The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 10

Drew's Stomachache

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 24, 1999 on ABC
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Drew's Stomachache
Kate and Drew prepare to go on their first date. He begins to experience severe stomach pains, which he assumes are the result of stress over Steve and Mimi's upcoming wedding. The pains grow so severe that he has to go to the hospital, and the doctor agrees that the cause is psychological. Kate discovers that Drew feels fine when the wedding is discussed, but cannot handle any mention of their date. She is crushed, and suggests that they back off for a while because she doesn't want to see him in pain. Lewis gives Drew some extra-strong pain pills from DrugCo. He dreams that he has a conversation with his stomach, who tells him that he is subconsciously making himself sick to avoid dating Kate because he is afraid of screwing up the relationship. He advises Drew to just relax. Drew goes to Kate's apartment the next morning. He kisses her and jubilantly announces that he doesn't feel like throwing up. Meanwhile, Mimi and Steve have an interview with her priest as one of the final steps before marrying. Steve is stunned when she reveals that she was briefly married to rock star Eddie Money. She must get Eddie to sign an annulment so that she and Steve can wed in the Catholic church. Eddie refuses, as he doesn't want to pretend the "best two weeks of [his] life" never happened; but Mr. Wick tricks him into signing an autograph on the annulment papers.moreless

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  • As Drew and Kate plan their first date, Drew realizes he can't stomach it.

    Drew comes over to see Kate, but it's really early in the morning, so she's barely awake. Drew admits he couldn't sleep last night since she told him she loves him. He asks her to speak into a voice recorder, telling Drew she loves him. When she does, he walks away and realizes she spoke in past tense, so he goes back to her apartment and asks her about it, so she makes another recording and tells him to leave.

    Steve walks into Winfred-Louder to pick up Mimi so they can go to pre-marital counselling. As they're leaving, Mr. Wick comes out and asks Mimi to send out a memo, but she tells him she has other plans. Drew and Kate come in and Drew's not feeling very well. Kate thinks that Mimi's marrying Steve is why Drew's sick. Steve and Mimi leave, and Kate tells Drew that they're going to have their first date on Friday, which excites Drew.

    At the church, Father Seymour tells Mimi and Steve that they have his approval. As they're about to leave, Steve confesses to his cross dressing, and after answering a few questions, Mimi reveals she was married, and is still technically married... to Eddie Money. Father Seymour tells Mimi that the only way she and Steve can get married is if she can get Eddie Money to sign a paper annulling their marriage.

    Kate stops by the Warsaw to see Lewis and Oswald. Kate tells them about Drew being sick, as he's got a stomach ache, which is surprising to Lewis and Oswald considering he's never had one before. Drew comes in and he says he feels a little better. Steve and Mimi come in shortly thereafter, and Drew asks how the pre-marital counselling went, so Mimi mentions their need to get Eddie Money to sign some paperwork. When Drew shows he's in pain, he's taken to the hospital by Kate, Lewis, and Oswald.

    At the hospital, a doctor examines Drew, while Lewis and Oswald leave to hit on some nurses. Kate stays behind with the doctor, and after some tests, realizes why Drew's not feeling well. Mimi marrying Steve isn't bothering him so much as him dating Kate. This knowledge causes Kate to run out of the room.

    At home, Drew's leaving a message on Kate's answering machine. He hangs up and is riving with pain. Steve tells Drew he should call off the date until he feels better. Kate comes over and tells Drew they should put things on hold. Drew tries to convince her he's fine, but it's obvious he's in pain, so Kate leaves. Drew yells at his stomach , and then Lewis brings in some pills for Drew's pain.

    Mimi and Mr. Wick catch up with Eddie Money outside of a club. Eddie's surprised to see Mimi, and gets a little upset about Mimi asking him to sign the annulment papers. Mr. Wick asks for an autograph, and uses the annulment papers for the piece of paper for the autograph. This little trick makes Mimi grateful.

    Later in the night, Drew is awaken by his stomach, which is going through his refrigerator. He pulls some food out to make a sandwich. He cuts everything up with a knife since that's the way it looks when it gets down to him. The stomach blames the pains on Drew because he thinks Drew doesn't want the relationship to begin, because it's likely to end badly like every other relationship. He tells Drew to relax, and Drew scratches his stomach, making him happy.

    Drew stops by Kate's apartment to see her. When she answers the door, he kisses her, which is a surprise, after all of the stomach pains he's had. Drew tells Kate that he doesn't feel like throwing up for a change.

    The show ends with Oswald answering the door at Drew's house. He's a little confused when it turns out to be the pizza guy, since he didn't order pizza. Lewis stands up and says he didn't order pizza either. Drew's stomach comes in from the kitchen and says he ordered it. He then asks the guys if they can pay for it. Lewis suggests to Oswald that they should leave before "a giant ass comes through here to use the bathroom."

    I really liked this episode, ever single scene of it. Whether it was the story or the comedy aspect of it, it was just great. This certainly got the relationship off to an interesting start.moreless
Eddie Money

Eddie Money


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Max Wright

Max Wright

Drew's Stomach

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Terry Rhoads


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John Ingle

John Ingle

Father Seymour

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John Carroll Lynch

John Carroll Lynch

Steve Carey

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    • (Mr. Wick sees Mimi wearing a shirt with the Pope on it)
      Mr. Wick: I have a shirt just like that, except it says "Come to Rome and have a blasphemy!"

    • (Drew brings Kate her paper at 5 o' clock in the morning)
      Kate: Let me see that. What's the headline say? ''Drew Discovers Kate's Not a Morning Person''. (Kate smacks Drew with the newspaper)

    • (After getting Eddie Money to sign the merriage document.)
      Mimi: Thank you Nigel. If there's anything I could do for you, just ask me.
      Mr. Wick: You know Mimi. There is something you could do for me.
      Mimi: Say no more Sir. Look everbody it's Ringo Starr!
      (Girls run away from Eddie Money and chase over to Mr. Wick.)

    • (Steve and the priest discover Mimi was married before)
      Steve: Who was he?
      Mimi: (hesitates) Eddie Money.
      Steve: Eddie Money, the rock star?!
      Father Seymour: (shocked) You were Mimi Money?

    • Lewis: Did the doctors find out what's wrong with your stomach?
      Drew: It's just an irritable bowel...who happens to be marrying my brother.

    • Drew: Now you're just talking out of my ass.
      Stomach: Hey, if you want me to get him out here to back me up...
      Drew: No, no, no, that's fine!

    • Drew (to his stomach): How could you do this to me? I have been so good to you! No salads, no sit-ups, you're the envy of all your friends!

    • Drew: What should I do?
      Stomach: Just try to keep acid secretion down and keep the mucus layer thick.
      Drew (pause): This is why the heart has Valentine's Day and you got nothing.

    • (Drew kisses Kate.)
      Kate: Wow.
      Drew: Yeah, wow. And you know what else?
      Kate: What?
      Drew: I don't feel like throwing up!

    • Lewis: Let's get out of here before a giant ass comes through to use the bathroom!

    • Drew: How do I look?
      Lewis: Not just sexy; grandpa sexy.

    • Drew: How does a guy keep from doubling over every time he looks at his girlfriend?
      (All look at Steve)
      Steve: That's just rude.

    • Steve: We just need Eddie Money to sign this form, and then we can get married.
      Oswald: I will never understand that Catholic religion.

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