The Drew Carey Show

Season 9 Episode 24

Knot in the Mood

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2004 on ABC

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  • One of my favorites.

    The show opens with Drew, Lewis, and Oswald helping Mimi and Gus get their things out of the house, so Mimi can move in with Larry. Kellie's getting emotional with the whole thing, but it could also be because of her hormones, since she's pregnant. When Lewis comes back inside, Drew tells him that since Mimi is gone, he's going to ask Kellie to marry him. Drew then walks into the kitchen to talk to Kellie, but her hormones are giving her mood swings, so Drew doesn't stick around too long.

    Lewis walks into the Warsaw and joins Oswald, who's bartending. Lewis is angry that everyone forgot his birthday. He asks Oswald for some free wings, but Oswald tells him they don't do that there. Lewis walks away and sits down. He's quickly joined by Drew, who also forgot Lewis' birthday. Oswald comes over and joins the guys. Drew tells them about how it's hard to find the right time to propose to Kellie. Oswald suggests using Kellie's grandmother's ring, which Kellie's mother wears.

    Taking Oswald's advice, Drew stops by Kellie's mother and father's house to pick up the ring, but they're fighting again. Drew eventually manages to get the ring without getting hurt.

    Back home, Drew's surprised again by Kellie's ever-changing moods. As she's ready to have sex, her mother comes over and announces she and her husband have split up. Drew joins her outside and tells her she can't stay there. He suggests going to a hotel, and she agrees. She asks Drew to get Lewis and Oswald to help her with some things.

    Later that Day, Kellie's father comes over to Drew's to find Annette, but she's not there. Don asks Drew to help him get Annette back, so Drew decides to help them get back together.

    Now at the hotel, Drew realizes Lewis and Annette just finished having sex. This shocks Drew, of course, and then Don comes in and finds out the same. Drew decides to leave and delay this information from getting to Kellie.

    Back home, Drew wakes up Kellie, who was napping on the couch. Just as he's about to propose to her, everyone shows up and reveals all of what just happened. Drew finally gets down on his knee and asks Kellie to marry him. Kellie gives Drew the ring back and walks into the kitchen without giving him an answer.

    The show ends with Kellie going through mood swings in the kitchen.

    I thought the writing was very good. The constant digs at one another between Don and Annette are hilarious. I love the episodes which these two are in.