The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 14

He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 1998 on ABC
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He Harassed Me, He Harassed Me Not
Mr. Wick finds a memo in which Mrs. Louder discusses plans to "celebrate [his] firing." Panicked, he approaches Mimi and suggests a phony sexual harassment scheme. She will claim that he harassed her and file a suit against the store. After she receives her winnings, they will split the money and go off to live on a tropical island. Wick makes a pass at Mimi in front of Drew so that he will serve as their witness. He gets her reassigned to mail room duty to protect her from Wick. Mrs. Louder tries to bribe Drew to get him not to testify. When he refuses, she demotes him to duty on the sales floor (in the fur department). Oswald delivers a suspicious package for Mimi and Wick. Drew opens it and discovers that they are opening a bank account in the Cayman Islands. The gang sneaks around the store at night and sees Wick making out with Joanne, a cafeteria worker. He asks her to come to the islands with him. Drew confronts Mimi and tells her about Joanne. Mimi is heartbroken, as she only agreed to the scheme for the chance to be with Wick. Wick comes over and announces that he wasn't really being fired; Mrs. Louder actually wanted to celebrate the fact that his firings have saved the store a lot of money. Wick apologizes and offers Drew and Mimi their old jobs. Mimi refuses to call off the lawsuit.moreless

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  • Not my favorite plot.

    At Winfred Louder, Mr. Wick comes in and compliments Mimi on her appearance. He pulls Mimi over to Drew's cubicle and asks her if he can sexually harass her, but not really. Mr. Wick thinks he's about to be fired after finding a memo from Mrs. Louder. Mr. Wick's plan is to sexually harass her, so she can sue the company, win millions, and split the money. They then try to think of someone to witness the whole thing, and choose Drew.

    At work, Drew's eating a burger Lewis brought him from the Drug Co test kitchen. Mr. Wick and Mimi come out of Mr. Wick's office, trying to get Drew's attention, while Mr Wick tries to sexually harass Mimi. Kate comes in wearing shows, which have eight inches of sole to it, making her really tall. When Drew gets back to his desk, he finds Mimi and Mr. Wick making out on his desk. Mimi cries on Drew's shoulder, making an imprint of her face on his white shirt.

    Later in the day, Drew comes in with Joanne, and she asks about where Mimi is. Drew put her in another department until the whole thing blows over. When Drew notices Mr. Wick and Mimi standing close to one another over at the water cooler, Drew splits them up. When Mimi walks away, Drew asks Mr. Wick what the heck he was thinking, taking Mimi like that. After trying to explain it, Mr. Wick walks away, and Mrs. Louder comes in and tells Drew that he can't testify since with his testimony, Mimi's got an open and shut case. Mrs. Louder tries to bribe him by offering to sell him an expensive car for $10, but Drew's not interested in the bribe. She then tells him that if he doesn't accept, he'll be demoted to where he used to work, and that's the punishment Drew "accepts".

    A bit later, Drew's on the fifth floor, in furs, along with Larry. A young woman comes in to buy three fur coats. She pulls out a can of spray paint and paints the coats, ruining them. Larry escorts the woman out, when Oswald comes in with a package for Mimi and Mr. Wick. It's from the Caymen Islands, which intrigues Drew, so he opens it and finds an expensive toaster. It seems they opened a joint account together, which further intrigues Drew.

    In the middle of the night, Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate are snooping around in the store with flashlights. They go through Mimi's desk, looking for anything interesting. She seems to have a lot of old messages she was supposed to deliver to Drew. Lewis somehow figures out what Mimi and Mr. Wick are doing. Mr. Wick and Joanne come out of his office after having sex. He offers Joanne a trip to the Caymen Islands.

    Later that night, Mimi comes over to Drew's, after he invites him. When she comes in, she's surprised by Lewis, Oswald, and Kate. Drew pulls out the toaster and a phone, and tells Mimi to call Mrs. Louder and tell her about the whole thing. Mimi seems to be in love with Mr. Wick, and is upset when Drew tells her about Mr. Wick inviting Joanne to the Caymen Islands. Mr. Wick then comes in and gets slapped by Mimi. Mr. Wick apologizes and says that the whole thing was a big mistake, he misinterpreted the memo. Mimi says that she's not dropping the lawsuit because Mr. Wick "messed" with her heart.

    The show ends with Drew, Lewis, Kate, and Oswald going through more memos that Mimi didn't deliver when she was supposed to.

    I didn't like the plot for this, but it ended up being well written and very well acted. The scene at Winfred Louder in the middle of the night was my favorite, especially with Lewis and Oswald having their "Scooby Doo moment".moreless
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  • QUOTES (5)

    • Oswald: (searching Mimi's desk at night) Here's something. It's a newspaper story on ten ways to get spots out.
      Lewis: Wait a minute, this could be the key to everything. marks the spot. X marks the spot on buried treasure. Pirates! Pirates come from the Caribbean. Caribbean Cayman Islands! Okay, I'm halfway there. Famous, Bluebeard. Blue eye shadow...Mimi! She's his beard. Okay, I've got it. Mr. Wick and Mimi are working together in a sexual harassment scam to clean the company out of millions!
      Drew: Hold it, turn it over.
      Lewis: No, it's just something about a boss and a secretary who made millions off a false sexual harassment suit; but they're from Minnesota, this is totally different.

    • Mr. Wick (after arriving at Drew's house with the lights out): If I hear a belt being unbuckled, I'm out of here!

    • Drew: Mr. Wick's gonna take Joanne to the tropical island.
      Mimi: You LIE!
      Drew: Mimi, would I pass up a chance to send you to a tropical island?

    • Drew: Nobody puts his hands in Drew Carey's drawers and pulls out his goodies!

    • Kate: What's eight inches tall and makes me really happy?
      Drew: Just about anything.

  • NOTES (1)

    • During the title sequence, Mr. Wick and Mimi list several employees of Winfred Louder, most (all?) named after the show's crew: Henderson, Burkhalter, Lee, O'Connor, (Mimi) Leder, Naegle, Madeline, (producer Les) Firestein, (producer Clay) Graham, (writer Terry) Mulroy, Cooter.


    • Oswald and Lewis: Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?
      Oswald and Lewis sing the theme song from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! animated series when they help Drew sneak around Winfred-Louder at night.