The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 14


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 1997 on ABC
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Drew realizes that it is impossible to make a profit from Buzz Beer. The gang decides to go out of business, and will use the end of the supply by throwing a party with free beer. Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw and invites her to the party. She is only in town for a few days, and Drew forgets to get her name or number. Kate decides that she needs some female friends. She starts hanging out with three women whose looks and personalities are eerily similar to those of Drew, Lewis and Oswald. Drew tampers with Mimi's hair spray and causes her to flock herself. She has to postpone her long-awaited lunch date with Mr. Wick. As revenge, she slips a flier about Drew's party in with Winfred-Louder's newspaper insert. Everyone in the city receives an invitation to the party, and thousands show up at Drew's house--including the mayor, and former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar. Kate runs into her girlfriends at the party and discovers that they have ditched her. They feel that she asks them to do too many "girly" things, and are frightened by her temper. Lewis and Oswald try to make a date with each other's female counterpart, but ultimately realize that it is creepy. Drew finally catches up to the woman from the Warsaw, but a bouncer stops him from following her upstairs. Little Richard and Joe Walsh have taken over his bedroom to play chess. They come outside and perform "Rocky Mountain Way." The party causes such a demand for Buzz Beer that the gang decides to stay in business.moreless

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  • This was my favorite episode ever of this show.

    I loved it not only because they had a bunch of great guest stars including Bernie Kosar, Joe Walsh, & Little Richard, but just because it was a well written episode. I think just the Modell joke alone made it a great episode for me. It was back before this show jumped the shark, over and over and over again. This show never had a dull moment, and was one of those you could laugh at if you saw it again in reruns. I think it was almost funnier when I saw Drew, & Kathy Kinney (MIMI), Ryan Styles, greg proops and other who's line people in Las Vegas. This has to be one of the best if not the best episode of the series.moreless
  • Drew tries to improve Buzz Beer's financials.

    In Drew's garage, Lewis and Oswald has Drew look over their lease agreement for the apartment over the Warsaw bar. Kate comes in complaining about the wedding she went to. She's realized that she doesn't really have any female friends. Drew announces why they're all there, a meeting about Buzz Beer. They haven't done too well financially, so Drew suggests that they give away the rest of the beer at a party.

    At the Warsaw, Oswald shows Drew the new ad in the newspaper. They're looking for someone to buy Buzz Beer so Drew doesn't lose his house. Kate comes in with a female-friend who looks a lot like Drew. She then has two other friends who seem a lot like Lewis and Oswald. The guys notice an attractive red-head who comes over and introduces herself to Drew. She's from Akron, in town on business. Drew, Lewis, an Oswald think she's perfect for Drew, but he never bothered to get her name.

    Drew comes in to the office and makes copies of a party invitation. When Mimi goes to put some hair spray on her hair, her hair turns white. Drew replaced the can of hair spray with spray paint. Mr. Wick comes by Mimi tells him that they won't be able to go out for lunch, which cheers him up.

    At Drew's house, they're getting ready for the party when Oswald comes in saying he was followed by hundreds of cars. Somehow, Drew's invitation made its way into the paper so half of Cleveland is outside of Drew's house, looking for free beer.

    Still at Drew's house, everyone is using up all of the toilet paper and everything else of Drew's, even the mayor is there, using Drew's phone. Drew asks Kate to look for the red-head when Kate comes across her three friends, who all decided to ditch her. Outside, Lewis and Oswald are trying to keep up with the demand, but Oswald's got back problems. Bernie Kosar comes in, thinking it's the men's room. He tells Drew that the red-head is outside. When the leave, the two girls who look a lot like Lewis and Oswald come in and hit on Lewis and Oswald. When they realize that they look like one another, the girls leave. Back inside, Drew tries to catch up with the red-head, but can't because of the security guarding Little Richard and Joe Walsh.

    In the back yard, Joe Walsh and Little Richard play some music. Drew then notices the red-head across the other side of the crowd, and they blow kisses at one another.

    The show ends with Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald cleaning the house when there's a call; it's another person looking for Buzz Beer. They then realize that this turned a lot of people onto their beer, and it would be a mistake to stop making it now. They then go into the living room where Little Richard and Joe Walsh are playing chess.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Drew's switching of Mimi's hair spray was one of my favorite pranks on the show; just the idea of her trying to get that out was great!moreless

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    • In this episode Kate (the only woman in a group with three guys) finds another group of people who are eerily similar to her regular group, with a counterpart for each of the men. She hangs out with them instead of the regulars but the new group ditches her because she just does not fit in with them. This exact same plot occurred earlier this season on Seinfeld in "The Bizarro Jerry".

    • Joe Walsh appears as himself, but later had a recurring role as Ed, the gang's stoner musician friend.

    • Little Richard and Joe Walsh perform Walsh's song, "Rocky Mountain Way." Their performance was later included on the soundtrack.


    • Drew: Unless you have to take a "Modell."
      Drew is insulting Art Modell, the man who moved the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore despite a great deal of protest from the residents of Cleveland.

    • Drew: Cute little red-headed girl? Good Grief!
      A hilarious reference to Charlie Brown and the red-headed girl who always eludes him.