The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 4

Mimi's a Partner

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 01, 2000 on ABC

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  • Mimi tries to take over Buzz Beer.

    Drew, Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and Mr. Wick are playing poker at Drew's house when Oswald screws up the plan to get Mr. Wick to give Drew his job back. Mr. Wick leaves and Steve and Mimi walk in. Steve's wearing a body suit to make him feel like Mimi, since she's pregnant. Mimi decides to play poker since she's got a large wad of cash.

    Several hours later, Mimi is clearing house, leaving just her and Kate in the game. Mimi raises the stakes to $5,000 in hopes of ending the game, and Kate surprisingly calls her by offering Mimi her share in Buzz Beer. When Kate shows her cards, it turns out she has 4 Kings, but Mimi has a Straight Flush, so she wins. This really surprises everyone. When Mimi rubs the win in Drew's face, Drew tells Steve that he's going to kill her one hour after Steve's funeral. Steve responds by saying, "I know."

    Steve and Mimi walk into Drew's garage to join Lewis and Oswald who are there for the Buzz Beer meeting. Drew comes in when Steve leaves. When Lewis and Oswald try to tell Drew a suggestion for Buzz Beer, Drew shuts them down because it's a bad idea. Mimi tells the guys to go ahead with the suggestion anyway. Mimi changes their suggestion to something which is more affordable, mugs which can be used over and over. She then tries to get Lewis and Oswald to vote for her as President of Buzz Beer but Drew stops them. Drew tries to point out to Lewis and Oswald that Mimi's just trying to take over the company, but the two of them are oblivious to the whole thing.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis and Oswald are hitting on two women, and as usual, they're not getting anywhere with them. Mimi comes in and tells Drew about how the new mug promotion is going well, and asks Lewis to put some money in the Buzz Beer account. When Lewis examines the accounting books, he realizes there's money missing which surprises everyone since there's never any money missing.

    At Drew's, Lewis is accusing people left and right for stealing the Buzz Beer money. Drew insists Mimi is the one who took the money since they never had money missing before she joined the company. Oswald suggests putting the lunch box, which is where the money is kept, in the garage and whoever took the money can put the money back, no questions asked. Since everyone likes the idea, Oswald leaves to put the lunch box in the garage.

    Later that day, Kate comes into Drew's house and sees Drew breaking piggy banks open for the money inside. He reveals to her that he stole the $2,000 because he needed the money since he doesn't have a job anymore. He was planning on putting it back when he got a new job. Since Drew doesn't have money to pay the bills, the electric company cuts Drew's power and he's also avoiding the paper boy who's trying to collect money.

    Drew joins Lewis and Oswald in the backyard and Mimi rolls Kate in. She's being restrained by the Psycho 2000 straight jacket. They all accuse Kate of doing taking the money. Initially Drew admits to taking the money but the guys don't buy it. Drew changes his story to try to prevent them from hurting Kate and they go inside, leaving Drew and Kate in the backyard. Drew's not in any hurry to unlock her since he made a few comments about Kate, which will cause her to hit him. When the paper boy comes over to collect, Drew scares him off by telling him Kate, who is still being restrained, is from the cable company.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald sitting in Drew's kitchen, drinking wine and listening to some light music. When Drew comes home, they put on some different music, toss out the wine, and grab a few beers.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Both the story and comedy were pretty solid. My favorite scene was one of the last scenes where Drew scared off the paper boy while Kate was being restrained.