The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 10

Drew's Girl Friday

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2002 on ABC

Episode Recap

We join Drew at work when Scott and Evan come by and demand Drew come up with detailed reports on the store. Drew tells them he'll take care of it, but he doesn't sound too thrilled about doing the work, since he doesn't really have a clue what he's doing.

At home, Drew tells Kellie, Lewis and Oswald about how he's hiring a girl to teach him computer programming. Steve drops by and tells everyone he's now spending time in a cheap hotel since Mimi kicked him out. Oswald tells Steve he can live with he and Lewis if he'd like, so Steve takes him up on the offer without any hesitation. As Lewis, Oswald and Steve leave, Drew's computer programming tutor, Grace, comes by, and she's obviously expecting someone younger than Drew.

After a commercial break, Grace tries to tech Drew come C++ programming but it becomes obvious Drew's not picking any of it up.

At work, Drew's having Grace do his work for him. When Evan comes by to check up on Drew, he finds Grace typing away at Drew's desk. Drew tells him she's learning about how businesses work. When Evan tells Grace that maybe she can work there when she gets older, Grace insults his company as being "so 90's," which upsets Evan to the point he has to go lie down.

Lewis and Oswald come home to find Steve has really cleaned up the place. They go into the kitchen where Steve has made them dinner. Steve breaks down when he's told the soup is a tad spicy.

At work, Drew's joined by Grace, who brings in the work she did for him. Drew gives it to Scott and Evan; and then talks to Grace, who reveals Jake, her boyfriend, broke up with her. As she leaves, Scott and Evan come back into the scene with the report Drew handed them earlier, and they criticize Drew for the work in the report, as there are several notes about Jake, Grace's ex-boyfriend. The guys come away thinking Drew's a gay virgin. They ask that he correct the report and bring it in tomorrow.

At home, Drew finishes a phone call with Grace when Kellie comes in. Kellie suggests Drew find another job, as it's obvious Drew may not be able to keep it for much longer since he doesn't know what he's supposed to do. Kellie sits Drew down and tells him they can help Grace get Jake back.

Later that night, Lewis and Oswald have Mimi over to teach them kung-fu lessons when Steve comes in. It's obvious Lewis and Oswald set Mimi up so she and Steve can talk and make up, getting Steve out of their house. Lewis and Oswald go into the kitchen and overhear Steve and Mimi getting into a fight, breaking things. They run in before Mimi breaks the karaoke machine. They're able to snag it from Mimi's hands before she tosses it at Steve.

At the Homecoming Dance, Drew and Kellie walk Grace in. When they see Jake, Grace gets cold feet and runs out. Kellie decides to go over and talk to Jake, but he's staring at her chest. When he makes a move and kisses her, Kellie slaps him. Drew comes over and tells Jake he should get back with Grace, who quickly comes over and manages to get back with Jake.

Kellie comes in to see Drew at work, and Drew tells her that he finished the report himself. Scott and Evan come out and tell Drew the report was pretty pathetic, but they're not going to fire him yet, thinking Drew just broke up with Jake, which is affecting his work.

The show ends with an extended cut of a scene from the "Cleveland Rocks" opening.