The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 15

Mimi Moves In

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Feb 02, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

At the Warsaw, Drew, Kate, Mimi and Steve are looking through some brochures for trailers, as Mimi and Steve are looking forward to going on a big road trip. When Steve and Mimi leave, Oswald comes over and sits down, and wonders about what it would be like to take a trip like that. Leslie and Lewis come in. They kiss and she leaves. Lewis comes over and joins the guys. He then takes some pills from DrugCo, as he's hoping they'll make him last longer when having sex with Leslie.

At Winfred-Louder, Mimi asks Drew why he's cleaning his desk. He responds by telling her that he's hoping to impress Mr. Soulard. She walks over to her desk when Mr. Wick and Mr. Soulard come over. The lack of personal effects on Drew's desk impresses Mr. Soulard, and he makes sure the other employees notice it. Mr. Soulard yells at Mimi when he notices all of the trolls on her desk. He threatens to fire her, but Mimi threatens to sue the company for wrongful termination.

When Mimi comes back into work, she notices her desk is surrounded by walls. She calls out Mr. Wick and yells at him for it, but he's not interested in helping her. Reluctantly, she goes behind her desk and then quickly comes right back out. She calls out Mr. Wick and Mr. Soulard to complain. When the phone rings, Mimi refuses to answer it, so Mr. Soulard fires her for not doing her job. Drew brings out a boom-box, and it plays "Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead." He does backflips around the office before handing Mimi her severance package.

Drew, Kate, Lewis, Leslie and Oswald come home to Drew's after being kicked out of the Medieval Times. Leslie uses the restroom while Lewis complains to Drew, Oswald and Kate about having sex with Leslie. It seems the pills Lewis has been taking are working too well, as he's lasting three hours during sex, which is way too long. He tells them that by the time they finish, it's not sex anymore, it's work. Leslie comes out, and she and Lewis leave. Oswald walks into the kitchen to get a beer and then notices Mimi and Steve are in the backyard. They all go outside to see what's going on, and Mimi and Steve reveal that they've bought a trailer and they're planning on moving to the South. Happy about this, Drew asks Oswald and Kate to help them move things out of the garage. Drew even offers to take Steve's truck to the gas station.

Later that night, Drew comes home, escorted by a police officer, who reveals that Steve's truck was stolen when Drew went in to buy a hot pretzel. Drew offers to help pay the deductible on the truck, but it seems Steve let the payments lapse, so they're out of a truck, plain and simple. Steve and Mimi get into a fight about this, in their home, the trailer in Drew's backyard.

The next morning, Drew finds Steve making breakfast while Mimi is making a mess out of his backyard; her clothes are everywhere. You can see Drew is getting even more frustrated about Steve and Mimi living there.

Back at Winfred-Louder, Carol, the woman who is replacing Mimi, offers Drew some cookies, but Drew's not fully trusting her, as he's so used to not being able to trust generous offers, as usually it's Mimi setting Drew up for some little trick. Kate comes in and tells Drew she found a trailer park Steve and Mimi can move their trailer to.

At home, Drew notices that Steve and Mimi are using a lot of his electricity. Drew asks Mimi about finding a job, and he finds out the reason Mimi doesn't like the trailer or the tiny cubicle is she's claustrophobic. He gets upset because he knows he can get Mimi her job back since claustrophobia is a medical condition, and you can't be fired for a medical condition. Drew and Kate go inside to talk about the good and bad things with Mimi staying in his backyard and of going back to work.

The show ends with a scene from Winfred-Louder. Carol is on her way out when Mimi makes her way in and makes a rude comment. Before she leaves, Carol gives Drew her flask.