Mimi, Chip, and Wayne to sing an Irish Drinking Song about what if dogs rule the world.

    Brad, Drew, and Lewis walk in to see Lewis' boss to get his job back. Brad asks them to speak like Jay Leno and get Lewis his job back. Lewis' boss is of course played by Jay Leno during this episode.

    The show ends with Brad asking Kate, Drew, Lewis and Oswald to do a scene where two of them can't use their arms. The scene doesn't last long when they all get into a silly string fight.

    You never know what to expect during a live episode, and I thought this one was better than the first. I think the live aspect and the guest stars added humor to the storyline.moreless
  • Another great live show!

    While there are quite a few shows that do live episodes, there is nothing quite like doing a live show and throwing in some improv! It was even more amusing to watch those who are not use to doing improve try to come up with something on the spot (and the most likely to crack up also). I just wish I could have seen all the different versions of the live show. They took a risk again, and once again, was able to pull it off!moreless
Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear

Herself [uncredited]

Guest Star

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

Himself [uncredited]

Guest Star

Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the Pacific version of the show, Brad Sherwood mentions that if Drew wants to get Louis' job back, he better do it in less than sixty seconds or else he will be doing it on Spin City.

      Spin City was another show on ABC that aired after The Drew Carey show. In Eastern versions of the show, the stars of Spin City (Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen) even came to play parts in it.

    • When Drew diffuses the situation between the waitress and Oswald and Lewis, he points to a "hidden camera" but not at the one currently shooting, but the waitress waves to camera.

    • The TV in Drew's living room, is an OLD style Dial TV, but the VCR has ONLY RCA cables sticking out of the rear, it would not be possible for Drew to watch video tapes on that TV unless they used a coaxial cable, which I dont believe I saw sticking out of the VCR.

    • When Drew picks up the phone, he says, "Carey Employment Agency," but the phone keeps ringing. He covers by saying, "They must be on line one."

    • If Drew has enough credibility and connections to get jobs for everyone else, then why can't he get a job of his own? If he really had that much pull, he wouldn't have been shot down everywhere just because his evil sister-in-law told a bunch of lies about him.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (from Eastern feed of episode)
      Kate: I'd pick Lewis. I wouldn't want him to be mad at me. Remember the time he came out of "Silence of the Lambs" saying, "Now there's a guy who did something with his life"? (Improv bell rings) Remember the time he came out of "The Crying Game" saying, "There's something I have to tell you"?

    • Drew: Believe me Eugene, if there was a way I could get turned on by lumpy middle aged men, I'd be flipping you like a pancake.(Ding) If there was a way I could get turned on by Canadians I'd have moved there by now!

    • Drew: Congratulations! You're the state of Ohio's new executioner. Now get out there and knock 'em dead!

    • (Mr. Wick denies Drew his unemployment claim)
      Drew: I need that money, I'm out of a job and I'm broke!
      Mr. Wick: Well then you shouldn't have quit.
      Drew: I didn't quit! I was fired!
      Mr. Wick: Well that's not what the paperwork says. Maybe you should talk to the assistant director of personnel.
      Drew: I was the assistant director of personnel!
      Mr. Wick: Then you shouldn't have quit.
      Drew: I didn't quit I was fired!
      Mr. Wick: Hmm, there must be a mistake in the paperwork. Why don't you talk to the assistant director of personnel?
      Drew: I was the assistant director of personnel!
      Mr. Wick: Then you shouldn't have quit!
      Drew: I didn't quit I was fir- Oh I give up!
      Mr. Wick: Ah-ha! So you did quit! Benefits denied, and that's our little show thank you very much.

    • Eugene (as Drew walks away): It must be jelly, 'cos jam doesn't shake like that.

    • Lewis (showing a bad scar): See this? That Mimi is wild in bed!

    • Oswald: I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a workaholic! (Ding!) I'm an accident waiting to happen! (Ding!) I...all right, I'm an alcoholic.

    • Drew: I just don't feel good, I feel Oprah good!

    • Eugene (to Drew): I could show you my great white north.

    • (Discussing whether Drew should hire Oswald or Lewis)
      Kate: I'd pick Lewis. I wouldn't want him to be mad at me. Remember the time he came out of "Silence of the Lambs" saying, "Now there's a guy who did something with his life"? (Improv bell rings) Remember the time he came out of "Silence of the Lambs" saying, "You know, with a nice tie a skinsuit would be fantastic"? (Improv bell rings) Remember when he came out of "Silence of the Lambs" saying, "Hannibal's mask was just like the mask my mother made me wear"? (Improv bell rings) Hire Oswald!

  • NOTES (7)

    • Despite becoming a series regular in the previous episode, John Carroll Lynch didn't appear in this episode, and wasn't even listed in the opening credits. During the episode, Mimi commented that John Carroll Lynch's character, Steve, was out of town for the week.

    • Once again, elements from Whose Line is It Anyway? which Drew hosted on ABC, were woven into this episode. Among the games played were "Quick Change," "Title Sequence," "Film Dub," "Mixed Emotions/Multiple Personality," (combined into one game called "Emotional Prop"), "Props," "Irish Drinking Song," "Change of Cast," "Three-Headed Broadway Star" (on the mountain feed) and an attempt at "Story" that ends up turning into a spray gun fight.

    • Mr. Wick says to Mimi, "Let's be Peaches and Herb." The season finale of season 2 featured a big musical dance-off between two groups of characters. Mimi and Wick were in the group dancing to the Peaches and Herb song "Shake Your Groove Thing."

    • Syndication uses the Pacific version of this show.

    • This episode received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Multi-Camera Sound Mixing for a Series or Special.

    • Colin Mochrie, Kathryn Greenwood, and Greg Proops played Lewis' 3-headed boss in the Mountain feed.

    • This episode was performed three times, once for each feed (Eastern/Central, Mountain, Pacific).

      Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen and Carmen Electra appeared only in the Eastern/Central version. Jay Leno appeared only in the Pacific version.