The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 4

Drew's Reunion

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 1999 on ABC
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Drew's Reunion
The gang prepares for its high school reunion. Kate plans to spend all of her time with Patrick, a geeky classmate who is now a wealthy computer software magnate. Lewis poses as Bo Derek's driver at the airport and somehow manages to convince her to be his date at the reunion (as long as he doesn't touch her). Oswald hooks up with his old barber shop quartet. The speaker humiliates Drew by pointing out that he is single, still has the same job, and lives in his parents' house. Drew is confused when Kelly, the former head cheerleader, suddenly expresses an interest in him. Bo Derek explains that he is attractive to women because he is a nice, stable guy. Patrick shows up late, so Drew invites everyone back to the house for beer so that Kate can spend more time with him. An attractive woman gets revenge on Oswald for calling her names in high school (when she was fat) and ignoring her after they made out in his basement. Drew discovers that Kelly leads an extremely dysfunctional lifestyle and distances himself from her. Kate eavesdrops as Patrick seeks Drew's advice about her. Drew warns him not to wait twenty years to tell her how he feels, as no woman will ever be able to measure up to her. He admits that he has always loved her, but doesn't think he would have any chance with her. A shocked Kate breaks her date with Patrick. She goes into the house and asks Drew to dance.moreless

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  • Drew reunites with his the high school classmates.

    In the bathroom at Drew's house, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are combing their hair in preparation for the reunion. When Oswald and Drew walk out, Lewis talks to his reflection in the mirror. He leaves and joins the guys in the living room. Lewis mentions he's bringing a date, but he's not revealing who he's bringing, and then walks out. Kate walks through the back door, and she looks great. They're all really nervous about the reunion, so they sit down and try to relax. Kate mentions an old classmate of theirs, Patrick. It seems he was a big nerd back then, and is rich now. She wants to save the last dance for him tonight.

    At the airport, Lewis poses as a limo driver and picks Bo Derek up.

    We join Drew and Oswald at the reunion, and they're not having very much fun. Kate comes in, shortly followed by three members of Oswald's old barbershop quartet. Lewis and Bo Derek come in, and she realizes what's going on. She decides to give him an hour; any later and they have to leave.

    A bit later, Oswald and his quartet are singing on stage. A man goes up onto the stage and calls Drew up. Drew's embarrassed by the guy because very little has changed for him since high school. When he walks off stage, Drew's approached by the head cheerleader, Kelly Walker, who would like to dance with him. She walks away for a minute, and Lewis and Bo Derek walk over to Drew. Drew's surprised by Kelly's interest in him, but Bo tells him that from a single woman's point of view, he's a catch; no ex-wife, a steady job, and he owns a house. Kelly comes back for a dance with Drew.

    Later on, Kate talks the barbershop quartet, and she's trying to show some interest in them, but since she wasn't that way in high school, they tell her off. Oswald is approached by a woman who thinks he looks great now, but Oswald doesn't know her name. When it's about time to close for the night, Drew invites everyone back to his place for free beer.

    At Drew's, Kelly is following Drew around. In the other room, Kate's getting a beer, when Lewis and Bo come up, out of Drew's basement. She ends up kissing Lewis, so he can impress the guy who embarrassed Drew earlier on. In the other room, the woman who approached Oswald earlier, is tying him up to the bed. He's nearly naked when she suggests a "safe word". Oswald realizes that the woman is someone who was fat in school, and he embarrassed her back then. She plans on leaving him there, nearly naked, next to everyone's coats. She leaves, and Lewis comes across Oswald. He tries to untie him, but to do so, he straddles Oswald, and when Bo comes in to see Lewis, she thinks Lewis and Oswald are together. When Bo runs out, Lewis chases after her.

    Later that night, Drew and Kelly are on the couch, and it seems Kelly isn't quite the catch Drew thought she was. Kate and Patrick are outside playing pool, and Patrick reveals he's still got feelings for her. Lewis pokes his head out of one of Drew's windows, and asks Kate if she's seen Bo, but she hasn't. Patrick walks inside and thanks Drew for a great party. He also asks him for any advice about dating Kate. Kate listens in, and Drew reveals to Patrick, and incidentally to Kate as well, that he's in love with her, and has been for his entire life. While this doesn't help Patrick at all, Kate likes what Drew had to say. Patrick walks out and asks Kate if she wants to go out for a little, but Kate turns him down. Patrick walks out, and Kate goes inside to dance with Drew.

    The show ends with a bizarre little scene, which has Mimi and Mr. Wick humiliating Drew, while he's on stage. He uses his telekinetic powers to close the doors to the place, scaring the heck out of everyone.

    I absolutely loved this episode! The humor, the story lines, everything was great. This episode ends up setting a story for many episodes to come, Drew and Kate finally getting together.moreless

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    • (Lewis sees Oswald tied to the bed, naked.)
      Lewis: Oh my God, Oswald. They've landed! Did they probe you?
      Oswald: Well...
      (Lewis runs to the window, opens it and yells out the window.)
      Lewis: Damn you!

    • Lewis: Never seen me with a girl, huh? Well, I'll show 'em all tonight.
      Oswald: So, who are you taking?
      Lewis: Oh, let's just say we all had a crush on her in high school. See ya.
      (Lewis leaves.)
      Drew: He bought his mom a wig?
      Oswald: That's my guess.

    • Donald (on stage): Let's go in another direction. The guy whose picture we forgot to put in the yearbook.
      Oswald: Hey, they're talking about you, Drew.
      Drew: Oh, I hate that guy. You know how he treated me all through high school. Like I'm the only one who got an erection during the "Pledge of Allegiance."

    • Drew (while dancing with Kate): Marv!
      Kate: What?
      Drew: That's the name of the dead kid from high school. I've been trying to remember it all night long.
      Kate: Shut up and dance.

    • Drew: Lewis, how can you be so calm at a time like this?
      Lewis: I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm bringing a date!
      Oswald: Wait a minute. I thought we all agreed to go stag and hit on lesbians who couldn't cut it.

    • Drew (offering Patrick advice about Kate): Don't wait twenty years to do anything about it. Don't spend twenty years comparing her to every woman you go out with because you're too gutless to go for the one you should have. 'Cause believe me, you won't be very happy about it.
      Patrick: Gee Drew, it sounds like you want to be more than friends.
      Drew: Well, yeah. If I thought I had any chance with her, I'd get down on my knees and ask her to marry me right now. But that's never going to happen. I'm not rich like you. I'm not handsome. I've only loved her my whole life.

    • Kate: Oswald, what do you think?
      Oswald: On the Oswald Harvey fashion scale, I give you...a six.
      Kate: A six?!
      Drew: That's great. It only goes up to six.
      Oswald: And it starts at three!

    • Kate: Hi, you might not remember me, but in high school, I was attracted to fast guys. But now I like MONEY.
      The Impromptones (singing): You never talked to us in High School / Why should we give a damn now? (pause) BITCH!

    • ("Baby, I Love Your Way" plays)
      Kate: Do you remember this song?
      Drew: I used to pick up chairs to this song.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Jeff Davis, from Drew and Ryan's other show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? was a member of the Impromptones at the time of this episode. Davis doesn't appear in this episode, however. Oswald takes his place.

    • The end of this episode spoofs the 1976 movie, "Carrie," where a bunch of teenagers fool a girl and cover her in pig blood. Drew even mentions "never ever pick on people named Carey (Carrie)."

    • Oswald and his quartet perform Devo's "Whip It."

    • Drew and Kate dance to "Baby I Love Your Way" by Peter Frampton.