The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 1

Drew vs. Billboard

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 23, 1997 on ABC
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Drew vs. Billboard
Drew worries that his lack of physical fitness is holding him back after Wick chooses a fit young man named Smith to represent the store at a conference in Hawaii. A man at the Warsaw overhears Drew lamenting his situation. He claims to have lost a lot of weight through a pill that is ingested with beer. He offers to give Drew a free bottle of the pills if he poses for some photos for a "before and after" campaign. A few days later, Drew is horrified to see a shirtless photo of himself on a billboard. He becomes the laughingstock of the city, and cannot force Morgan to remove the billboard because he signed a contract. Wick warns that he is embarrassing the store and may be moved to a position that does not require contact with the public. Drew and the gang climb on the billboard at night to tear it down. Morgan shows up to stop them, thanks to a warning from Mimi, but they staple him to the billboard and pull his pants down. Morgan warns that Drew has a suspicious mole. Drew goes to a doctor and learns that he is in good condition. Smith suddenly drops dead of a heart attack at the conference, and Wick sends Drew to Hawaii to retrieve the body. Drew has fun by posing for photos with the corpse in various airports. Meanwhile, Lewis fears that a DrugCo shampoo is causing his head to grow bigger.moreless

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  • A very funny episode.

    At Winfred Louder, Mr. Wick congratulates Smith for his progress, and compliments him on his excellent health. After Smith leaves, Mr. Wick asks Drew to process Smith's vacation papers. Drew wants to go on vacation to Hawaii like Smith, but is told "no." Kate comes in and Drew tells her about him not being able to go to Hawaii. Drew thinks Smith will be getting the next new promotion. Mr. Wick comes out and asks Drew to run down and do some paperwork. Mr. Wick suggests Kate do it when he realizes he said "run", as Drew is out of shape. When Mr. Wick wants the water cooler filled, Drew volunteers, but Mimi purposely stalls while Drew struggles to hold up two large bottles of water. After Mr. Wick leaves, Drew tells Kate that he's really out of shape, and needs to lose some weight.

    At the Warsaw, Oswald helps measure Lewis' head, and he Lewis realizes his head and hands seem to be getting bigger because of things from DrugCo. Drew and Kate come in, with Drew complaining about his weight. Drew walks over to the bar to get a beer, and he runs into a guy who came up with a pill called VitaBeer, which is supposed to help you lose weight while you drink beer. After agreeing to do some before and after photos for the company, Drew takes the bottle of pills and joins the guys for a beer. When Lewis isn't looking, Oswald switches Lewis' hat with someone else's, and when he puts it on, the hat is much smaller than Lewis' head, making him feel like his head is getting even bigger.

    Two weeks later, outside, on the street, Drew's getting honked at. Kate joins him and points out a large billboard, featuring a topless shot of Drew, asking people to honk if they want Drew to put his shirt back on. When Drew sees it, he gets angry and feels humiliated.

    At work, Drew's sitting at his cubicle, when Mimi comes in with a little horn and toots it. Drew says the photo shouldn't be up there, it was only for potential investors and consumers. Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come in. Lewis is wearing a mask of ice, in hopes of making his head shrink. Due to the ice, he freezes up every now and then. Lewis and Oswald try to reassure Drew not to be angry about the whole thing. After they leave, a man comes by about a new sales position. He notices Drew from the billboard, and seems fixated on Drew's belly. When Mimi sees Drew toss the man out, she yells for Mr. Wick. He tells Drew to get the billboard down, but he can't, he's already tried. Mr. Wick says to either get the billboard down, or he'll work in the basement. Mimi then has a man roll out a sculpture, which looks exactly like the billboard, and it's made of ice. Mimi calls it the "Ice-ca-pig."

