The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 3

Drew's Inheritance

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 25, 2000 on ABC

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  • Drew's out of work entirely and has a chance at ten grand!

    Drew's Uncle Cecil leaves $10,000 inheritance to Drew on the condition that Drew gets married within 72 hours. He and Kate desperately try to pull a wedding together to cash in.

    As overall stories go, this isn't that great. A lot of jokes fall flat, and this is the beginning of the end for Drew and Kate's relationship (a turn of events that I did not particularly enjoy).

    The saving grace here is the antics of Lewis and Oswald, who steal the show once again. In fact, Lewis' acting with the Ark of the Covenant is one of my all-time favorite Drew Carey Show moments!
  • Drew tries to marry Kate to get money from his late uncle.

    We join Drew serving up food in the school cafeteria. When he serves some food to a kid which looks just like him, Drew gives him some extra tater tots and offers him some advice. Lewis and Oswald walk in for lunch, and they both feel bad about Drew having to work there. Lewis tells him about a potentially dangerous job opening at DrugCo, but Drew's not interested. The principal comes in and tells Drew to wear his horn-hat since it's spirit week, so Drew puts the horns on. Eventually, Drew decides to quit his job as he's had enough of it.

    Drew walks into Winfred-Louder to get his job back and he notices Mimi is unusually happy. She has an entire folder of jokes she never got to use, so Drew lets her tell one while he waits for Mr. Wick. After Mimi insults Drew, Mr. Wick walks in with a frozen yogurt machine, Drew's replacement. Drew tries to convince Mr. Wick to re-hire him as he believes he'll be able to figure out a way to save the store $50,000 on medical insurance for store employees. Mr. Wick dismisses Drew as he's busy eating his frozen yogurt. Steve runs in with sad news for Drew: Uncle Cecil has passed away. Mimi's intrigued when she finds out Uncle Cecil was wealthy.

    Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald walk into Uncle Cecil's old house to find out what the will contained. The executor of the will walks in and reads the will. Mimi and Steve walk in late and just in time to find out what Uncle Cecil left to everyone. Uncle Cecil has left the bulk of his estate to Bill Gates for the pleasure computers gave him. Steve gets $10,000 if he dresses in a particular way, and since he is already dressed that way, he gets the money immediately. Lewis and Oswald get $5,000 if they can keep quiet for 24 hours, but they both blow that. Drew is told he'll get $10,000 if he can get married in 72-hours, so he and Kate plan on getting married within the next couple of days.

    At home, Drew's on the couch while Kate finishes up her phone call. Kate tells Drew that she can't find any places to hold the wedding within three days. She suggests that they fake the marriage so that they'll still end up with the money, and Drew goes along with it. Lewis and Oswald walk in to "test the temperature of Drew's beer", which is just a con to drink free beer, of course. Drew and Kate tell Lewis and Oswald about the wedding, but they only want a small wedding, no other friends or family.

    A day or two later, Drew goes over things with Ray, a guy he hired to play the minister. It's a little slow-going as Ray is as drunk as a skunk. Drew and Lewis walk in to show Drew their wedding gift, the entire family. All of Drew's family walk through the door, all thanks to Lewis and Oswald. This action upsets Drew since it's all a fake wedding. Drew's mom, Beulah, brought over a wedding dress for Kate and Drew's dad, George, brought a tuxedo for Drew as well as the reverend who married he and Beulah many years ago. Beulah takes Kate upstairs to help her with the wedding dress, while George gives Drew some marital advice. Drew ends telling his father about how to please a woman in bed when George tells Drew that the g-spot doesn't exist, that it's a myth.

    Upstairs, Drew joins Kate in the bedroom. When he sees how great Kate looks in the dress, Drew asks her to marry her for real, and she happily agrees.

    A few minutes later, Drew and Kate make their way downstairs and find everyone is bummed out. It seems Lewis and Oswald figured out Ray was a fake and everyone's sad about being lied to. They all decide to leave Drew and Kate. When the executor of the will comes in, he tells Drew that there's a clause in the will which says he can get the money if he can sing the lyrics to a particular song, which Drew does, but loses the money anyway since there were no lyrics to the song. Kate gets upset about a comment by Drew and leaves.

    The show ends with Beulah and George in bed. George uses the information about sex he got from Drew earlier on and ends up making Beulah orgasm.

    I enjoyed the episode but felt that they could have gotten married at city hall and not have to have it anywhere special, so they didn't have to actually fake the whole thing. The humor wasn't top-notch like it often is, so I was disappointed there.