The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 6

Drew Tries to Kill Mimi

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 1999 on ABC
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Drew Tries to Kill Mimi
Mimi tricks Drew into believing that an important executive waiting to speak with him is actually interviewing to be Winfred-Louder's janitor. After he makes a fool of himself (with comments that seem racist when taken out of context), he vows to kill Mimi. Later that day, a bee flies into Drew's car as he is driving out of the garage. While he is trying to get it out of his face, he loses control of the car and nearly hits Mimi. She believes that he was really trying to kill her, and has him arrested for attempted murder. Steve insists that Drew would never really try to kill Mimi, but she refuses to drop the charges. Kate annoys the detectives investigating the case by babbling about herself and her feelings for Drew instead of answering their questions. Mimi tries to convince the detectives that Drew wants her out of the way before the wedding. They plan to indict him and send him to prison. Steve feels that Mimi will realize that Drew is innocent if he proves that he doesn't hate her. Steve reads a speech supposedly written by Drew in which he welcomes Mimi to the family. Mimi is touched and drops the charges. Drew thanks Steve for saving him and agrees to read the toast at the wedding.moreless

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  • Drew's arrested for the attempted murder of Mimi.

    Mr. Wick comes into Winfred-Louder and sees Mimi is dressed up for Halloween. Mr. Wick asks her to get Drew to take care of hiring a new janitor. When Mr. Wick leaves, a man comes in to be hired for the janitor position, but Mimi tells him to come back later since Drew's not in yet. A marketing executive comes in to see Drew, so Mimi tells him to have a seat and to wait for Drew. When Drew walks in, Mimi tells him the man for the janitor job is at his desk. Drew goes over to interview the man, but ends up insulting him, making him sound like a racist. Drew yells at Mimi and threatens to kill her. Mr. Wick comes in and yells at Drew about what happened with the interview.

    In the parking garage, Drew's getting into his car. Mimi and Steve climb out of the back of a stranger's car, and talk about having thrill-sex somewhere else tomorrow. In Drew's car, he's on his way out when he's bothered by a bee, which causes Drew to nearly run over Mimi.

    Back at Winfred-Louder, Mr. Wick walks over and asks Drew to judge a Halloween contest, and Drew awards Mr. Wick the prize. Oswald and Kate come in with a turkey they stole. Lewis comes up shortly thereafter. Police officers come in and arrest Drew for the attempted murder of Mimi, shocking everyone in sight.

    At the police station, Drew's being questioned about attempting to kill Mimi. They ask Drew about what Mimi may have done to make him want to kill her. We then see a few quick clips of other episodes, where Mimi angered him, which included a clip of Drew waking up on the Great Wall of China. The police officers go on to ask about Drew's threat earlier in the morning, when Mimi caused Drew a great deal of frustration and embarrassment with the interview with the marketing executive.

    Back at Winfred-Louder, Mr. Wick and Mimi talk about Drew. Steve comes in and complains about not being able to see Drew. Steve goes on to tell Mimi to drop the charges. Mimi demands Steve choose between her and Drew, and they get into an argument, which seems to make the both of them a little horny.

    At Drew's house, Kate brings Speedy in, and two police officers come in to talk to her about Drew. She comes right out and tells them about her love for Drew. Kate insists that Drew wouldn't hurt a fly. Kate runs in to hang up the phone when the answering machine picks up on a call from Lewis, who talks about Drew "finally trying to kill Mimi."

    The police officers come into the Warsaw to interview Lewis and Oswald. Lewis gets a jar of bees out, and puts them in Oswald's pants. Oswald tries to act as though he is driving, to show how bees can be very distracting, but he doesn't do a very good job, and the police officers leave.

    At Winfred-Louder, the police officers come in to see Mimi, who's turned Drew's cubicle into a lounge. Mimi tells the police officers that Drew's been after her from the day they met. We then see a flashback from their encounter in the "Pilot" episode. Mimi then tells the police officers about how Mimi is marrying into Drew's family, and they think this may be the reason for Drew's actions.

