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The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 20


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 1999 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Lewis is a finalist for a promotion to head of the janitorial department at DrugCo. Oswald insists on keeping a tanning bed that Kate's uncle in Ireland recently sent them as a belated wedding present. Drew discovers that Speedy is losing his vision because of cataracts. Lewis gets him into an experimental treatment program at DrugCo, but he must stay on the premises for at least a week. Lewis gets the promotion. When he tries to ask his boss about Speedy's status, Mr. Hathaway denies ever seeing Speedy and warns Lewis not to ask questions. Lewis uses his new security clearance to sneak the gang into the building. While searching for Speedy, they encounter many strange things, such as an insect man using the bathroom and a combination monkey/hippo. Drew finds a silver globe that causes epiphanies when touched, and theorizes that Oswald kept the tanning bed because he still harbors resentment toward Kate. Oswald holds the globe and realizes that he has a fear of abandonment. The gang discovers Mr. Hathaway playing with Speedy in his office. Speedy's cataracts were cured by a pill five minutes after he arrived at DrugCo. Hathaway wants to keep him as his own dog, and threatens to strip Lewis of his promotion. He relents after Lewis offers to act as his pet and play frisbee with him at the park.moreless

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  • With Speedy losing his sight, Drew asks Lewis to get help from DrugCo.

    At Winfred Louder, Drew has his desk turned around, so he can watch Mimi come in, all because of a trick Mimi pulled on him. They proceed to stare at one another, so Drew decides to eat, in hopes of grossing her out, so Mimi tries to get him to quit by applying lipstick. Mr. Wick comes in for the evaluation for Johnson, so Mimi hands it to him, and he asks Drew to sign it. Mimi decides to end it by cutting a string, which causes a weighted bag to come flying through the air, and smacking Drew in the back of the head, knocking him out.

    At home, Drew notices Speedy is losing his eyesight, and mentions it to Oswald when he comes in. Lewis comes in wearing a suit. He's all set to go to work, and is hoping for a promotion.

    Oswald comes into the Warsaw with a big box, and Kate asks about what it is. It's a gift from Kate's relatives. It was intended to be a wedding gift, but since they're not getting married, Kate says she can't keep the gift, which is a tanning bed. Drew comes in with Speedy. The vet told Drew Speedy is nearly completely blind. Lewis comes in, and he seems happy about the possibility of a promotion, but if you listen to what he says, it doesn't sound so good for him. Lewis then tells Drew that DrugCo is working on a new medication for dogs with eyesight problems, and he can get Speedy in on the trials, but the trick is they have to keep him for a week, which Drew's a little sad about.

    Lewis is in for his interview at DrugCo, and it seems to be going well, and gets the promotion. Before leaving, Lewis asks about Speedy, but his boss isn't willing to discuss the dog for some reason.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis is getting hammered. Kate comes in and asks about all of his drinking. Lewis tells Kate that he's worried about Speedy, and he's not sure what to tell Drew. Just as Lewis is talking to Kate, Drew comes in, and Lewis comes right out and tells him he's concerned about Speedy. Lewis says that since he's got the promotion, he's got a high-level security clearance, so tomorrow, they'll go in and see what's going on.

    Waiting outside of DrugCo, Drew and Kate are waiting for Lewis and Oswald. When Oswald comes over, Kate notices his skin is darker than usual. Lewis comes in with the passes, and he's also darker. They eventually go inside DrugCo, and they find some very odd things going on there. They decide to split up to cover more ground. They end up finding more odd things. Lewis somehow manages to get cloned. Drew walks into Lewis' boss's office, and it seems his boss loves Speedy, and wants to keep him, much to the shagrin of Drew.. Lewis says he'll be his boss's best friend if he can get his job back, and he agrees to it.

    The show ends with the guys riding the Monkapotomus.

    The last main scene in the show was rather funny, with the guys running around DrugCo, and finding weird things, such as the Monkapotomus. It kind of reminded me of the movie, Men in Black.moreless

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