The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 3

Golden Boy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 1998 on ABC
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Golden Boy
Drew lets Darcy dye his hair blonde and grows a goatee so that he will look more like a musician. Larry discovers that someone has been doing cocaine in the men's room at Winfred-Louder. Wick orders Drew and Mimi to collect specimens from every employee for drug testing. Drew does not like invading everyone's privacy. After the men accuse him of being a narc, he throws out all the samples. Wick orders him to give his own sample. Drew refuses and brings in a drug-sniffing dog. Wick becomes furious and fires him. Drew goes into Wick's office and discovers that Wick is the one who is on drugs. He helps him get into rehab. Oswald and Lewis become jealous of Drew's musical success and try to talk him into letting them back into the band. Mimi ends her relationship with Ron after she receives an unpleasant visit from his wife.moreless

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  • Drew dies his hair blonde.

    At Drew's, Lewis and Oswald are setting up a new PC. It doesn't seem to be working very well. Drew lets in his new girlfriend, Darcy. She's going to die Drew's hair. When Lewis and Oswald leave, he shows Darcy the new tattoo. When she rubs in the hair die, Drew's hair starts to fall out, so she has him rinse off his hair in the sink.

    At Winfred Louder, Mimi is on the phone with Ron, asking him when he's going to break up with his wife. When Mimi sees Drew's hair color, she laughs. Drew walks into the restroom, and checks himself out. Chuck and Larry come in, and Larry finds someone left some cocaine in one of the stalls, so Chuck checks it out.

    Back at his desk, Drew's looking through the employment files, looking for someone who may be using cocaine. Lewis and Oswald come in and asks Drew how the new band is going. Drew's still using the old band name, the Horndogs. Mr. Wick comes in and asks Drew to collect urine from all of the employees, so they can find out who is using cocaine. After getting made fun of by Mimi, Drew manages to get her involved.

    In the mens room, Drew is monitoring a guy who is depositing in a cup. In the other restroom, Mimi is sitting down on a couch, talking to Nora. Mimi asks her if she ever dated a married guy. Back in the mens room, everyone thinks Drew is a narc, so they all leave. Drew decides to dump out all of the urine, as he thinks the whole thing is over the top, and an invasion of privacy.

    Back at his office, Drew's using the computer, when Kate comes by. It seems Kate is running a copy shop out of Winfred Louder. Mr. Wick tries to hit on her, and asks Drew where the urine specimens are, so he tells him that he dumped all of the urine.

    At the Ramadda In, Drew and the Horndogs are playing some music, with Darcy in the audience. They take a little break, so Drew asks Darcy how they sound. Drew walks over to the bar, and runs into Mimi and Ron. Ron admits to Drew that he's married, which surprises Drew. Drew sits down next to Darcy when Lewis and Oswald come in after turning their hair blonde. It looks pretty ridiculous, so Darcy walks away. Drew asks them what he should do about Mr. Wick's demand for a urine sample, but one of the guys from the band doesn't see what the big deal is.

    At Winfred Louder, Mimi is being questioned by Ron's wife. Mimi apologizes, but Ron's wife is full of choice words for Mimi. Drew comes in with Chuck and a dog. Chuck's going to have the dog search the place for drugs. Mr. Wick fires Drew for undermining his authority, so he follows Mr. Wick into his office. Drew finds out that Mr. Wick is the one on cocaine. Drew convinces him that it's time to get into rehab. In the restroom, Drew is watching Mr. Wick pour his cocaine into the toilet.

    The show ends with a scene which had Kate walking into Mr. Wick's office, and she's hitting on him. It seems Mr. Wick is having some sort of fantasy, while he's actually already at rehab.

    This episode was funny, but not my favorite. The Horndogs plot in several episodes really isn't interesting to me.moreless
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    • (Drew dyes his hair blonde.)
      Chuck: I'm not gay, Carey. But even if I was, I wouldn't look as gay as you.

    • (Oswald and Lewis dye their hair blonde.)
      Drew: Oh my God! We look like Hanson in 30 years.
      Lewis: Come on, Drew. Wouldn't it be cool to have lookalike backup singers?
      Drew: Have you guys taken a good look at yourselves?
      Oswald: No, we just did it in the car outside. Why?
      (They look at each other.)
      Lewis: Oh...sorry, Drew.
      Ed: And the trend was pronounced dead at exactly 9:05.

    • (Planning drug testing)
      Mr. Wick: Carey, I want your pee on my desk tomorrow morning!
      Drew: Oh, it'll be on your desk all right.
      Mr. Wick: In a cup.
      Drew: Oh, it'll be in a cup all right.
      Mr. Wick: Not my coffee cup.
      Drew: Oh, it won't be in your coffee cup.
      Mr. Wick (pause): What do you mean by that?
      Drew: I don't know. I just like talking this way because it makes you nervous.

    • (Dogs bark)
      Mr. Wick: Mimi! Carey! Stop your yapping!

    • Larry: I was beautiful with hair, Carey. Back then, there wasn't a whore in town who'd charge me full price.

    • Drew (to Mimi, about she and Ron): If you're his hot stuff on the side, what does he have chained up at home?

    • Mimi: It's not like I'm the kind of woman that NEEDS to date married guys. God knows I got single guys throwing themselves at me.
      Drew: You mean when they run out of bullets and they've already thrown the gun?

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