The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 24

Good Vibrations

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 05, 1999 on ABC
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Good Vibrations
Drew is thrilled when he wins the opportunity to give a speech at a retailers' convention in Chicago. He engages in a practical joke war with Lewis and Oswald. The guys play a joke on Sharon, and she promises to get back at them. Drew gets stopped by airport security, which finds a vibrating marital aid in his bag. He is humiliated in front of all the representatives from other stores, and everyone makes jokes and laughs at him during his speech at the convention. Drew assumes that Mimi is responsible. He goes before the board to request her firing. However, Sharon actually staged the joke, with help from Kate and Lewis. She says that she just wanted to feel like one of the gang. Drew is upset with her for jeopardizing his professional reputation. They break up, but Sharon later shows up at his house for their scheduled date, where they apologize. Meanwhile, Oswald gets a promotion to Global Parcel's "angel of death," where he must inform customers about their lost or damaged packages.moreless

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  • Drew is embarrassed when a prank is pulled on him.

    At home, Drew's decided to mow the lawn, but he has a lot of problems with getting the lawnmower started, so he gives up. Oswald comes over with a briefcase in his hand. He's the "angel of death" for Global Parcel. It's his job to inform people about their packages being lost or destroyed. Sharon comes in with Drew's barbecue grill, and she's curious about what happened to it, since it's all bent out of shape. It seems Lewis and Oswald tied it to the bumper of Drew's car. She and Drew decide to go inside and "make lemonade", but there's some miscommunication with that, as Drew thinks she means it's time for sex. They make plans to watch the meteor shower, and cook out, so they decide to split the price on a new barbecue grill. They then decide to go upstairs and have sex.

    At the Warsaw, Drew and Kate are sitting down. An order of food comes in for Oswald and Lewis, so they decide to add a lot of hot sauce and anything else they can find that's hot to the food. Sharon comes in with a brochure for a new, big barbecue. Drew announces that he's going to a retail convention, which no one else seems excited about. Oswald and Lewis come in to join the guys. It seems Oswald's had a terrible day. Delivering all of that bad news is depressing for him. They sit down, and Drew gives them the really hot, hot wings, which burn their mouths. This is all payback for the barbecue incident. Kate gives them napkins with glue on them, so they end up sticking to their lips. Drew then pulls a joke on Sharon by giving her a glass of beer with a hole in it, which ends up getting the front of her shirt wet when she tries to take a drink. Sharon invites herself to play jokes on them, and asks about the rules. Oswald says the only rule is no tickling.

    Mimi comes into Winfred-Louder, all set to go golfing on their big trip to Chicago, but Mr. Wick tells her that she can't go because he had to turn in her ticket so he can get a first class ticket. Mr. Wick then tells her to call Drew, and tell him to take Mr. Wick to the airport.

    At the airport, Drew and Mr. Wick run into some other corporate big-wigs, and they invite Drew to come by their booth some time. When Drew takes his bags through the metal detectors, one of the security guards notices Drew has a "marital aide" in his bag. This makes for a terribly embarrassing time at the airport. The big-wigs un-invite Drew to join them after hearing about what he has in his bag.

    At the convention, Mr. Wick invites Drew to come up and give a speech. Unfortunately, the speech contains several lines, which, when combined with the knowledge about the incident at the airport, make for a funny speech. Drew decides to leave early after feeling embarrassed.

    Drew walks into work upset, and yells at Mimi. He's decided to try and get Mimi fired by reporting it to the board of directors. Lewis, Kate, and Sharon come in, looking for Drew, but he's not there. They talk to Mimi, and reveal that they're the ones responsible for the "marital aide", so Mimi tells them to stop Drew from trying to get them fired.

    In the board room, Drew tells the board about what Mimi supposedly did. He pulls out the device and everyone is shocked by it. Sharon calls the board room, and tells Drew all about what she did. Drew makes his way out of the room.

    Drew walks in to see Mimi, and apologizes by giving her the "marital aide". Sharon apologizes to Drew, but Drew's not interested in hearing it, since he had such a bad day.

    Drew arrives home and notices smoke in the backyard. Sharon's out there with food on the barbecue grill. It's time for their meteor shower. They talk about the argument, and Sharon tells Drew that it's a relationship, they'll have a lot of arguments. They decide to climb into the tent, and we then hear a noise, which sounds like that of the "marital aide".

    The show ends with Lewis and Kate at the airport, asking the security guard to run things through the x-ray machine.

    I loved this episode. The scene in the airport was hilarious. The way Drew's luggage rattled and moved reminded me of a scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, when there was supposedly a cat in a box.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In one of the last scenes, we hear a sound of a "marital aide" coming from Drew and Sharon's tent in Drew's backyard. It's assumed to be the one featured throughout the episode, but it's impossible, since we saw Drew give it to Mimi in an earlier scene. The only logical explanation would be Mimi gave it back, or Sharon bought a second "marital aide," but it wasn't shown.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Mimi: Why do you have to fly first class?
      Mr. Wick: I have a medical condition. I'm a snob.

    • Drew: You were all in on this?
      Sharon: Yes. Kate and Lewis wanted me to get you a TALKING one!
      Kate: It talked a lot, but not about itself.

    • (Referring to the "item")
      Drew: That's my socks, and that's my underwear and that's my toothbrush...I don't know what THAT is, but I sure wouldn't put it next to my toothbrush!

    • Mimi: Either you fix this, or I'm gonna do something so horrible, so painful... (pause) Are you having sex with Drew
      Sharon: Yeah.
      Mimi: Oh, I'm out then.

    • Oswald: I just got a promotion. I'm the Angel of Death.
      Lewis: About time. Drew, pack a bag.

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