The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 17

Hush Little Baby

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2001 on ABC

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  • When Steve gets sick, Drew is forced to help Mimi and her baby.

    The show opens with Steve and Mimi at home, tending to their baby, who won't stop crying. They try dancing for him, but it's of no use. Just then, there's a knock at the door. Mimi opens it and lets Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald in. Drew walks over to the baby and gets him to stop crying, much to everyone's surprise. When Steve coughs, Mimi starts to worry about him being sick around the newborn, so it's decided that Steve has to stay away from the baby for a while. Since Drew is so good with the baby, he's "allowed" to stay with Mimi and the baby. As most of the cast leave the scene, Mimi gives Steve a bag of clothes she prepared for when she would throw him out when he was caught cheating.

    At Drew's, Steve is lying on the couch, yelling for Kate to bring him food. Since she doesn't want to get the cold he has, she has Speedy bring the food in. When he asks for Oswald to bring him a spoon, Oswald throws the spoon at him from the other room. Lewis then walks in, sick as a dog for the first time in years. He feels like he's dying, so he's decided to be perfectly honest until he dies, so he asks Kate and Oswald to ask him questions. Since they don't really have any, Lewis tells them that when he's on the phone with Kate, he's actually masturbating. Also, Lewis confesses to Oswald that he installed a video camera in the bathroom, so he's on the Internet whenever he uses it. Oswald gets mad at first, but he's cheered up when Lewis gives him a check for the money he made from the whole thing.

    We quickly turn our attention to Mimi and Drew, who are taking care of the baby. Since the baby isn't eating, and Mimi can't get the baby to stop crying, the only way they can get the baby to eat is for Drew to hold the baby to Mimi's chest. One slip of the hand causes Drew to touch Mimi's chest, disgusting them both. Mimi then tells him Steve's cold has gotten worse and he now has to be away from the baby for two more weeks. Obviously this news doesn't sit well with Drew, since he's about had it after today's events.

    A day or two later, we join Drew, Oswald, and Kate at the Warsaw. They're all tired of Steve being sick. Lewis then comes down from the apartment, completely naked. Drew asks Kate why he's naked, so she tells him Lewis has been doing all sorts of crazy things since he thinks he's going to die. Mr. Wick then comes in and asks for some help with getting his car out of the snowbank, so Lewis volunteers to help out. Mimi then walks in with the baby and leaves him with Drew, since she doesn't seem to be able to raise her baby on her own. Just after Mimi leaves, Mr. Wick and Lewis come back into the Warsaw. What's odd is they're both naked now, and they put on a little song and dance, which gets an applause from some of the people in the bar.

    The next day, Drew tries to get Mimi to take her baby back. Using some advice from his mother, Drew tries to trick the baby by giving Mimi a shirt of Drew's to wear. They're hoping the baby will think she's Drew, but it doesn't work. Steve then walks in to see Mimi and the baby, but Mimi chews him out for trying to get close to the baby while he's sick. Drew notices that the baby doesn't cry when Mimi is yelling, and asks Mimi to test his theory. When it seems Drew is correct in his assessment of the baby, he leaves Mimi and her baby.

    The show ends with Mimi, Steve, and Drew naming the baby. The name of the baby was added in post production, which explains the sudden change in the audio in this short scene. Steve and Drew leave when Mimi mentions the baby needs to be changed.

    The plot of tonight's episode was above average, and I thought the writing ended up being better than I was expecting. Almost every scene was well done, with the best one being the interaction between Drew and Mimi when Drew had to help her feed the baby.