The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 5

Drew's Physical

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 20, 1999 on ABC

Episode Recap

Drew walks into Winfred-Louder and sits down in his chair, but slides out of it because someone covered it in Vaseline. He also nearly falls when he rests on his desk, since it was covered as well. Drew immediately accuses Mimi, but it turns out it was Doreen, who pops out, and she's dressed like Mimi again. Doreen and Mimi make up after their fight from a few episodes ago, and leave the area. Mr. Wick runs in, sweaty and dressed in his sweat pants. It seems he just got done with a workout at the gym. When he sits down, he slides out of Drew's chair, which is covered in Vaseline, of course. Mr. Wick tells Drew that there's a physical coming up, and anyone who fails the physical loses his health benefits. Mr. Wick makes his way to his office, but before he enters, Mimi and Doreen come back in and Doreen makes fun of the bulge in his pants.

At Drew's house, Oswald and Lewis are sitting down, watching TV. Oswald's got ice cream in his lap, and is freezing his crotch. Lewis warns him about hurting himself, so Oswald walks out of the room. Lewis then grabs the ice cream bucket and puts it in his own crotch. Kate comes in and Lewis quickly takes the ice cream bucket out of his lap. Lewis notices Kate is dressed up and has a bottle of champagne, so he asks what's going on. Kate reveals she's in love with Drew, and Lewis freaks out. Drew comes home and asks them if they think he's healthy. He then reveals the news about the need for getting a physical. Oswald suggests Lewis take the physical since the new doctor doesn't know what Drew looks like. Drew loves the idea, but Kate's a little hesitant about it.

At the doctor's office, Lewis is filling in as Drew, and the exam is over, or so Lewis thinks. It turns out there is also a psychological test, so Lewis leaves the office and makes his way to the other room for the test.

Kate comes into Winfred-Louder to see Drew, and they talk about Lewis helping Drew with the physical. Drew notices an attractive temp and asks Kate to help him pick her up, but since Kate's in love with Drew, she refuses. Lewis comes in and chats with Kate, who leaves after Lewis creeps her out. Drew comes over and tells Lewis the temp isn't interested in him. Drew asks him how the physical went, and he mentions the physical went fine, but the psychological exam could go either way. Mr. Wick comes in, and he hesitantly asks Drew how he's doing, and quickly runs away, scared of him. Drew and Lewis get into a discussion about what was said during the exam, and it's obvious just how terrible Lewis did.

Drew walks into work, and when he gets angry, everyone hits the deck. Everyone knows how the psychological exam went. Using Mimi as a human shield, Mr. Wick comes over to ask Drew to do some additional paperwork. When Drew refuses, Mr. Wick asks Mimi to do it instead. Drew is then told Mrs. Louder has set him up for a visit with a psychologist.

At the psychologist's office, Drew tries to get out quickly, but isn't able to. The doctor asks him about some of the answers he gave, and Drew eventually admits he had a friend take the exam. The doctor tells Drew that he'll have to take the physical himself.

At Drew's, Kate's sitting on the couch, and she welcomes Drew home when he walks in. She asks him how he's doing, and he talks about his therapist. Drew goes on to tell her that he won't be dating anyone for some time, since his therapist told him he should concentrate on himself for a while. Kate, of course, wants Drew to change his mind since she's in love with him.

The show ends with Drew getting a physical, and Oswald is watching, and poking fun at Drew.