The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 19

Man's Best Same Sex Companion

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 1997 on ABC
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Man's Best Same Sex Companion
During a trip to the vet, Drew learns that Speedy's hip problem is getting worse. However, there is an operation that can restore the dog to his old self. It costs 2700 dollars, but Drew vows to find a way to come up with the money. Nora learns about the situation and advises Drew to use his insurance to get the company to pay for the surgery. Winfred-Louder has same-sex health benefits, so he could claim that the operation was for his lover. Nora assures him that she is the only one who would see the form. Drew agrees, and Speedy undergoes a successful operation. Unfortunately, Drew's claim comes up on Nora's day off, and the board doesn't believe that he is gay. They insist that they must meet with Drew and his lover, "Aaron." Drew convinces Oswald to pose as his boyfriend. They fail miserably when quizzed separately about each other's likes and dislikes (other than beer and pizza), but their subsequent bickering convinces Mrs. Louder that they are a couple after all. Wick suggests using the pair to promote Winfred-Louder at gay events throughout the state. Drew comes clean, as he feels it would be wrong to act as a gay role model when he isn't really gay. Mrs. Louder accepts his explanation for the fraud and suspends his health benefits until he pays off Speedy's claim. Meanwhile, Kate gets a ferret, but can't seem to keep it from escaping.moreless

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  • Very good episode

    At the vet, Oswald and Drew are waiting for the vet to finish looking at the x-ray of Speedy when Lewis and Kate come in to join then. Drew takes Speedy in to talk about the x-ray with the doctor. Lewis walks over to talk to an attractive woman, with a monkey. Her monkey pulls down the zipper on his pants. Drew comes out with Speedy and says his hips are getting worse, so he'll try to get him into surgery. Just before Drew leaves, he says he has to use the restroom, and as he's walking towards the restroom, the monkey unzips his pants for him.

    At the office, Kate brings by a ferret, but he's missing from his cage. Nora comes by saying he needs to update his insurance papers. When Drew tells her about Speedy's problems, she offers him some advice by scamming the medical insurance to cover Speedy's surgery. All Drew has to do is say that it's for his gay lover, and they'll cover it. Nora assures Drew that she's the only one who reviews the forms and won't get caught.

    Still at work, Drew talks to Speedy on the phone. Drew then stands up and complains about a ferret in his pants, so Kate tries to get it. Mimi sees Kate in the odd position, and can't help but comment on it. Drew walks into the board room to be quizzed by Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder about being gay, since he put "Aaron" down on the medical insurance claim to cover Speedy's surgery. Mr. Wick insists that they meet Aaron or he could be brought up on insurance fraud.

    At home, Lewis, Oswald, and Drew are keeping an eye on Speedy when Kate comes in with a Kate for her ferret. Oswald tests it and gets his arm stuck in it. They then begin discussing the problem with Drew's insurance, something he obviously needs. Lewis recommends using Oswald to pose as Drew's same-sex partner, Aaron. Oswald then asks Drew what if they're asked about their relationship. You never know what they'll ask them.

    At work, Mimi comes by and tells Drew that she thinks he's lying about being gay, and she's going to try and figure out what his angle is. Nora comes by and apologizes for the problem with the insurance form. An attractive woman then comes by for an interview with Drew, but she's hitting on him, and it's obvious she's a plant by Mimi to test his being gay. Mimi then sends in a handsome man for an interview, which Drew can't believe is happening.

    In the board room, Drew is meeting with everyone when Oswald, posing as Aaron, comes in with a cane in his hand. Mr. Wick stands up and asks Aaron about his real name, since he knows him as Oswald. They decide to split them up and interview to see how different their answers to their questions are. They end up having entirely opposite answers, which makes Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder think they're not a couple. When Lewis and Oswald get into a fight, Mr. Wick and Mrs. Louder change their minds about the relationship. Just before Drew and Oswald leave, Mr. Wick suggests that they use them in an ad campaign, which makes Drew confess what's really going on. Mrs. Louder decides to suspend Drew's medical benefits until he pays off the bills for Speedy's surgery.

    The show ends with Drew getting Speedy to walk around after his hip surgery.

    The first scene with the monkey was hilarious. I also enjoyed the final big scene in the board room.moreless
Denise Gentile

Denise Gentile

Jenny Wolfe

Guest Star

Bonnie Hellman

Bonnie Hellman

Dr. Peters

Guest Star

Wally Wingert

Wally Wingert

Voice of Parrot

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Nan Martin

Nan Martin

Dottie Louder

Recurring Role

Jane Morris

Jane Morris

Nora O'Dougherty

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    • (Drew tells the board of directors that he is not gay)
      Mrs. Louder: And on a side note, I'm very disappointed. To think that I was going to set you up with my grandson.

    • (Jenny flirts with Drew during her interview)
      Jenny: Then I don't want the job! I want to have sex with you, eat pizza, and show you some of the cheers that I know.
      (Drew stares at her with an open mouth, before a look of realization comes to his face.)
      Drew: Mimi! Is this yours?

    • (Drew is talking to Speedy, as he is healing from surgery)
      Drew: Pretty soon, you'll be up and around. I'll be out of a job, and we'll eat the same food.

    • (Nora tells Drew that if he poses as gay he can get surgery for Speedy, but he says he can't)
      Nora: (holds up a picture of Speedy, pretending to talk like him) Ok Drew, I'll be crippled, just so people don't think you're gay.

    • Kate (chasing her ferret): Hey! Where are you going?!
      Mimi: It's just been up Drew's pants. It probably wants to jump off the building.

    • Oswald (after hearing the cost of Speedy's operation): $2,700? My new car didn't cost that much.
      Parrot: Loser!

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