The Drew Carey Show

Season 9 Episode 8

Michigan J. Gus

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jun 23, 2004 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The episode title "Michigan J. Gus" is from the cartoon "One Froggy Evening," by Chuck Jones. There is the singing frog named "Michigan J. Frog," from 1955.

    • If you watch the widescreen version, in the scene when Gus is about to show Drew how he got the candy from the cabinet, you can see all the way to the left, a camera moving into the shot.

  • Quotes

    • Drew: Hey Gus, what are you drawing?
      Gus: You and Kellie wrestling.
      Drew (Drew and Kellie stare at the picture and a look of realization comes to their faces): Hey! Why don't we take a big trip to the hardware store and get a lock for that bedroom.

    • Mimi (After Kellie shows Mimi the toy plane that Drew destroyed): How do you explain this?
      Drew: Uh...pilot error?
      (Mimi glares at him, Drew continues to attempt to cover for himself)
      Drew: We won't really know until we find the little black box. Oh, here it is.

    • Gus: Uncle Oswald, do you want to help me color?
      Oswald: Sure, as long as you don't yell at me for coloring outside of the lines. (glares at Lewis) Like some people do.

    • Drew (after Gus pours a milkshake on Drew's TV): You know it's one thing to disrespect me, but you don't disrespect TV and food.

    • Mimi: I'm kind of nervous of meeting Gavin's friends tonight.
      Drew: Why? You're out of season.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: n/a
      To be more specific, Michigan J. Frog, in the original cartoon, was a frog who appeared lifeless in public or in other situations with many people around, but when alone with his owner would break out into song and dance. Since Gus acts out only when he's around Drew, and not when anyone else is in the room as well, that is his link to Michigan J. Frog.

    • n/a: Michigan J. Gus
      This is probably a parody of the cartoon character and The WB network mascot, Michigan J. Froggie.