The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 11

Kate's Family

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1998 on ABC
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Kate's Family
After Kate loses another job, Drew suggests that she contact his neighbors about a paid housesitting gig. She meets Scott, a handsome plumber working on the house, and they become attracted to each other. The couple's two children are supposed to stay with a babysitter while their parents are away, but the woman has to leave town because of a family emergency. She leaves the kids with Kate. Scott offers to help her out, and the foursome begins acting like a family. Kate gets a little too caught up in the charade, and freaks out when Scott decides to go out with his buddies instead of staying over with her. She leaves the kids with Drew and tries to win him back, but Scott has tired of the situation and dumps her. Kate becomes depressed when the Fosters return early and reclaim their kids. Drew takes up swimming in the hopes of impressing avid swimmer Sharon, but only ends up with an ear infection. Sharon still refuses to date him. Mimi worries about how Drew will get his revenge for the China prank.moreless

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  • Kate house sits , while Drew Tries to impresses Sharon

    Kate (christa miller) house sits for drews neighbour , but ends up having to look after the kids too , and when Oswald and Lewis don't help a plumber at the house Scott Honey ( Neil Flynn) helps and they start acting like a family until scott gets sick of the situation and leaves kate . While Drew is still trying to impress Sharon by saying he's a good swimmer .In the end Kate Tries To Kidnap the Fosters kids . It was so funny seeing Neil flynn and Christa Miller Together in this as they are both great in Scrubs.moreless
  • Kate house-sits and gets a temporary family.

    At Winfred Louder, Mr. Wick comes in and asks Drew if he is on drugs, because he could have sworn he saw Drew walking out of the health club. Drew tells him he's been swimming. Mimi comes in and they talk about Drew's little trip to China. Mimi and Drew walk over, and Mimi notices her smoldering desk. She freaks out, and runs away, leaving Drew quite pleased with himself.

    Kate comes over to see Drew, who's cooking breakfast. It seems Kate was just fired, so Drew tells her about a neighbor who needs someone to watch their house, and suggests Kate try it. Sharon comes in, and it seems everything which is broken, was broken because a beer can was stuck in them. It seems Sharon will be swimming with Drew. In the other room, Kate is on the phone with Drew's neighbor, and she gets the house sitting job.

    Kate, Oswald, and Lewis are over at the house Kate's watching. In the other room, there's a guy with flowers. His name is Scott, and he's a plumber. A couple of kids come running through the house, and it seems the home owner is leaving her two kids with her, and it kind of freaks her out. Scott turns out to be pretty good with kids.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis and Oswald are goofing around, trying to impress women, and Lewis ends up chocking. Kate, Scott, and the two kids come in, after a fun day out on the town. It seems Scott and Kate are having a great time. Mimi comes in, and the kids make fun of the way Mimi looks. When Kate asks Scott over tonight, he's not too thrilled, as it's getting pretty mundane.

    Lewis and Oswald are in Drew's kitchen, and they're trying to get Drew to take the ear drops, since he's really in a lot of pain. Sharon comes over to see Drew, who's in a lot of pain. Kate comes over and is angry about Scott not showing up.

    Later that night, Kate is about to leave when she asks Drew to take care of the kids. When Drew tries to stand up, he falls. It seems his equilibrium is all out of whack. The kids come down with some comic books, but Drew can't read them to them, since his glasses are broke. Drew decides to turn on the TV, but he's having trouble hearing, so he turns the volume up really high. Sharon comes over and sees how terrible Drew is doing.

    Scott comes over to the house Kate's watching, and Kate's got the place set up with candles, but Scott isn't so crazy about the whole thing, and he leaves.

    The next day, Kate and the kids come over to Drew's. She says the kids have really kept them busy, and when Drew tells the kids their parents are home, they run out. Kate's a little sad, since she doesn't have kids of her own. Lewis and Oswald come running in, asking them to come and see their snowmen.

    The show ends with Kate over at the neighbor's house. She's sneaking the kids out, and tells them that the people who came home that morning aren't their real parents.

    This episode was pretty silly, but funny. The scene with Lewis and Oswald in the Warsaw, which had Lewis choking was hilarious.moreless
Jill Tolley

Jill Tolley


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Tony Scott (II)

Tony Scott (II)

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Shawn Pyfrom

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Jenica Bergere

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Scott comes home and finds Kate in a robe, he says to her, "I thought we were going to play with the kids." Kate walks up to him and says, "We are. Meet the kids." Kate then opens her robe and shows her breasts to him (but not the audience, of course). However if you notice, in the first shot where she has her robe open, she's holding the edges of her robe over on the side, but when we cut to a different angle--a side view angle (previously we were seeing the back of Kate)--Kate now is holding the edges of the robe more in front of her. This was obviously done so viewers couldn't see anything when the camera cut to a different angle, but it was still very jarring.

    • When Drew is pouring a glass of juice for himself, you can see that Kate's glass is already full; but then Drew puts down his cup and starts pouring juice into Kate's now-empty glass.

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