The Drew Carey Show

Season 9 Episode 26


Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2004 on ABC

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  • Excellent episode, great way to end the series, absolutely hilarious show!

    Best sitcom ever and the best finale ever. Better than the Seinfeld, Frasier, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond finales combined! This show was simply one of the most relatable of any sitcom to an average American audience because Drew\'s character was relatable, along with his sociopolitical standing. His friends were a riot as well, and the only major disappointment of the entire series run was that Kate left in season 7, mostly because her husband produces \"Scrubs.\" There were some sketchy episodes in seasons 8 and 9, where they really stretched the storyline, coupled with the fact that some ignorant programming idiot played the episodes of the 9th and final season out of order, however, the funny episodes in these seasons tended to outweigh any of the bad episodes. The Drew Carey Show is possibly the most underrated sitcom of all time, which is sad because it was the best.
  • NO!! ITS GONE! Sorry...I really lke this show it had a great run and it will be missed!

    This show have a great run! 9 sesons, over 200 eppisodes. the reruns will be great to. always fidnign somthing new to watch. Or somthing new to see. the gang will never be seperated! and the show will always live on in are hearts and souls. It was a great ending to a great show. And with all those Episodes means hours of Reruns. Hours and hours and hours. Who ever thought of this show was a saint. A very...odd saint. a very smart person. some one who knew what wanted to be seen and heard. It was a very funny show that keep us all laughing
  • The end of a clasic

    The final episode of Drew featured the birth of Drew and Kellies babie and their weding to keep him from being a bastard [I can use the word] child. A lot of great writing even though the show wasnt as good anymore. And the end had a great montage with the cast bowling and meeting the fans of the show. Farewell Drew and one of the greatest comedies of all time.
  • The end of the great run.

    She show opens with Beulah convincing Drew to get married to Kellie. She even offers him $16,000 to get married before the baby comes.

    A few minutes later, Drew goes into the kitchen and tells Kellie about the offer Beulah made. Kellie surprisingly tells him she'll marry him.

    We now join Drew and most of the family and friends for a mock reception. Several people get a chance to speak, but it gets out of hand with everyone angry at one another. Drew and Kellie decide to leave and get married at city hall. To get there, Drew asks Tony to give them a ride.

    Now in the car, Drew, Kellie, and Tony are on their way to city hall when all of a sudden Kellie's water breaks, so Tony decides to take them to the hospital for the delivery of the baby.

    At the hospital, Kellie's in labor when Drew and everyone come in. Drew asks Lewis and Oswald to help him find a minister.

    A few minutes later, Lewis tracks down a minister, who's busy presiding over a dying man. When Drew asks him to marry he and Kellie, the minister tells him he can't, he must stay there until the man passes.

    Since the minister can't leave the room, Drew has everyone come into that room. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned when Kellie looks to be just minutes from delivering, so the nurse rushes Kellie out of that room and back to her bed.

    Back in her own bed, Kellie's getting closer to delivering. Finally the minister walks in to marry them. He marries them, but the baby was technically already out. The minister decides to declare them married before the baby was delivered, so he won't be a bastard afterall. They decide to name the baby Drew Junior.

    The show ends with Drew playing pool in the rain, just like in the pilot episode. Everyone then hugs in front of the audience. This transitions into a piece video which shows Drew and the cast meeting fans around the city and having a great time.

    My favorite part of the finale was the end. This was and still is one of my all-time favorite sitcoms.
  • The Drew Carey Show's finale is one of the best finales of all time! I miss the show already.

    The Drew Carey Show's finale was the perfect way to end the series. Everyone from the past was here, except for Kate. Now Drew has finally became a father. The best part of the episode was also the saddest. At the end of the episode, we have a remake of the ending from the first episode. Drew tells the audience it's been fun and thanks for watching. The cast members then hugged and the director shouts that's a wrap and everyone starts celebrating. Thank You Drew for the show, it will always be my favorite show of all time.
  • In this finale Drew and Kellie finally get married while at the same time Drew has a son.

    I feel like such an idiot because I thought this show was cancelled for sure. They brought it back last summer. I really enjoyed this show alot. It's one of the funniest sitcoms fof all time. The show did have a couple of continuity errors like Mimi's son growing up so old. I liked the original episodes better but the finale was great. I liked the part where Drew had his son and then the next scene we see that he's playing pool in the rain with Lewis, Oswald, Kate, Mimi and Mr. Ferguson staring at him. Then we cut back and we see Lewis, Oswald, Kellie, Drew's son, Mimi and Mr. Ferguson. Then Drew thanks the entire studio audience for watching the show in his rain coat which was sad and then the direction said cut and Mimi, Lewis, Oswald, Drew, and Kellie all hugged each other. That was sad but I liked the final rock tribute as the show finally wrapped up. Very underappreciated.