The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 13

Howdy Neighbor

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 07, 1998 on ABC

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  • Buzz Beer explodes!

    Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are sitting in Drew's kitchen, trying to think of ideas to do with the extra Buzz Beer labels they had from the Christmas labels. Out in the garage, the Buzz Beer tanks exploded, so they went to check it out. Oswald points out the pipes froze, which caused the explosion. The neighbors come over to complain about being hit by Buzz Beer.

    Later that night, Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are getting the table ready for dinner with the neighbors. Since there's not enough room for everyone, Lewis and Oswald have to eat at the kiddie table. Drew goes outside to take the trash out, and overhear the neighbors talking about Drew and his friends. Drew runs back in and waits for the knock on the door. When they come in, they all chat about the beer. Drew can't afford to get the brewery back up and running, since the tanks are several thousand dollars. The Clemens' start talking about investing in Drew's Buzz Beer. During this whole time, Lewis and Oswald are acting like little kids. Greg insists that if he becomes an investor, he has to be the boss, which Drew agrees to since he doesn't have too many options.

    Drew comes into work and sees Mimi, drinking coffee. Drew complains to Mimi how much pressure he's under with the new investor. Greg comes in and asks Drew for his inventory data. Mr. Wick comes in and asks Drew who the man is, and Drew explains he's his other boss.

    In Drew's garage, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are busy bottling Buzz Beer, but Lewis asks them to hurry up since he's got a big date. They go inside to find Drew counting beer labels. Greg comes in for a Buzz Beer meeting. He brought in a big map of the distribution area. Kate and Oswald bring in two more boards with charts. Drew realizes that he's surrounded by three walls, with a phone and computer, instantly reminding him of being at Winfred Louder. Janet comes in and asks him to go with her, but Greg wants to be there, working on the business. When Oswald and Kate leave, Greg and Drew go out to the garage and do some quality control, which is nothing more than an excuse to get drunk.

    Later that night, Drew and Greg are running around in the back yard, scared by the dogs that are chasing them. They evade them by going into the garage. A few seconds later, they hear an odd sound from one of the tanks, and it explodes, leaving beer splattered all over the house. Inside, Drew and Greg are upset. Janet comes in and says that the business is done now. Lewis comes in after noticing the garage blown up. His date didn't go any better than Drew's night was.

    The show ends with Mimi drawing a face on Drew's hand, while he sleeps. When Drew wakes up, Mimi says this is a first, him waking up with a girlfriend.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. Seeing the tanks explode, and splatter beer up along the house was hilarious. You could even hear the studio audience gasp when it happened.