The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 11

Drew Tries Hot Salsa

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Dec 06, 2002 on ABC

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  • The guys learn how to salsa.

    We join Drew, Oswald, Lewis, and several others in a studio where they're going to learn salsa. When Drew tries to dance, he does nearly everything backwards, which frustrates the instructor. Drew eventually walks away from the instructor and lets someone else try to dance.

    At the office, Scott and Evan stop by Mimi's desk and ask her to help them track down the spy who may be stealing their computer software. She agrees after they meet some of her demands. Drew wanders in with some coffee, shortly followed by Kellie, who gives him some cookies for letting her use his washer and dryer. Drew asks Kellie if she could be her dance partner for a while since she's good with salsa.

    At home, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are practicing salsa dancing when Kellie comes over and she laughs when he sees the three of them dancing. Lewis and Oswald leave to let Drew and Kellie dance. As they dance, things heat up a little, as you can see Drew gets a little excited with being so close to Kellie like that. Drew thanks her for the help and Kellie leaves.

    We now join Lewis and Oswald at their place, and they're going over the list of people who they want to send Christmas cards to. Drew stops by and tells them about what happened when he was dancing with her. He asks them about their opinion of him taking Kellie out to dinner and and telling her how he feels about her. Lewis and Oswald tell him it may not be a good idea as there's the chance that she may not feel the same way. Drew walks out when Lewis and Oswald tell him they need to send out Christmas cards.

    At work, Scott and Evan come by and ask Mimi to tell them about the spy, so Mimi gets up and tells them there is no spy. Evan ends up realizing the software he wrote was stolen from someone else. Kellie walks in and wants to talk to Mimi. She's stressed out about Drew liking Maria, the salsa instructor, and not her. Kellie considers telling Drew how she feels, but decides otherwise.

    At the dancing studio, Maria and Lewis finish their dance. Drew comes in and starts to dance and Kellie walks in. Drew doesn't seem to keep his eyes off of Kellie, so Maria tries to get him focused on her. When Drew and Maria look like they're getting a little too hot, Kellie storms out, which prompts Drew to stop dancing and he follows her out.

    Drew catches up to Kellie at the Warsaw. Kellie ends up noticing her ex-husband, Daryl is in there, with broken legs from a work accident. Kellie introduces Darryl and Drew to one another, making for an awkward moment.

    The show ends with a woman, supposedly Morgan Fairchild, reading the Christmas newsletter from Oswald.

    As a whole, I enjoyed this episode. The humor was lacking at times, but it certainly had its moments. The dancing scenes were pretty good.