    At the police station, the officers come in to book Drew, since they claim to have plenty of evidence. Mimi comes in to watch, and Steve comes in with a letter, claiming it's something Drew wrote. In the letter, Drew is happy for Steve and Mimi, and welcomes her to the family. Mimi agrees to drop the charges. When Mimi and the police leave the room, Drew and Steve talk about the letter, which Steve wrote. Steve tells Drew about how he knew he couldn't have tried to kill Mimi, he just doesn't have that violence in him. Steve then asks Drew to read that letter at the wedding, so Drew agrees.

    The show ends with Mr. Wick coming into the office with clothing he got in Mexico. He tells Mimi his trip was great. A few protesters, including the one who Drew insulted earlier on, come in to yell at Mr. Wick, who turns to the camera and tells the viewers about hoping we all learned about how ugly racism can be.

    This was an episode which was bound to happen eventually, and I don't feel it was as good as it could have been. I wanted more out of this somehow, but it was still a very good episode.moreless
Tom Towles

Tom Towles

Detective Streible

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Shashawnee Hall

Shashawnee Hall

Detective Patterson

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Gregg France

Gregg France


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John Carroll Lynch

John Carroll Lynch

Steve Carey

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • I don't think you can "drop" an attempted murder charge. The state might not have enough evidence without Mimi's testimony, but the people bring the charges in an attempted murder case, not the victim.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • (Drew is arrested for trying to kill Mimi)
      Officer: Is it true, Mr. Carey that you harbor violent feelings for Mrs. Bobek?
      Drew: That's ridiculous.
      Officer: If it's that ridiculous, why did 20 co-workers hear you say: (reads off of statement) "I'm going to kill you"?
      Drew: That's just a figure of speech!
      Officer: (continues reading from statement) "That's not a figure of speech. You are dead!"
      Drew: No, you're reading it all wrong.
      (Drew repeats the lines, acting as if he said it jokingly and cheerfully)
      Drew: I'm gonna kill ya! That's not a figure of speech, yoooouuu'rrrrre dead!
      (the police officers stare at Drew, not believing him)
      Drew: I want a lawyer.

    • Detective Streible (to Drew): Hey, if you walk or fry, it's all the same to us. We don't work on commission.

    • (After Drew mistakes the marketing executive for the janitor)
      Mimi: This prank brought to you by Mimi Bobeck! Bobeck: humiliating pigs since 1995! Ha ha ha!
      Drew: I'm going to kill you! You hear me? And that's not a figure of speech. You are dead!

    • Drew: Will someone tell me what's going on here?
      Detective Streible: No, you tell us. Why did you try and kill Miss Bobeck this morning with your car?
      Drew: I don't know what the hell you're talking...wait, is she dead?

    • (Talking about Drew getting arrested)
      Mr. Wick: I must say, when something like this happens, the captain of the ship must take a good look at himself and ask, "Where did I go wrong?"
      Mimi: Oh, it's not your fault, Mr. Wick.
      Mr. Wick: What? I'm not blaming myself! I said "ship." Does this look like a ship? It's a store! It's everyone else's fault. It has nothing to do with me. (Walks away) Now, back to work, mateys. Full steam ahead.

    • Detective Patterson: We've got enough evidence to indict you. Looks like you're going to prison for a long time.
      Drew: Prison? I can't go to jail. I can't live with a bunch of strange men. I can't even go to the bathroom in the mall.

    • Steve: This is supposed to be the happiest time of my life. How can I get married if my brother's going to prison?
      Mimi: Don't worry. He'll be having his honeymoon the same time we are.

    • Drew: Thanks, you really saved me.
      Steve: There is one thing you can do to repay me. Read this toast at our wedding.
      Drew: Oh, I would love to. Is this the only copy?
      (Crumples up the paper with the toast written on it)
      Steve: Nope.
      Drew: Ah, crap.

    • Kate: Drew wouldn't hurt a fly. He's like Jesus with glasses!
      Det. Streible: You like the bad boys, don't you, ma'am?

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