The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 10

It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Dec 04, 1996 on ABC

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  • The guys make a giant margarita

    Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are at Drew's house watching TV. They think they're watching scrambled porn, but it's scrambled surgery. After Lewis complains to Drew about not paying for the porn channel, Drew tells him that when you order the cartoons channel and the porn channel, the cable company puts you in a special file. Kate runs in complaining about her crazy boyfriend, so she asks them for help. Drew, Lewis, and Oswald run into the other room, and when Kate's new boyfriend comes in, each of the guys come out, claiming to be Kate's lover. After they get into a fight, Kate actually ends up leaving with the guy.

    At work, Drew and everyone are gathered around Drew's desk, taking time to remember a co-worker who died at the intersection outside. The co-workers complain about the lack of a light out there. Mr. Wick comes in and hears about the death, but he couldn't stand the woman. Kate then comes in, with blonde hair. She's hoping the hair color change will affect the way people think of her. As she leaves, Mimi comes in looking to get the new job, but they're bringing in a new guy, Dexter, to help turn things around. Larry comes in with Dexter. After Larry leaves, Dexter compliments Drew for everything he does. He actually thinks Drew is Mr. Wick, which makes Mimi burst out in laughter.

    At work, Drew's sitting at his desk, talking to a potato chip. Mr. Wick then comes in with Kate and Larry, who are all getting back from having lunch together. Oswald then comes in and says how good the lunch was, as he went with Mr. Wick, Dexter, and everyone. Dexter proceeds to poke a little fun at Drew, using his "magic". Drew is then told about a new party, but he hasn't ever seen an invitation to the party, so he thinks he's not been invited. When Mimi hears about the party, she looks all over her desk, but she can't find an invitation either.

    At the Warsaw, Mimi is cracking nuts at the counter when Drew comes in and asks for a beer and a burger. Mimi and Drew chat about the fact that neither of them were invited by Dexter. They then chat about their personal life, going back a few years, both of them poking fun at one another. Mimi and Drew decide to just show up and ruin the party.

    At the party, Larry and Lewis are drinking a margarita, which was made in child's pool. Dexter then comes in and mixes up the margarita by throwing in two battery-powered scuba divers. He leaves when Oswald shows up with a black eye from delivering packages. Kate walks by and complains about how bleaching her hair hasn't helped attract men. Mimi and Drew come in and try to ruin the party, upsetting everyone, especially Dexter. Drew then realizes that he was invited, Dexter put an invitation in all of his pockets, and makes Drew look like an idiot. Mimi threatens to tear down the place with a hammer when Dexter tells her that she wasn't invited. Drew leaves with Mimi in protest of Dexter not inviting Mimi, which not only surprises Drew, but everyone else.

    The show ends with Mimi driving Drew home. She thanks Drew for leaving with her, but when she gets him to his house, she demands that she get out, it's not a date!

    I really liked the episode. The margarita was a hilarious thing to see.