    In the middle of the night, Drew is joined by Lewis, Oswald, and Kate on the billboard. Drew wants to cut it down. The guy from VitaBeer comes up, after a tip from Mimi. They decide to staple the man to the billboard, and pull his pants down, for everyone driving by to see. He suggests to Drew that he have a mole looked at, as it looks rather large, so Drew cuts a chunk of the billboard out and takes it with him when he leaves.

    At work, Mr. Wick asks Mimi where Drew is, since he needs some pension files. When Mimi tries to get into Drew's desk, she has problems. When she pulls open the drawer, Mimi's computer monitor goes up, and when she lets go of the drawer, the monitor falls and breaks. Drew comes in and says he was at the doctor, and the mole was just a mole, not anything bad. He also had a complete physical which proves he's healthy. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in to find out about Drew's mole. Mr. Wick comes in and is asked by Drew about going to Hawaii. He says "yes" since Smith is dead, and he has to go pick him up. Unfortunately, this means Drew won't have time to have any fun in Hawaii.

    The show ends with Drew showing Oswald and Kate photos from his "trip" to Hawaii, while Lewis grabs some beer out of the fridge. Lewis then notices a check to Drew, but Drew thinks it's a mistake. We're then shown a billboard, using the photo from the VitaBeer ad, endorsing a gay cruise line.

    This episode was pretty funny, but if one were to look at this from a technical standpoint, Drew had no valid reason to be upset at the guy from VitaBeer. When he was given the pills, he was told that the photos would be shown to potential investors and consumers. Technically, that would be everyone, as even I would be a potential consumer, we all would. This of course would make the entire plot implausible, Drew should only be upset with himself.moreless
  • Drews fat!

    Okay I will sumarise this as short as I can. Drew takes a picture for a "before, after" thing in a diet and a picture of him shirtless goes up on a billboard by winfred louder. He deals with a lot of crap and wants it taken down. Great episode.

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    • Kate: So, Mr. Wick, I hope this tragedy has proved to you that people who appear physically fit aren't necessarily the best ones for the job.
      Mr. Wick: But I like strong, healthy-looking people. Ugly people make me sad.

    • Mr. Wick: Look, I know about the billboard and I'm afraid you're going to have to get it down.
      Drew: I can't take it down. I called the owner of Vitabeer. He says there's nothing I can do. I signed a release, and I have no, uh, recourse.
      Mr. Wick: Well, I have a bigger problem. When people picture a Winfred-Louder employee, we'd like them to think of someone who might be around for the next ten years.
      Drew: Sir, that smacks of looks-ism.
      Mr. Wick: Don't talk to me about looks-ism. How many times have I not been taken seriously because I'm too damn good looking.
      Drew: (after a pause) Is this a riddle, sir?

    • Mr. Wick: Kate, much like tropical fish, I believe he'd grow to the size of his environment. The only reason he's not bigger is because his cubicle isn't bigger.

    • (About his topless photoshoot)
      Drew: I don't have to climb on a horse do I? Because I have allergies.

    • (After arguing with Mr. Wick)
      Drew: Hey Kate, in the broadest sense of the term, I just had sex.

    • Drew: Hey! I get to drag a dead body through three airports. Got to get some film.

    • (A piece of the billboard is cut away to reveal a scene with pigs and cows.)
      Lewis: Hey, Drew! It's just like your REAL stomach!

    • Oswald: (referring to "The Beer Diet") Yeah, I got one too. You drink, you pass out, you don't eat for two days!

    • Mimi: MR. WICK! Drew's too fat to do his job!

    • Oswald (to Drew): Remember that teacher who said you'd never get famous being fat and dumb? Looks like you got a call to make!

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    • Drew: You know, holding the horn like that, you kinda look like the Partridge Family bus.

      The Partridge Family was a TV show from the 1970's about a singing family who traveled around in a converted school bus. The paint job on the bus resembled a Mondrian painting, as does Mimi's dress in this episode.

    • Mimi: I call it Ice Chapig

      That line is a reference to the Ice Chapades.

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