The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 8

Drew's the Other Man

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 20, 1996 on ABC

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  • Very well done.

    At the office, Lewis stops by with a drawn-on tattoo, and shows it to Drew. They post the question, "what is hip", since the reason Lewis wanted the tattoo was because he would be hip. They then get into a big song and dance performance to the song, "What is Hip?" by Tower of Power.

    At the Warsaw, Drew is eating food, while a few dozen people are dancing, since it's Latin Dance Night. Kate and Lewis come in to talk to Drew. Lewis has been taking a dance class in hopes of meeting new people. Mimi comes in and ends up leaving with a guy who finds her very attractive. Drew's new girlfriend, Bonnie comes in. She seems to like eating at fast food places, not fancy places, which is fine with Drew, but he wants Bonnie to know that he's not broke. After Kate and Lewis leave, Bonnie suggests they think about a song for them, but nothing comes to mind.

    Back in Drew's garage, Drew joins Lewis and Kate are trying to come up with something to help sell more beer for Christmas. Lewis comes up with "Buzz BeerNog," but it tastes terrible. Kate suggests adding a loop at the top of the bottle so that someone can hang the bottle on the Christmas tree when the bottle is empty, but Drew doesn't like the idea. Oswald comes in with more beer and reveals that he won a boxing championship. They all leave the garage, and go out to the pool table, when they all talk about Drew's date, which involved going through the drive-thru and going back to Drew's place. Joe, the person Oswald beat in the boxing match, comes by to pick up Oswald for a movie, which bums out Lewis, since he wasn't invited.

    Drew stops by Bonnie's apartment with dinner, but Bonnie doesn't want him there. Bonnie's husband then comes out to see what's up. Drew's horrified, but tries to cover for her, suggesting that he's the caterer, not her boyfriend.

    Still at Bonnie's place, Drew's still covering for her. When her husband leaves the room, Drew cheers her out for not telling him about everything.

    Back at the office, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate stop by, and they find out about Bonnie from him. Mimi stops by and insults him when she finds out about Bonnie as well. When Oswald takes off his jacket, everyone notices Oswald's fancy silk shirt, from Joe. They tell Oswald that he's been dating Joe, which freaks him out.

    In Lewis' delivery truck, Lewis tells Joe that he's not gay, and they get the whole thing sorted out.

    At home, Drew calls for pizza, and then Bonnie stops by. She tells Drew that they were about to get a divorce, but Drew's night at her place ended up making for an opportune time for them to work it all out. Drew then calls himself "Schmuck Man". Oswald then stops by and tells him about he and Joe. Oswald and Drew decide to go out and meet some women, but after Oswald suggests a new bar, which sounds like it is a gay bar, Drew decides to stay and wait for the pizza man, and lets Oswald go on his own.

    The show ends with Lewis and Kate dancing at the Warsaw.

    I really enjoyed this episode. When Oswald realized he was dating Joe, his reaction seemed very real, and made for a hilarious scene.