The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 25

Love is in the Air

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Aug 20, 2003 on ABC
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Love is in the Air
Drew decides to propose to Lily. Mimi hopes to secure Gus's admission into an exclusive prep school by setting up Kellie with the school's headmaster.

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  • Poor writing hampered this episode.

    The show opens with Lewis and Oswald trying their latest creation, beer-sicles. They think about all of the places people could eat the beer-sicles. Drew and Lily come home after a night out. As Lily leaves to change clothing, the guys sit down to talk about their night. It seems Drew and Lily went to the symphony, something Drew wouldn't normally do. Drew then tells the guys he's going to ask Lily to marry him. They celebrate by having a beer-sicle. When Drew tries one, he questions Lewis about whether or not he'd really see a bunch of guys eating popsicles in bars.

    When a man walks into the Warsaw, Mimi joins him at his table. It seems the guy, Mr. Donahue, is the head of a private school, and Mimi's trying to get Gus into it and is having difficulty. To bribe him, Mimi sets Kellie up on a date with him. Drew then comes in and tells Kellie about his plans to tell ask Lily to marry him. She doesn't think it's such a good idea yet, since they don't know one another very well. They talk about how Lily doesn't really know the "real" Drew, the one who passes gas and doesn't eat while wearing pants. Drew tells Kellie he's going to go home and show Lily the "real" Drew and see how she reacts.

    At home, Drew decides to eat without shoes on, and in front of the television instead of at the table. Surprisingly, Lily doesn't seem to have a problem with it. She also doesn't seem to have an issue with Drew's porn collection being out on the coffee table. After a minute, Drew passes gas, and even then, Lily doesn't complain, so Drew asks her to marry him. Lily surprises him by declining his offer.

    Back at the Warsaw, Kellie is talking to her date, Mr. Donahue, when Drew comes in and tells her Lily's response to his proposal. Kellie decides to join him at a table with Oswald and Lewis. Drew's not really sure what to do now, since he and Lily seem to like one another. Kellie suggests going all-out, with a big dinner, a limo, etc. Mimi then comes in and yells at Kellie for not spending time with Mr. Donahue, since Mimi really wants Gus to get into that school.

    To get Lily to change her mind, Drew decides to take her out to a movie. As the movie starts, it's preempted by a video of Drew, Lewis, and Oswald, singing to Lily. Drew then gets out of his seat and proposes. She responds by saying "yes," making the movie's audience applaud. They then run out to celebrate, but when they get to the lobby, Lily scolds Drew for what he did. She's angry about feeling like Drew's trying to meet the deadline, so she doesn't want to marry him.

    Back home, Drew notices Lily is on her way out so he tells her to "un-marry" him. He tells her he's cancelled all of his plans, costing him a lot of money. She then tells him she'll marry him afterall. Drew's a little disappointed since he's out a few thousand dollars.

    The show ends with bloopers of the first scene in which Drew proposed to Lily.

    The relationship with Lily isn't particularly interesting to me. I thought the way this episode went was a little boring and not surprising. My biggest complaint is the relative lack of great writing.moreless
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