The Drew Carey Show

Season 7 Episode 4

Married to a Mob

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2001 on ABC

Episode Recap

The show opens with Lewis and Oswald drinking at the Warsaw. When they notice an attractive waitress, the guys go over and hit on her. When they reveal they live upstairs, the waitress walks away, not impressed by them. Lewis and Oswald sit down and talk about the possibility of growing up, moving out, and buying a house together. Drew then walks in and tells the guys that he not only just married Nicki, but he also married Kate. Kate then walks in and embraces Drew, Lewis and Oswald. Per Drew's request, they don't say anything about it, but when Kate leaves, Drew tells them he'll confess to Kate in the morning.

We quickly cut to two weeks later, and Drew's not told the ladies about what he did. Instead of confessing, he's running from house to house, acting like he's been there all night long.

A few days later, Drew comes home with some flowers for Nicki, and she questions him about how much longer Mr. Wick's going to keep him in Toledo. Drew lies by telling her that he's not really sure, but it could be a while longer. When Nicki goes into the kitchen to check on the pot roast, Drew calls Kate to see how she's doing.

Out looking for a home, Lewis and Oswald come to a house they saw advertised in the local newspaper. As they approach it, they see it's really small, about five or six feet tall. They go inside to see if it's actually that shot inside. Inside, they meet the realtor, who tells them the owner is in Atlanta at the moment, but is looking to sell the house.

At Winfred-Louder, Mimi figures out that Drew married both Kate and Nicki. When Mimi threatens to tell them about it, Drew makes a deal with her. She'll keep quiet if Drew will stop with the pranks. When Drew leaves, Mimi makes a call and orders lingerie to be sent to both Kate and Nicki. You can tell in her evil laugh that Mimi means to do harm, and she's enjoying it.

When Drew arrives home, he finds Nicki wearing lingerie that he didn't buy for her. They start making out in the kitchen when Drew receives a call from Kate, who also has her lingerie. Drew then gets another call, but this one is from Mimi, who mentions she bought the lingerie, obviously upsetting Drew. When Drew tells Nicki about how Kate's not spent very much time with him, Nicki tells Drew to invite her over for dinner. At first, Drew resists, but he gives in to Nicki's persistence.

In the park, Drew's joined by Lewis, Oswald, and Steve, who all feel bad for him. Steve suggests telling Nicki that Kate's suffering from mental problems. Without many other options, Drew decides to go along with it. Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald notice how great the park is and consider building their new house there. When Oswald notices that Drew didn't object to the idea, he asks him why. Drew responds by telling him he married two women at the same time, he's got nothing to say.

At home, Drew tells Nicki that Kate is suffering from mental problems and thinks she is married to Drew. Nicki decides to play along with Drew and when Kate comes by, things go as Drew had wanted. After a few minutes pass, Lewis and Oswald stop by to see how the dinner has been going. They even brought a first aid kit by, thinking the ladies would hurt Drew when they figured out they're both married to him. Lewis and Oswald leave when Kate finds a wedding cake in the freezer.

The show ends with Lewis and Oswald dropping by the house they looked at earlier on in the show. Lewis says he dropped his wallet, and he's checked everywhere else. As they're looking through the windows for the wallet, the owner gets up and yells at the guys. They quickly run away when they realize the owner is back from Atlanta.