The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 14

Kate Works for Drew

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 2000 on ABC
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Kate Works for Drew
Mr. Soulard tells Drew that his workload is too heavy, and allows him to hire an assistant. At the same time, Kate loses her job as Mrs. Louder's assistant. Drew claims that he doesn't know of any openings in the store, but Mimi mentions the assistant position so that Drew is forced to hire her. He realizes that it will be a disaster because of Kate's employment record. Kate's draconian methods prove very effective and force employees who had been ignoring Drew's paperwork requests to shape up. However, she quickly goes on a power trip and has the entire store at her mercy. Mr. Wick orders Drew to fire her. After Lewis totals Oswald's car, he tries to make it up to him by entering a contest at a local dealership. The group that stays inside a car the longest will win the vehicle. Lewis convinces Drew to put off firing Kate until after the weekend so that they can all take part in the contest. They develop a rivalry with a group of college kids in the next car. Kate learns she has been fired when she calls the store to order some sweaters. Kate is furious at Drew for not telling her the truth. He apologizes and explains that he was afraid that she would dump him. She says that she would not do this, but emphasizes that they have to be honest with each other. Lewis helps win the contest by nailing one of the college guys with a snowball and knocking him out of the car.moreless

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  • Drew gets an assistant.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew, Mimi and other employees are wishing Frank the best. With the change in ownership, they had to fire someone, and this time around, it was Frank's turn. After he leaves, the other employees take his stapler, picture frame and everything else on the desk. Back at Mimi's desk, Mr. Wick tells him to cover for him, as he's going to hide from Mr. Soulard. Mr. Wick feels it's highly likely he'll be fired by Mr. Soulard if he sticks around. Just as Mr. Wick runs out, Mr. Soulard comes into the office. He asks about where Mr. Wick is and tells Drew that he can hire an assistant for himself. This makes Drew break down and cry. Kate comes in and tells Drew that Mrs. Louder fired her. Mimi comes in and tells Kate that he can hire her, which surprises Kate, since he didn't mention it to her first.

    At the Warsaw, Drew mentions the thing about Kate to Oswald, and he's not surprised Kate was fired. He is, however surprised when Drew mentions that he hired her. Lewis walks in with a neck brace on, as he got into a car accident. Oswald gets a little upset when Lewis mentions he was driving Oswald's car without asking him first, and what's worse is he totaled the car. Leslie comes in and Oswald is surprised again when he finds out Lewis is dating.

    Back at Winfred-Louder, Drew's shocked to see Kate is getting everything finished so quickly. When Drew leaves, Kate deals with a woman rudely, after she herself was rude to Kate.

    A bit later on, Kate's on the phone, being very rude to other employees. Mr. Wick and Drew come in and see what's going on. Mr. Wick asks Drew to fire her as she's obviously drunk on power.

    At home, Drew's talking to Oswald about ways to fire Kate. Kate comes in and Drew walks over to her and kisses her. Lewis and his girlfriend come in and mention a promotion they saw. A car dealer is offering a new car to the group of people who sits in a convertible the longest. Lewis feels this is a great way to get Oswald a new car, as he still feels bad about wrecking Oswald's car earlier. Kate and Drew kiss, and then Lewis and Leslie kiss, which makes Oswald feel left out, so he decides to kiss Speedy.

    At the car dealership, Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are up against a bunch of college kids. Drew warns the college kids as all he does is sit, whether it's at home, work, or the bar, it's sit, sit, sit.

    Twelve hours later, after a beer drinking contest, the college kids are throwing up. With this much time in the cold, Kate calls the store to have some sweaters delivered, when she finds out that she's been fired and obviously no longer has an employee discount. The whole thing really upsets Kate, as Drew didn't tell her about it first.

    A few hours later, Drew tries to get Kate back by singing "Lady" by Kenny Rogers. They go on to discuss why he didn't tell her first. Drew reveals the reason for not telling her in the first place, he didn't want her to break up with him for firing her.

    A few hours later, everyone is asleep in the car. Lewis and Oswald wake up and Lewis decides to win Oswald the car by throwing a snowball at one of the college kids, knocking him out of the car, causing them to lose the contest.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald over at Drew's house, in the kitchen. Oswald is reading through the owner's manual to the car when Lewis answers a knock at the back door. He gets pelted with snowballs, likely by the college kids. Lewis closes the door and tells Oswald that it's for him, so he gets up and makes his way towards the door.

    I liked this episode, mainly the second half. Watching Kate act the way she did early on was frustrating, as you knew what was going to happen. I loved the tail ending, with the snowballs being thrown at Lewis, who then told Oswald it was for him.moreless
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    • (About Kate)
      Drew: She's just a little confused. She doesn't know if she's Stalin or Hitler. Come on, don't make me fire her. You know what happened when they tried to fire Hitler!

    • (Janet has come to get her new parking space assigned)
      Janet: Now I know why I didn't get the job as Drew's assistant. You have to sleep with him.
      Kate: Janet... Janet... Oh, Janet the skank! Here you are. Yeah Drew was going to have you park in B5. Aww, you know what? That's a no-skank zone!

    • (Lewis walks in wearing a neck brace)
      Drew: Lewis, I told you: men can't bite their own nipples!

    • (Drew's new boss walks up to Drew and Mimi's desks.)
      Mr. Soulard: Hello, Mr. Carey.
      Drew: Hey, how are you doing?
      Mr. Soulard: Hello, Mrs. Carey. Hey, are you two married?
      Mimi (angrily): TAKE THAT BACK!

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