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The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 8

Drew's New Car

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 11, 1998 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Drew's New Car
Drew must submit candidates for Winfred-Louder's employee of the year, who will win a trip to Hawaii. A legitimate employee may win for the first time in history, as all of the Louders have (apparently) already received the award. Mimi tricks Drew into including her name on the list. She attends sobriety events with Mr. Wick in the hopes of getting his vote. Oswald receives another $10,000 by posing for the DrugCo calendar before his implants are removed. He decides to use the money from his "man boobs" to repay his debts to his friends. Drew's car rolls down a hill and gets wrecked. Oswald and Kate decide that they should pool all of the money and buy Drew a VW Bug. Lewis doesn't want to cooperate, but has no choice because Oswald hadn't actually given him his money yet. Drew is touched, but elects to sell the car and use the money to help his friends. Kate, Lewis and Oswald take offense to his actions. Drew tries desperately to get the car back from Mimi. She will only agree to sell if he can help her win Employee of the Year. Drew makes a speech on her behalf, only to learn that Mrs. Louder is giving herself the award. However, she realizes that Mimi is blackmailing Drew and is impressed. She takes her to Hawaii as her "spunky friend," and Drew gets his car back.moreless

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  • The guys buy Drew a new car when his old one is wrecked.

    At Winfred Louder, Mimi comes in with a report for Drew, and they exchange insults. Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder come in, and she tries to get him to prove to her that he's sober. Mr. Wick comes over and tells Drew it's time to pick the Winfred Louder employee of the year, but Drew's not too enthusiastic, since every year Mrs. Louder chooses a family member. Drew's attitude changes when he realizes all of the Louders have been chosen, so a real employee actually has a chance at winning. After hearing about this, Mimi comes back over and tries to suck up to Drew, in hopes of winning the employee of the year award, but Drew's not having any of that.

    In Drew's kitchen, Lewis and Kate are alone, and Lewis wonders why there's never alone like this. Oswald comes in with news that the breast implants didn't have any side effects, and he got another $10,000 from DrugCo, since Oswald posed for the swimsuit calendar. Kate asks Oswald what he's going to do with all of the money, since Oswald's mom doesn't need the money. Oswald decides to pay back Lewis and Kate for all of the money he owes them. Drew comes in, upset about his car, which was in an accident, so Oswald tells Drew that he's going to pay Drew back about $8000, for all of the things Drew gave him over the years. Drew tells him to forget it, and walks out. Oswald suggests that they pool their money and get Drew a new car, but Lewis isn't interested in giving his money to the pot, but then realizes Oswald hasn't actually given him the money.

    In the parking garage near Winfred Louder, Drew is walked to his parking space by Lewis, Oswald, and Kate, where Drew's new car is sitting there, a new white, VW Bug. Mimi comes over and is impressed by it, as she's been looking at them. Mr. Wick comes over and yells at Mimi, as they're late for dinner. Mimi is using Mr. Wick to get employee of the year.

    At the Warsaw, Mimi is complaining to Tim, the bartender about her day with Mr. Wick, when Lewis comes in and talks to her. He's just there to grab some beers for he, Oswald, and Kate, who are sitting at another table. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are talking about how doing good things, and good things come around. Drew comes in and thanks the three of them, and hands the three of them an envelope. Kate has two years of pre-paid health insurance. Drew gives Lewis 250 shares of DrugCo stock. He then tells Oswald that Foghat will be playing at his next party. They get upset when Drew tells them he sold the car. Mimi comes over and reveals that Drew sold the car to her, and she's not interested in selling it back to him.

    In the Bug, Mimi is giving Drew and a few others a ride to work. Drew's a little shocked by all of the decorations Mimi put into it. Drew lies to Mimi so that he can get her to sell the car back to him, but she's not interested. Mimi says she'll give him the car back if he can get Mimi the employee of the year award.

    At Winfred Louder, Drew stops Mrs. Louder and recommends Mimi, and it surprises her, since Drew always says the exact opposite. Mrs. Louder reveals that Drew's speech isn't going to work, since she's decided to give the award to herself, as she's not won it yet. Frustrated, Drew lies to Mrs. Louder, so she decides to bring Mimi with her to Hawaii. Mimi agrees to sell the car back to Drew. Mr. Wick comes out of his office with news that he and someone need to bathe the homeless, as part of his community outreach. Since Mimi will be in Hawaii, Mr. Wick volunteers Drew.

    In the VW Bug, Drew's driving Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and Mr. Wick, who talk about how the bathing of the homeless went.

    The show ends with Lewis and Speedy alone in Drew's kitchen. It goes very similar to the earlier scene with Lewis and Kate, but Speedy eventually walks out of the room.

    I enjoyed the plot for this episode. I liked how everything went, it was just very well written and directed.moreless

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