The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 13

Drew Takes a Guilt Trip

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 10, 2003 on ABC

Episode Recap

At home, Drew's waiting around with Lewis for Oswald, who's busy taking a nursing test. Kellie comes home and she's smelling of beer, pizza and grease, which obviously interests Drew. He offers Kellie a job at the store if she's interested. Oswald comes in and tells everyone he failed the test. He really doubts himself since he quit the postal job a while ago. Kellie tells Drew to tell him about the job at Neverending Store, but you can see Drew doesn't want Oswald to get the job. Oswald confronts him on why he wasn't told about the job. Drew tries to come up with something, but is unable to, so Oswald leaves. Afterwards, Drew, Lewis and Kellie talk about what just happened. We then see Oswald getting a job somewhere, and it doesn't like a very good place.

At the store, Mimi is shredding papers when Traylor comes over and tells her she'd like to shred papers, so Mimi steps out of the way and puts Traylor's scarf in the shredder, almost killing her. Traylor complains to Scott and Evan and quits. The guys tell Mimi to get her back or she'll be fired. Lewis comes in and tells Drew that Oswald lied about being a fish monger, so Drew suggests following Oswald to see where he goes to work.

Later that night, Drew, Lewis and Kellie walk into a small liquor store and track down Oswald. The place looks like a dump, but Oswald insists it's much better than Drew seems to think. Just then, a man with no pants walks in.

At Neverending Store, Drew's training Oswald for his new job in the warehouse department. Lewis and Kellie come in and they're happy about Oswald getting a new job. They also brought over some lunch. When Oswald goes to retrieve some balloons, he ends up breaking some very expensive equipment, and of course Evan and Scott come in just as it happens, and they tell Drew they have to fire Oswald. Drew tells them he'll fire Oswald. Oswald comes over and Drew doesn't fire him as he doesn't want to hurt his feelings.

Kellie, Lewis and Drew meet up at the Warsaw to talk about Oswald, and Drew mentions how he's not told Oswald about being fired. Kellie suggests trying to get Scott and Evan to know Oswald.

At the store, we see Drew and Lewis showing Evan photos from an old photo album.

Mimi drops by Traylor's apartment to get her to change her mind about quitting. Not getting anywhere, Mimi pulls out a gun which Traylor touches and Mimi now has a gun with her fingerprints on it. Eventually, Traylor tells Mimi she'll come back to work and she'll accept her apology.

Back at the store, Lewis and Drew are still showing photos of Oswald to Evan, and he wants Oswald to come back, but when Scott comes in, he shoots down the idea. Oswald comes in and finds out he's fired and gets upset. When the truck driver for the store comes in and quits, Lewis and Drew realize this is a great opportunity for Oswald to work for them.

Ten minutes later, Oswald figures out he'd be great for the job, as he's got a trucker's license.

The show ends with the opening of the store's website. The first order comes through, and it sounds like things which would be used in a murder.