The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 1997 on ABC
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Drew notes the squalid living conditions in Lewis and Oswald's apartment, including an oven that doesn't work and terrible plumbing. They tell Drew that they have complained to the landlord, to no avail. Drew calls the landlord down to the store and threatens to take him to court. He learns that Drew is living with the guys without a lease, and evicts them. The trio winds up sleeping on Kate's floor, much to her dismay. She will only allow them to stay for a few days. Everyone pressures Drew to stand up to his parents. Drew tries to convince his mom to move back to Florida, and promises to help pay for an apartment. He is shocked to discover that his parents own over $100,000 in gold, as well as shares in Microsoft. He manages to convince Beulah to use some of the couple's "rainy day fund" to make a down payment on another house. Meanwhile, Mr. Bell's old flame Suzie takes a liking to Lewis because she mistakenly assumes that he is wealthy. He takes extra jobs in an effort to buy her things, but eventually decides to dump her. Suzie then sets her sights on Mr. Wick, but Mimi cleans her clock.moreless

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  • Pretty good episode.

    It was very entertaining, that I must say. I liked the storylines and also the plots as well. It was funny to see Drew have to live with Oswald and Lewis. Their apartment was basically a trash bin with gas leaks. I am surprised they still managed to get around after all that time. Drew got them kicked out of their apartment after opening his mouth to the person in charge. Then they had to move in with Kate. That didn't work out very well as they were real pests. Overall, a good episode which was also very funny. Thank you.moreless
  • Well done!

    Drew, Oswald, and Lewis are cheering on a Browns game at their apartment when Kate stops by. The guys are drunk, and betting on a game they taped from several years ago. When the tape runs out, Kate leaves to wash her car. Since they don't have anything else to bet on, they decide to follow Kate and bet on whether or not she was going to put hot wax on.

    At home, Beulah is washing dishes when Drew knocks on the door, which is locked. When the door is unlocked, Drew comes in and talks about how things have changed. The neighborhood has really changed since when she lived there several years ago.

    At the apartment, Drew and Oswald are chatting about how bad the place is. The oven doesn't work, and the shower doesn't work properly. Drew suggests complaining to the landlord. Lewis then comes in with Suzie, who thinks Lewis is rich.

    At the store, Mr. Wick comes in and notices Drew is having problems with his back, so he helps him out with it. Mimi asks Drew how things are going with the apartment, but he says it's going well, considering he's got friends. The landlord of the apartment comes by after some complaints about the apartment. Drew says it's a mess, it's a death trap. When Drew slips up and says that he's living there (illegally), he decides to evict the three of them. The guys then stop by Kate's and ask her if they can stay there.

    At Kate's place, Lewis is trying to sell things over the phone, while Kate and Oswald are eating pizza. Suzie made him get braces, so he's trying to pay off that bill as well. After seeing all of the things they're using, she tells then that they can only stay there a few days. Everyone decides to put the focus on Drew since it's his fault they were evicted, and it's his fault why Drew had to move in with Lewis and Oswald.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis is sitting with Suzie, looking through vacation books. Lewis finally comes right out and says that he doesn't want a woman like her, and then proceeds to take her order.

    At Drew's house, Beulah tells Mimi that she doesn't want to sell the cosmetics anymore. As Drew stops by, Mimi leaves with the cosmetics she had Beulah selling. Drew tells his mother that he's gathered up some money so that Beulah and George can go back down to Florida, but she doesn't want to leave. Drew goes nuts when Beulah opens up a letter with a bank statement saying she's got over $100,000 in gold. She says it's their rainy day money, to which Drew responds, "it's pouring!" Beulah says that she and George will start looking for a place in Florida to help Drew out.

    The show ends with Suzie coming by Winfred Louder, trying to get the new Manager position. Mimi tries to get rid of her, but Mr. Wick comes out and wants to have a drink with her. Before they're able to leave, Mimi punches Suzie, knocking her down to the ground.

    I loved this episode. Very funny throughout the entire episode, particularly Drew's reaction when he finds out his mother has a lot of money.moreless
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