The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 5

Hickory Dickory...Double Date

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2002 on ABC

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  • A below average episode...

    At the Warsaw, Kellie and Drew talk about how he wants to get married soon. He tells her he's got a date coming by soon and he's going to use an odd mirroring technique in hopes of making her more comfortable. Oswald comes in and asks for beer. He tells Kellie that he did something awful... he accidentally hit his mother with a bowling ball. Bonnie, Drew's date, comes in and joins him at a table. They talk a bit about her and Drew's mirroring techniques begin to annoy her. When he crosses the line and mirrors her lisp, Bonnie runs out.

    At the office, Drew's typing away when he's confronted by Rand, an engineer, who thinks Drew's just typing in random letters. Drew lies and tells him it's a new coding language, and Rand seems to buy it and walks away. Drew then walks over and finds Mr. Wick has been moved up to "muffin boy" and is handing out muffins, scones, etc. He then walks over to Mimi and Kellie who walked in. Drew asks Kellie to go out on a double-date with he and his new date, Stacey, and she agrees to go out with them.

    At Oswald's, Drew mentions to Kellie that he's chosen Oswald for her to go out with. When it's obvious Oswald's been drinking all day, Oswald decides not to go out on the date. Drew tells her he'll find someone to go out with her, but Kellie's not so sure since no one is home on Friday nights.

    We're quickly taken to a scene in a car, which is occupied by Drew, Stacey, Kellie, and Rand. Rand seems to really be interested in Kellie, in a creepy kind of way. In the front, Drew asks Stacey a series of questions, and she confronts him on it when it sounds like he's going down some sort of checklist. In the backseat, Rand and Kellie are going at it like rabbits, so Stacey decides to call it a night, leaving everyone else along the side of the road.

    The next day, Oswald come into the store to talk to Drew. He tells Drew that he's hired a guy to come and beat himself up, as punishment for hurting his mother. Drew suggests that he call the guy and cancel it, but Oswald tells him it's too late, as the guy is already on his way. They then start talking about last night's date and then Oswald tells Drew about how Kellie used to have a crush on Drew when they were in school.

    At Oswald's, Oswald is cleaning up when a man comes by to give Oswald his ass-kicking. Oswald tries to delay the guy by talking to him about what happened between he and his mother. The way the man talks to Oswald makes you think he's a therapist. When their discussion ends, the man gets up and beats Oswald up, as he's got to consider his eBay ratings.

    Mimi walks into the Warsaw and tells Kellie about going to a renaissance fair. Drew comes in to talk to Kellie. Drew tells her about what Oswald told him earlier, that Kellie had a crush on him. Kellie insists that she doesn't have a crush on him anymore. She goes on to tell him that the reason she acted the way she did with Rand was because she's not been touched by another guy for quite a while. Drew walks out and Kellie makes her way back to the bar. The way Kellie describes Drew makes Mimi think she's still got a crush on him. Kellie asks Mimi to promise not to tell Drew about her feelings, and Mimi agrees.

    At home, Drew's joined by Kellie on the couch, where they watch Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on the television. Drew apologizes to her about the way he confronted her in the Warsaw, but Kellie tells him it's no big deal.

    The show ends with an extended cut of a scene from the "Cleveland Rocks" opening.

    Much like the previous episode, this one wasn't all that special. My favorite scene was certainly the one with Oswald and Mr. Jericho.
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