The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 23

Kate vs. Speedy

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

The show opens with Drew eating breakfast in the kitchen with Speedy, who's using another bowl. When Kate comes down, she tells Drew that she doesn't think it's a good idea for Speedy to be eating at the table. Drew doesn't seem to have the same feelings about it, but that's not too surprising. When Drew leaves the room, Speedy growls at Kate, but when Drew comes back into the room, he doesn't believe Kate when she tells him about it.

Later that night, Drew, Kate, Steve and Mimi are eating dinner at Drew's when Mimi and Steve decide to leave to have sex. With them gone, Drew and Kate talk about their problems, her snoring and his gas. Lewis and Oswald then come over to ask Drew to help out Oswald with his job, since he needs more positive reviews of his work. When Kate, who is upstairs now, yells for Drew, Drew asks the guys to lock up when they leave.

A few minutes later, Drew joins Kate upstairs, and it seems Speedy is in the bed with Kate, and he's also pooped in Kate's purse. Drew dismisses it as not that big of a deal, but Kate's clearly upset about it. She finally asks Drew to put Speedy outside, since he usually sleeps next to Drew in bed, but there's no room for him. Reluctantly, Drew agrees to lock Speedy outside.

Over at Steve and Mimi's, they're about to have sex, but Steve's not so crazy about Mimi's insistence on eating beans while they have sex. She tells him it's for her folic acid, which will help her conceive. They decide to have sex anyway, but Steve leaves before even getting naked, and he seems upset at himself.

The next morning, Oswald is over at Drew's when it's time for Oswald's evaluation. Unfortunately, Drew's still asleep, which is obviously a problem for Oswald. When Oswald's supervisor goes over to pet Speedy, he's bitten, so Oswald takes him to the hospital. When Drew finds out about it, he blames Kate for making him lock Speedy outside for the night.

We now join Lewis and Kate at the Warsaw, where they're talking about Drew and Speedy. Kate's upset about Speedy biting Oswald's supervisor. A minute later, Oswald and Drew come in and it seems Oswald's supervisor made Drew pay for the hospital bills. He and Kate get into an argument about Speedy, so Lewis suggests Speedy visit a behavioral psychologist at DrugCo, and Drew agrees that it may be a good idea.

At Winfred-Louder, Mr. Wick asks Mimi to do some work for him, but she's upset about Steve not being able to perform last night. She asks him to talk to Steve about it, in hopes that Steve would be more willing to talk about that sort of thing with another guy. Just then, Steve walks in, and Mr. Wick decides to talk to him about his fantasies, but Steve realizes that Mimi put him up to it and gets upset. Mimi walks out of Mr. Wick's office and she and Steve yell at one another, and it seems to turn Steve on, oddly enough.

Later that day, Drew comes home with Speedy and the behavior psychologist. Kate was there sitting down in a chair, so she watches as Drew is asked to interact with Speedy. The behavior psychologist has come to the conclusion that Speedy and Kate are fighting for the control of Drew. The conclusion obviously upsets Kate, but the psychologist seems right on with her assessment.

The show ends with the guys congratulating Lewis on his direction of the episode.