The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 11

Lisa Gets Married

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 18, 1996 on ABC
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Lisa Gets Married
Drew tries to bring Wick's random firings to an end by developing a system that ranks employees based on their work performance. Drew inadvertently agrees to organize a wedding shower for Lisa. He had mistakenly believed that an elderly employee was the bride-to-be, not his ex-girlfriend. Lisa's fiancé, Trent, is one of the first employees in line to be fired after Drew's system is implemented. Lisa believes that Drew is acting out of spite, but he insists that Trent is being fired because he is always late and leaves his cash register open. Lisa asks Drew to talk to Trent and give him another chance. He notes that Trent seems to bounce from job to job frequently, and suggests that he think more carefully about his career moves. Trent suddenly concludes that he is rushing into marriage and should call off the wedding. He also quits his job. Lisa is enraged. She later stops by Drew's house to apologize after Trent explains what happened. She tells Drew that she and Trent are eloping. Lewis and Oswald take jobs as elves after Winfred-Louder fails to meet the salary demands of their predecessors. They constantly have run-ins with the drunken Santa, who eventually drops dead. Mimi hopes that Wick will ask her to the office Christmas party. He instead has her call up 25 women to invite them on his behalf.moreless

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  • Drew finally loses Lisa.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew's being confronted by angry elves, who want more money. Lewis and Oswald come in and offer to do the job for the $10 an hour Drew's offering. The elves leave when one of them gets a call from another store who is willing to meet their demands. Drew shows Lewis and Oswald their costumes, and it's obvious they're not going to be able to fit into the clothing.

    Later in the day, Mr. Wick comes over and asks Drew about some of the more creative ways he's fired people. It seems he's a little depressed about firing people, and can't seem to find any fun in it anymore. Drew tells him some of the more memorable ones and tells him about a mathematical program he's been working on for choosing who to fire, based on sick days, customer complaints, etc. Mimi comes in and Drew lies about feeling alone this year, all to get Mimi in on a little prank with an exploding Kleenex box. Kate comes in and tells Drew it's a pretty great thing how he's helping Lisa with a wedding party. When Drew finds out it's "his" Lisa, he is surprised and upset. Lisa comes in and opens up a gift Drew got her, but it's obvious the sweater Drew bought was for a different Lisa.

    At home, Drew's joined by Kate. Lewis and Oswald come in, dressed as elves. Kate comments on how tired they look, as they've worked all day long with little kids. When the phone rings, Drew gets up to answer it, but it's for Lewis. Lewis finds out the mall Santa he and Oswald been working with has been arrested so he and Oswald leave to bail him out of jail.

    Back at Winfred-Louder, Drew finds out Mimi is attracted to Mr. Wick, and that she's ran the employees through he program Drew had made, which helps find the worst employees. She tells him the two worst employees are on their way up. They both come in and Drew fires Stan, but tells Trent, who is engaged to be married to Lisa that he's doing a fine job.

    In Santa's Village, Lewis and Oswald get into an argument with Santa, so Lewis takes pictures of Santa to get him in trouble. Drew comes in and breaks up the fight. Lisa comes in and thanks Drew for what he told her fiancé, Trent. Drew admits to Lisa that he was actually going to fire him, so Lisa yells at him as she believes Drew wants to fire Trent because he's jealous of the two of them getting married. After a suggestion from Lisa, Drew agrees to talk to Trent about keeping his job.

    A bit later, Mimi talks to Kate about trying to get a guy, but Kate's not able to help her since Mimi was looking for a spell or something she could use. Mr. Wick comes out of his office and asks Mimi to call some women to come to the Christmas Party, as he's too shy to do it himself. Reluctantly, Mimi agrees to call them. On the phone, Mimi talks to a woman and asks if she's felt any itching or burning, and hangs up. Drew and Trent come in and Drew comes clean with Trent about doing a poor job. Drew gets Trent to realize he rushes into things, particularly his job. Realizing Drew's right, Trent immediately quits his job and decides not to marry Lisa. Drew quickly goes calls for Lisa, but she's in the bridal department picking out a wedding dress.

    Drew meets up with Lisa in the bridal department, and apologizes before saying anything else. When he tells Lisa about what happened with Trent, she gets upset and threatens to beat him up in front of everyone. Lewis and Oswald come down to tell Drew that Santa died on the throne in front of the kids. Drew runs off with them to stop the kids from being scared off.

    Drew, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald arrive home and talk about Santa dying. They talk about his diet, which was horrendous. Drew gets up to answer the door. Lisa comes in and tells Drew that she and Trent are back together after talking about things. They're going to go get married and then talk some more about his career. She leaves and you can see Drew's sad about losing her.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald at the Warsaw. They're still dressed as elves and notice two women come in. When he notices the women are staring at them, Oswald tells Lewis that he's got a piece of popcorn in his teeth, but it's really the outfit. After picking the popcorn out of his teeth, Lewis joins Oswald to go over and talk to the women.

    In this episode we got to see the emotional side of Drew when he realizes he's lost Lisa once and for all. The whole thing with Lewis, Oswald, and the Santa getting into a fight was silly. I really liked the episode as a whole.moreless

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