The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 8

Lewis' Sister

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 1995 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Lewis's sister, Janet, moves back to Cleveland with her ten-year-old daughter, Monica. Drew once had a crush on Janet and was briefly involved with her at summer camp. To commemorate his one-hundredth hiring, the store gives Drew three tickets to a Rolling Stones benefit concert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kate is not interested and Oswald has other plans. Kate suggests that Drew ask Janet to go with him. Lewis is adamantly opposed to this idea because he fears that someone will get hurt. Drew ignores Lewis's warning and takes Janet and Monica to the concert. He really likes Monica, who soon joins the store-sponsored basketball team that Drew and Kate are coaching. However, he finds Janet somewhat boring and clingy. Janet and Monica embarrass Drew by showing up at his desk with a picnic and singing about how great he is. Lewis warns Drew not to hurt his sister. When Janet shows up after basketball practice and suddenly proposes, Drew tells her that they should stop seeing each other. She takes the news well, explaining that she knew they didn't have great chemistry, but was desperate for a new relationship. Drew and Lisa, still unable to date, have to settle for brief exchanges at the office. They figure out a way to spend time together by forming a carpool and getting "lost" on the way home.moreless

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  • Lewis' sister comes to town.

    Drew volunteers to coach the girls basketball team, but since they lost, he's making them run ten laps. Kate drops by to give Drew a hand with the team. When one of the girls tries to leave, he makes them run an extra five.

    At home, Drew is making chili for Lewis, Oswald, and Kate. Lewis' sister, Janet and her daughter drop by to see Drew and everyone. Drew and Janet used to date in school.

    At work, Mimi is nice to Drew, which makes him think something's up. He finds out that he was given tickets to a Rolling Stones concert. Kate and Oswald drop by, and Drew tells them about the tickets. Kate isn't interested, but Oswald seems a little interested. Kate suggests that Drew ask Janet to go with him to the concert. Drew is a little hesitant, but he agrees it's a good idea. Just as Drew is dialing her number, Lewis stops by and hangs up the phone, because he doesn't want Drew to date his sister.

    Janet and Drew arrive back at Drew's place, and say goodnight. Kate is inside watching them, and then Drew came in. Drew didn't seem to have a very good time with Janet, but she seemed to get along with her daughter, Monica, who is going to join the basketball team.

    Drew's at work when he sees Lisa. The two of them have a very odd, but funny discussion about their dreams. When Drew gets to his desk, Janet and Monica have turned his desk into a picnic table. Janet and Monica do a little song and dance for him, but Drew really isn't interested in the whole thing, but he tries to play along.

    Drew, Kate, and Oswald are sitting in his kitchen eating chili. The chili is five days old, and isn't tasting too good. Drew asks Kate for advice about how to break it off with Janice, but she doesn't have any advice. Lewis drops by and Drew tells him what's going on with him and Janet. Lewis threatens Drew not to hurt his sister because he's a janitor, he knows how to dispose of things.

    At the gym, the girls are practicing, but Monica gets into an argument with another one of the girls, so Drew cancelled the practice. Janet drops by to pick up Monica and see how Drew is doing. Monica asks Drew to marry her, but he tells her that it won't work out. She accepts it pretty well. She reveals to Drew that statistically, he would be a great father. He's stable, he'll keep the same job for the next fifteen years, etc.

    The show ends with Drew and Lisa going home in a carpool. They're eating fast food, so this counts as their first dinner date according to Lisa. An older woman sits up in the back seat, and she wants to be taken home.

    There were a few funny moments, but the episode just wasn't all that interesting.moreless

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    • Lewis: If you hurt my sister they will never find any piece of you! Not even your glasses! Remember, I am a janitor, I know how to dispose of things!
      Drew: Is that a threat?
      Lewis: You want me to sing it to ya?

    • Kate: How did it go?
      Drew: We had really great seats. You could almost see the Angel of Death right behind Keith Richards.

    • Lewis (about Drew and Janet): What if it doesn't work out? If she dumps you, it'll make things incredibly awkward. And if you dump her, they'll be nobody to comfort her because everybody will be too busy trying to catch the monkeys that are flying out of my butt.

    • Kate: Don't worry about Drew, he's just a big teddy bear! (Rubs his stomach.)
      Drew: Kate, don't rub my stomach. How'd you like it if you were in a business meeting and I went over and honked your breasts?

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode ended with Drew driving Lisa home listening to "I Saw Her Standing There," shameless self-promotion by ABC for the Beatles Anthology which aired the following week. The rerun of this episode did not feature this shameless self-promotion.